What are candidate teachers saying about the ERUSD Induction program?

One newly hired teacher had this to say about the El Rancho Unified School District Induction program in May 2019...

"I feel the overall structure of the program was very practical and helpful in my development as a teacher. The process of identifying specific development activities, thinking through their potential impacts was very useful. But also the identifying of evidence of effectiveness was critical. In planning the activities I was forced to think "why do I believe this would benefit the students" and then post-activity being accountable for a critical assessment of the effectiveness of the activities provided structure and discipline that I may not have implemented on my own. 

Also, observing other teachers was immensely important and I learned a great deal from those opportunities. Lastly, but probably most importantly, the hours spent working with my mentor teacher probably had the biggest impact on me than anything else in this process. She is a very knowledgeable teacher and consistently provided me with great "real-world" advice and valuable insights. 

More importantly though, she has been very encouraging to me and through her own transparency made me realize that developing as an effective teacher will be a life-long endeavor and that I should continue to seek out ways to improve and to not be too hard on myself if I make some mistakes along the way as long as I improve from them."

What is Induction? 
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Induction Program 2017

Every year our Induction Teachers and their Mentors experience professional growth in the Teacher Support and Induction Program. Click on Participating Teacher Journey to see more details how any eligible general education teacher and education specialists can earn a Clear Credential through the ERUSD Induction program.  Click on the link below to review our ERUSD Induction Handbook for all stake holders of the program on current policy and procedures of the Induction process.


This website and online Induction Handbook should be used frequently by candidate teachers, Induction mentors and site administrators to help facilitate professional growth goals. Candidates and Induction Mentors are encouraged to visit this website often for resources, important dates, calendar news, feedback forms, program surveys, as well as a place to collaborate with other teachers, mentors, and administrators.