This is the home page of the ESA Amateur Radio Award. The ESA Amateur Radio Award is a permanent competition among OMs worldwide, established by the European Space Agency radio clubs. The purpose of this initiative is to promote ESA activities among radio amateur community by encouraging people to follow ESA programmes status and achievements, by linking radio clubs activities and award scoring to ESA major milestones. These can be followed on the ESA official website and on this site, on the dedicated page.


  • Special Call Active from Redu G/S
    Javier will be active from Redu G/S with OR4ESA special call from 16/01/2018 to 6/02/2018. This is the first special activation for 2018 and all QSOs will worth 2 points. Here are some pictures from him.
    Keep an eye on the cluster to see when he is active, usually in the evening.
    Posted 19 Jan 2018, 03:00 by
  • 2017 Marathon is over

    The 2017 is over, and with it also our yearly marathon for last year. It results we have a winner EA8ARI with 10 points followed by 9K2HN, EB1DJ and TA4RC, all with 9 points. We will check in the coming days the logs to define the 2nd and 3rd classified, based on the time when the 9th point has been obtained (this is not accounted yet automatically in the SW) and we will formalize the classification.

    For the time being, congrats to EA8ARI!

    Posted 17 Jan 2018, 02:49 by
  • Latest news from Malargue

    Javier is operating from there, now with callsign LU2MMR. Here are some pictures from him: the dipole with the DSN antenna in the background and the operating station inside.

    Posted 30 Nov 2017, 02:13 by
  • Javier EA1HEO active from Malargue Ground Station

    Javier will be active again from another ground station in the coming days: Malargue, in Argentina.
    He will be operating under callsign LU2MMR/P which is the Malargue radioclub callsign. As for operation carried out from Cebreros, all QSOs will be worth 2 points for the award. He will be operation from there till December, 8th using an IC-7300 (100W) and a monopole antenna for 20m.
    More infos and pictures will come soon.

    Posted 24 Nov 2017, 00:15 by
  • EG1ESA operation is over!

    The activity from Cebreros G/S is now over since some days. It has been a success with 1413 QSOs logged during the operation period. Propagation was good and there has been a good respons from OMs.
    Here are some pictures from Javier and Age, taken at the station during the operations.

    This is the dipole hanging from the weather station pole, with the 35m deep-space antenna in the background and just below you can see the station inside.

    And these are some pictures from Javier and Age at the station, enjoying the operations!

    Posted 3 Nov 2017, 02:13 by
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