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NameShort descriptionWebsiteDate addedTypeDomainMaintained by
ACORD Exchange of insurance data November 9, 2009 Worldwide Financial Services Acord 
agXML Standards & guidelines intended to bring eBusiness efficiencies to grain- and oilseed-related business processes. November 29, 2009 National (United States) Agriculture AgXML 
AIAG An open forum where members cooperate in developing and promoting solutions (standards) that enhance the prosperity of the automotive industry July 30, 2010 Worldwide Automotive AIAG 
AQUO Information exchange between water management organizations November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Civil Engineering IdsW 
ARTS  The Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) makes new technology less expensive for Retailers through standards. July 30, 2010 Worldwide Retail ARTS 
Avox Validates, corrects, enriches and maintains business entity reference data November 29, 2009 Worldwide Financial Services Avox 
bcXML Product modelling with integrated parametric geometry November 9, 2009 Worldwide Civil Engineering 
BIM The "Bouwwerk Informatie Model" makes it possible to exchange information about constructing processes, materials and objects November 30, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Civil Engineering BIR 
CENBII The CENBII specification is a meant to facilitate effective public procurement solution with focus on cross-border interoperability and closing the gap between systems built on UN/CEFACT and OASIS/UBL 2.0; they can be used to create interoperability between users of the two standards November 29, 2009 Worldwide Cross industry CEN/ISSS 
CEN/ISO EN 13606 Exchange between Electronic Health Records November 9, 2009 Worldwide Healthcare 
cfiXML capital facilities industry XML schemas provide a pragmatic solution for electronic data exchange in the capital facilities industry. They are applicable for engineering information including manufacturing, process and power. July 30, 2010 Worldwide Civil Engineering cfiXML 
Chem eStandards Chemical Industry B2B data exchange. Also formerly known as CIDX) November 9, 2009 Worldwide Chemical Industry Oagis 
CIM (IEC 61968/70) In electric power transmission and distribution, the Common Information Model (CIM) July 30, 2010 Worldwide Building & Construction CIM User Group 
Content Packaging Interoperability between various digital learning related systems November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Education EduStandaard 
Content-ZoekProfiel Standardisation of the description of, mostly Dutch, learning objects November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Education EduStandaard 
cXML Streamlined protocol intended for consistent communication of business documents between procurement applications, e-commerce hubs and suppliers November 29, 2009 Worldwide Cross industry cXML 
DICOM DICOM standardizes communication of biomedical diagnostic and therapeutic information in disciplines that use digital images and associated data. July 30, 2010 Worldwide Medical Nema 
DublinCore Development of interoperable metadata standards that support a broad range of purposes and business models November 29, 2009 Worldwide Cross industry DublinCore 
eBIS XML BASDA developed eBIS XML (electronic Business Interchange Standard in XML) the world's first many to many 'open standard' for the exchange of business document like orders and invoices. November 29, 2009 Worldwide Cross industry BASDA 
eBuild-XML The eBuild-XML standard is an open standard for all Housebuilders, Suppliers and Service Providers to the Housebuilding Industry. It is derived from eBIS-XML using a standard extension mechanism. July 30, 2010 Worldwide Building & Construction Basda 
eCAT The use of electronic catalogues used for eBusiness in a multilingual environment, the scope of the Workshop eCAT was extended to include harmonization of product classification schemes and their application to electronic catalogues November 29, 2009 European Cross industry CEN/ISSS 
eClass A hierarchical system for grouping materials, products and services according to a logical structure November 29, 2009 National (Germany) Cross industry eClass 
Edibulb Data exchange between bulbgrowers, intermediairs and bulbtraders November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Agriculture Edibulb 
EDIFICE the European B2B User Group for companies with interests in computing, electronics and telecommunications, drives and enables global standardized B2B adoption (European RosettaNet organization) July 30, 2010 European Electrotechnical EDIFICE 
EDSN Data exchange standard for the energy domain November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Utilities EDSN 
EDXL The Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) is a suite of XML-based messaging standards that facilitate emergency information sharing between government entities and the full range of emergency-related organizations. July 27, 2010 Worldwide Government OASIS 
ELD Exchange of student information November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Education Organisatie Leren Doorgeven 
Election Markup Language An XML dialect for message exchange for elections. June 10, 2010 Worldwide Government OASIS 
ELSSI-EMD Data for use in assessment procedures November 9, 2009 European Human Resources CEN Workshop 
eTOUR Interoperability for the tourism domain (accommodation, events, activities, attractions, food & beverage November 9, 2009 European Recreation CEN Workshop 
EUCHA Harmonised implementation of end-to-end payment processing and seamless payment processing environment, maximising straight-through processing November 29, 2009 European Financial Services Eucha 
