Pakistan Support Mission 2006

posted 8 Sep 2013, 20:04 by Josh Foo   [ updated 9 Sep 2013, 19:35 ]
We were told that during the first deployment after the earthquake in 2005, there may be a harsh Winter in the Mountains of NWFP that year – and difficult access by regular medical organisations, likelihood of Landslides due to the snow, cold and unfavourable terrain.  Because we are also cross trained in USAR, Ice & Snow, Mountain Rescue, International & Tech Rope, Flood Response, etc., we were asked to return to try to access the many that would get worse from the indirect impact of the original disaster.

We arrived in Chakala (Military) Airport and where flown by a Pakistani helicopter to the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP) immediately upon arrival in Pakistan. We averaged over 300 patients and casualties a day in the Allai Valley (mostly Banna & Serai).

The team worked in the mountains (c. 12,000ft) delivering aid, medicines, blankets and tents with UN / WFP (Allai Valley).