About Us

The Escalon Sportsman's Club was incorporated in November 1947 under California Title III, Article I of the "General Non-profit Corporation Law".  The original purposes were:

1.) To organize, establish and maintain a social organization, and to sanction and promote sports, hunting and socials, and all other related social activities.

2.) To cultivate social relations among its members and to promote the welfare and hence the happiness of its members.

3.) To promote the conservation of fish, game and forests, and to promote the enforcement and observation of fish, game and forest laws and regulations.

4.) To engage in the installation of pens for the raising and care of wild birds, such as quail, chuckers and pheasants.

5.) To engage I activities designed to elevate the understanding and more friendly relations between ranchers, landowners, stock men and sportsmen; to promote good fellowship among sportsmen of this club and other clubs of the like nature; to cooperate with sportsmen and organizations of sportsmen having similar purposes; to carry on an educational program designed to inform the public of the advantages of preserving our wildlife and natural resources.

6.) To engage in the promotion of sporting events, such as turkey shoots, skeet shoots, rabbit drives or activities of a similar nature to provide the necessary funds for the operation of the club.

7.) To engage in social activities such as banquets, dinners, dances, meetings and membership gatherings, having as their purpose the promotion of good fellowship among sportsmen of this club.

8.) To engage in any other activities deemed necessary by the club to carry out the purposes for which the corporation is organized.

9.)  To lease, purchase, hold, have, use and take possession of and enjoy in fee simple or otherwise any personal or real property necessary for the uses and purposes of the corporation, and to sell, lease, deed in trust, alien or dispose of the same at the pleasure of the corporation, and for the uses and purposes for which said corporation is formed, and to buy and sell real or personal property and to apply the proceeds of sale including any and all income, to the uses and purposes of the corporation.

This corporation is one which does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit to the members thereof.