Europeana Deliver core components which are essential for the realisation of Europeana, the European Digital Library as a truly interoperable, multilingual and user-oriented service for all European citizens November 29, 2009 European Government Austrian National Library 
FIX Financial services trading and market data November 9, 2009 Worldwide Financial Services FIX Protocol 
Florecom Interoperability in the whole supply chain from grower to retail on all levels i.e. message, process and industry November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Agriculture Florecom 
FpML Trade processing between firms for Over The Counter (OTC) Derivatives November 9, 2009 Worldwide Financial Services FpML 
gbXML Simplified and distributed data input/output involving complex building resource analysis simulation engines November 9, 2009 Worldwide Civil Engineering gbXML 
GEO standards NL Provide standards that are necessary to make geographical information accessible November 29, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Civil Engineering Geonovum 
GS1 System Identification of products, locations, documents, etc. November 9, 2009 Worldwide Trade GS1 
HL7 Meaningful exchange of health information across different healthcare information systems November 9, 2009 Worldwide Healthcare HL7 
HL7 NL HL7 is the standard for all new developments in the integration of information systems in healthcare in The Netherlands November 29, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Healthcare HL7 NL 
Hodex Standard for education information August 15, 2010 National (The Netherlands) Education VNSU 
hr-XML Interoperability within the domain of Human Resources November 9, 2009 Worldwide Human Resources hr-XML Consortium 
IFX Connect and share financial information between internal and external applications November 29, 2009 Worldwide Financial Services IFX 
IHE IHE is an initiative by healthcare professionals and industry to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information. IHE promotes the coordinated use of established standards such as DICOM and HL7 to address specific clinical need in support of optimal patient care November 29, 2009 Worldwide Healthcare IHE 
IMS Standards that enable the development and adoption of innovative technologies to improve and transform education worldwide November 29, 2009 Worldwide Education IMS Global 
ISO/IEC 19796-1 Description of Quality Approaches for Learning, Education and Training November 9, 2009 Worldwide Education 
JIS Jewelers Interoperability Standard: Electronic information exchange between jewelers and their suppliers  November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Other 
LandXML Facilitates the exchange of data create during the Land Planning, Civil Engineering and Land Survey process November 29, 2009 Worldwide Civil Engineering LandXML 
MDDL Financial services trading and market data  November 9, 2009 Worldwide Financial Services Software & Information Industry Association 
Metalex Standard for legal sources November 9, 2009 European Government CEN Workshop 
MISMO MISMO was created to promote and support the common business interests of the Commercial and Residential Mortgage Markets. November 29, 2009 National (United States) Financial Services Mortgage Bankers Association 
Moda-ML Middleware tOols and Documents to enhAnce the textile/clothing supply chain through xML July 30, 2010 European Clothing 
NEN 3610 Semantic interoperability of geo-information in different community of interest like spatial planning, cultural heritage, topograhic, water, etc. November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Civil Engineering Stelseloverleg NEN 3610 
NITF The News Industry Text Format can be used to define the content and structure of news articles. Because metadata is applied throughout the news content, NITF documents are far more searchable and useful than HTML pages. March 11, 2011 Worldwide Publishing IPTC 
OAGIS Enterprise ready process-based business language standards for both B2B and A2A integration November 29, 2009 Worldwide Cross industry Oagi 
Odette Improve the flow of goods, services, product data and business information across the whole supply chain, throughout the entire product life-cycle November 29, 2009 European Automotive Odette 
OFX Unified specification for the electronic exchange of financial data between financial institutions, businesses and consumers via the Internet November 29, 2009 Worldwide Financial Services OFX 
OpenTrans OpenTrans is focused on standardization of business-documents (like invoices or quotations) July 30, 2010 Worldwide Cross Industry OpenTrans 
ORCHID To establish sufficient critical mass and focus in Europe on resolving the interoperability issues in the product and plant engineering supply chain through reference data libraries and standardized digital product models November 29, 2009 European Cross industry CEN/ISSS 
OTA Business information and transaction standards for the travel industry November 9, 2009 Worldwide Recreation Open Travel Alliance 
OWMS Metadata standard for Dutch governmental organisations November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Government ICTU 
papiNET Different ways of electronic message exchange in the forest and paper industry November 9, 2009 Worldwide Agriculture, Trade papiNET 
PIDX PIDX provides a forum for delivering business processes, information, and technology standards that facilitate seamless, efficient electronic business within the petroleum industry and its trading community November 29, 2009 Worldwide Chemical Industry PIDX 
