Frau Holts Wünschliste

Thanks to all our parents that make so many extras possible

For every $5 you donate towards items on this list, one hour of volunteer time has been exchanged!

Classroom Supplies

Paper towels

HP 74/75

Laminating Sheets (Lakeshore has the best value 100 for $19.99)

Washable thin Markers

Glue Sticks

White Card Stock 

Floor Puzzles

 We LOVE floor Puzzles!

City/Country Puzzle

At the Zoo Floor Puzzle

Busy House Floor Puzzle - Richard Scarry´s Best Word Puzzle Ever

Eric Carle 1,2,3 to the Zoo Floor

Horse Show Floor Puzzle 

Let's Go Shopping 63 Piece Puzzle 

By Air, By Land, and By Sea 63 Piece Puzzle

Counting Creatures Floor Puzzle

Floor Puzzle Bugs 24Pcs
SKU: 1033MD 

  Floor Puzzle Construction 24Pcs. 

Floor Puzzle African Animals 24Pcs 


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by Ravensburger 


 IB Unit Items

Times Long Ago



pick up sticks 

How We Organize Ourselves

Sharing the Planet

jumbo jungle animals $34.95 LER0693

jumbo insects $27.95 LER0789

jumbo ocean animals $29.95 LER0696

jumbo farm animals $29.95 LER00694

jumbo pets $32.95 LER0688

(Target also has some great little animals- does NOT have to come from the link above!  That is just for simplicity in shopping!)







Classroom Wishes

Large Magneatos 144-piece set E5812X  $99.95

Rainbow Links Activity Set 83077381 $37.99

Career Hat Set 735-04181 $49.99

Book Display Stand XX-8274

Visual Explorers XX-8713 (4 sets)

German Classroom Books


For Frau Holt's German Book wish list click on the link:

Classroom Snacks

cheese sticks, apple slices, baby carrots, grahmcrackers