This is the home page of the ESA Amateur Radio Award. The ESA Amateur Radio Award is a permanent competition among OMs worldwide, established by the European Space Agency radio clubs. The purpose of this initiative is to promote ESA activities among radio amateur community by encouraging people to follow ESA programmes status and achievements, by linking radio clubs activities and award scoring to ESA major milestones. These can be followed on the ESA official website and on this site, on the dedicated page.


  • FY/DL5FAB Active from hotel and from radio club

    Manfred is active either from the hotel and from the radio club. Here are some pictures! He's operating SSB and FT-8 now on all bands. Check on cluster for latest updates.

    This is the set-up from the hotel...

    And here are some pictures from the club...

    Posted 8 Jul 2018, 00:28 by
  • Manfred DL5FAB Active from Kourou - French Guyana
    In preparation for the launch of Metop C, Manfred DL5FAB is now in Kourou and took with him some 38kg of stuff to operate from there. He will be active either from hotel of from the FY5KE radio club, using his own FY/DL5FAB callsign. Power is limited to 100W, from an old IC-706.
    All QSOs are worth 2 points. Stay tuned!!!

    Posted 8 Jul 2018, 00:00 by
  • 2017 Marathon - Official Classification

    After having updated the SW to properly account for the QSOs dates, we can now officially disclose the 2017 Marathon Classification.
    First post is confirmed to be EA8ARI with 10 points, followed at 9 points by EB1DJ (last valid QSO on 25/09) and by 9K2HN (last QSO on 29/10 at 00:55). TA4RC is at 4th place having made last valid QSO on 29/10 at 10:31.

    We are still working on the three certificates and on the special prize for EA8ARI to be shipped as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay, but we are all quite busy with preparation of activity for 2018 and (of course) with our job!

    Posted 25 Feb 2018, 06:02 by
  • Activity from Redu completed!

    The activity from REDU G/S is over. During the activation Javier managed to log 841 QSOs. And even if the weather was not so good. This is last picture from him, showing the antennas (HF) toghether with G/S dishes. The log is uploaded and points accounted in the classifications.

    Posted 25 Feb 2018, 06:04 by
  • Special Call Active from Redu G/S
    Javier will be active from Redu G/S with OR4ESA special call from 16/01/2018 to 6/02/2018. This is the first special activation for 2018 and all QSOs will worth 2 points. Here are some pictures from him.
    Keep an eye on the cluster to see when he is active, usually in the evening.
    Posted 19 Jan 2018, 03:00 by
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