UK Gloucestershire Flooding 2012

posted 8 Sep 2013, 20:43 by Josh Foo   [ updated 9 Sep 2013, 14:36 ]

ERTSAR deploy two swiftwater rescue teams under DEFRA’s national resilience mechanism

The Midlands and South West of the UK have been hit by torrential rains and gale-force winds over the last 48 hours. Due to the saturated ground water table, likelihood of flooding has significantly increased. The Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire areas were hit badly, with many villages and roads completely flooded.

ERTSAR is a recognised Swiftwater Asset as part of DEFRA’s flood response mechanisms, which enhances the UK’s resilience to flooding emergencies.

There was a fast and proactive response which allowed contingencies to be set in place and two of our swiftwater rescue boat teams to deploy in support of the Fire and Rescue services in the areas of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.