Welcome all who have found their way to "escapades by marshina".

This is my first foray into blogging.  Just a decade ago, when I was fifty-five, I was forced into disability retirement. My diagnosis was Multiple Sclerosis. I was mystified as to what I would do to remain an active member of society. I decided to return to college to get an education in only that which interested me. I was not interested in degrees, just knowledge.

Succumbing to the use of a disability scooter to get around, I attended City College of San Francisco. The classes in Political Science and Humanities were most interesting. I began to write papers. I discovered the enjoyment of putting down my thoughts.

After several years at City, I discovered a program for mature learners. It is called Osher Learning Center, an offshoot from SF State. It happens to be a countrywide program. It is for those over fifty, daytime classes with the finest of educators. It is a community of people who I enjoyed immensely. Not having to look at pants hanging down the butts of teen-age boys was a blessing.

I decided it was time to take a creative writing class. For decades, I had held in my mind, a story of experiences of the 1970’s.  The State of California was just allowing medicinal marijuana clubs to open. I knew the timing was right for my story.

By chance, I entered a writing class that was magical. The author and instructor, Barbara Rose Brooker,  took an instant liking to my story and to me. There were six other members in this class that I bonded with.

From not knowing any proper formatting to re-writing numerous times, my goal was to self publish. After two years, a short story took form. I call it “Pulling At Straws.” It is now available on Amazon as a paperback or e-book, as well as Barnes and Noble.

“What does it mean?” many asked from Argentina (my husband’s homeland). The easiest explanation is, I am always pulling at straws, looking for answers.

My blog will be a sampling of true-life stories and updates of activities.

I hope you find them as entertaining and humorous, as I do. Let me know.