PRISM PRISM (Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata) defines an XML metadata vocabulary for managing, post-processing, multi-purposing and aggregating publishing content for magazine and journal publishing. July 30, 2010 Worldwide Publication IDEAlliance 
RailML Allow day-to-day railway operations, these editors also allow sharing of data among traffic control systems and passenger information systems at stations, on websites, and for mobile phones November 29, 2009 Worldwide Transport RailML 
RecipeML RecipeML is a format for representing recipes on computer. July 30, 2010 Worldwide Food FormatData 
RIXML A standard for categorizing, tagging and distributing global investment research November 29, 2009 Worldwide Financial Services Rixml 
RosettaNet Allow trading partners of all sizes to connect electronically to process transactions and move information within their extended supply chains November 29, 2009 Worldwide Electrotechnical RosettaNet 
SBR Businesses and intermediaries can report their financial data to the government using the Dutch XBRL taxonomy November 29, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Financial Services Standard Business Reporting Programma (SBR) 
SETU Exchange of information in the staffing industry November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Human Resources SETU 
ShoeNet Platform for reliable, secure and traceable exchange of Electronic Business Documents through the Internet  European Clothing 
Shortsea XML Interoperability between systems in shortsea shipping November 9, 2009 Worldwide Transport 
SIDES Sharing of recruiting and staffing data between suppliers, customers and third party players. November 9, 2009 Worldwide Human Resources hr-XML Consortium 
SIF Administrative and Instructional applications within a school, school district and State November 9, 2009 Worldwide Education SIF Association 
SIVI Standards for insurance companies and intermediairs June 10, 2010 National (The Netherlands) Financial SIVI 
SMDG Standards for maritime industry, like container terminals, ocean carriers and related companies and organizations. March 19, 2010 Worldwide Transport SMDG 
SNOMED CT Connecting clinical domains and cross country borders November 9, 2009 Worldwide Healthcare IHTSDO 
SportsML A solution for sharing sports data November 29, 2009 Worldwide Recreation IPTC 
STAR Fulfilling the business information needs of dealers and manufacturers November 29, 2009 Worldwide Automotive STAR 
StUF Information exchange between different systems for Dutch municipalities November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Government ICTU-EGEM 
SURF standards Within the SURFshare program existing standards are reused or new standards are developed for higher level education November 29, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Education SURF Foundation 
SuwiML To facilitate structured information exchange between different partners within the social security domain November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Government BKWI 
SWIFT Tools and services to support the financial industry November 29, 2009 Worldwide Financial Services SWIFT 
TIGERS TIGERS (Tax Information Group for E-commerce Requirements Standardization) to provide an ANSI-based tax-related electronic data interchange applications November 29, 2009 National (United States) Financial Services FTA 
TMF Focuses on improving business effectiveness for service providers and their suppliers in the information industry, the communications industry and the entertainment industry November 29, 2009 Worldwide Telecommunications TM Forum 
Trace Core XML (TCX) TraceCore XML (TCX) is an XML format for the capture and exchange of traceability information between parties in a food supply chain. July 30, 2010 Worldwide Food 
TWIST Connect the financial and phisical supply chains, releasing the enourmous value locked up in disjoined paper-based processes November 29, 2009 Worldwide Financial Services Twist 
TXML (CTML) Processing strategic trade license applications that is provided by the U.S. to foreign governments to promote interagency consensus and transparency while protecting the confidentiality of commercial and national security information November 29, 2009 Worldwide Government US Government 
UBL Enable powerful visual design, execution and maintenance of software and other processes, including IT Systems Modeling and Business Process Management November 30, 2009 Worldwide Cross industry OASIS 
VDA Product-specific standards for road vehicles and the standardization of multimodal transport containers like freight containers and swap container bodies. November 29, 2009 National (Germany) Automotive VDA 
VEKTIS The sending from declarations by health practitioners to several health insurers and also the receiving by a health insurer from declarations from several health practisionars November 9, 2009 National (The Netherlands) Healthcare VEKTIS 
WCO Data Model The WCO Customs Data Model will establish a standard, international, harmonized data set that will meet governments’ requirements for international cross-border trade and is geared exclusively to the requirements of an automated environment November 29, 2009 Worldwide Government WCO 
WS-ISDEM Specifying a message structure for sharing situation awareness in the frame of Disaster and emergency management November 29, 2009 European Government CEN/ISSS 
XBRL Taxonomies developed localy / regionaly being used world wide November 9, 2009 Worldwide Financial Services XBRL International 
xCBL xCBL is the pre-eminent XML component library for business-to-business e-commerce (not open, but free to use) July 30, 2010 Worldwide Cross industry CommerceOne 
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