Erwin Hansen S., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Finance. 

Diagonal Paraguay 257
Oficina 1204
Santiago, Chile


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Work in Progress
  • Economic Links and the Cross-section of Option Returns (2017) [with R. Gencay and X. Yu]
Working Papers
  • Cross-Asset Contagion in the Financial Crisis: a Bayesian Time-Varying Approach (2016) [with M. Guidolin and M. Pedio] 
  • Do Cognitive Abilities Affect the Decision to Invest in Risky Assets through a Risk Aversion Channel? A Mediation Analysis for Australia (2016) [with P. Tapia]
  • When do Central Banks Intervene in the FX Market? Estimating the Time-Varying Central Bank Threshold Intervention Function (2016) [with M. Morales]
  • Is the Reinvestment of Multinational a Capital Flow? Crises, Imbalances and the Cash-Based Current Account (2018). [with R.Wagner].
Publications (Old)