How do I contact you?

Normally, you dont.

However, if you really don't mind waiting from 5 weeks to 14 years for a reply, you won't request a ROM (Use Google), you don't want me draw something for you (I am not an artist), you don't have a custom music request (I am not Beethoven), you don't want a custom sprite request (I am not your ASM slave), you don't intend to ask me a question about Lunar Magic (There is a help file), you don't treat Emails as IM messages, use correct grammar, you must be familiar with ROM hacking for 1 year, you're not a spammer, you use common sense, you must be registered at SMWCentral, you once read the FAQ there... Then, but ONLY then you may contact me.

Otherwise, you are on your own.

Email: email removed

SMWCentral: Ersanio (User ID 3)