Francisco J. Ruiz Gómez
PhD Student
Forest Engineer, Master in Biotechnology (University of Córdoba). He is specialized in Ecophysiology of Forest Systems and biotic interactions in the Quercus forest decline. His current research develops different aspect involved in the quantification of rot root caused by oomycetes, and the relationship between rot root level and the physiologic status of the tree.

 Francisco José Romero
Research focused on the processing and analysis of LiDAR, high resolution multispectral imaging to study the forest environment. Research projects based on the characterization and quantification of fuel, and structural and physiological forest study.
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Ana María Moyano García
Academic Program Manager
Forest Engineer and Master's Degree in Hydrology and Water Resources Management (Universidad de Alcalá y Universidad Rey Juan Carlos). Currently, Academic Program Manager at e-learning forest and University of Córdoba researcher.

 Rafael Mª Navarro Cerrillo
Forest Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and currently Vice Dean of International and Institutional Relations at the School of Agricultural Engineering and Forestry-University of Córdoba. Former Research director of the Group “Restoration and Assessment of agricultural and forestry systems” whose main activities are focused on the study of forest systems, climate change impacts and remote sensing applied to land use monitoring in Mediterranean and tropical environments. This research has been developed in collaboration with national and international agencies in several countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. European project in progress African Network for Education in Energy Resources-UE-EuropeAid/132023/D/ ACT/ACPTPS and A new tool for sustainable forest management based on LIDAR and THERMAL data integration-FP7-SME-2012-315165. 

He has collaborated with foreign centers in Israel, University of Missouri- Columbia, University of Berkeley, L'Institut agronomique et vétérinaire Hassan II (IAV Hassan II), Murdoch University (Australia), and he has collaborated with several European Universities. These collaborations have resulted in more than 70 international publications in peer reviewed journals (Forest Ecology and Management, Annals of Forest Science, Ecological Engineering, Proteomics, Environmental Management, Journal of Arid Environments, etc).

 José Luis Quero Pérez
 Assistant Professor (Prof.Cont.Doctor)
PhD on Forest Ecology at RNM-220-UGR (2003-2007). Postdoc at FEM-WUR (2008-2009) and Semiarid Ecology and Global Change Lab-URJC (2010-2012). Currently, Assistant Professor at Forest Engineering-UCO.
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Joaquin Duque Lazo
Forest engenier at Forest Engineering-UCO, Msc 
in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation(GEM) at ITC, The Netherlands. PhD candidate atSpecial Botany and Functinal Biodivesity at Leipzig University (Germany). Currently, at Forest Engineering-UCO.
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Miguel Ángel Lara Gómez
IDAF Innovation & Development Manager
Forest Engineer and Master in plant production and plant breeding (Universidad de Córdoba). Researcher focused on forest carbon sequestration and specialized in forest resources assessment and precision forestry

Mª Ángeles Varo
Forest Engineer and Master in Geomatics, Remote Sensing and Spatial Models. Researcher focused on spectral data, LiDAR and other geographical information for giving assistance in forest inventory and the analysis of the physiological condition of vegetation.

Jesús Trujillo Toro
Forest engineer, specialized in GIS and Remote Sensing. Analysis of physiological condition of vegetation in mediterranean environments throug high resolution imagery. Monitoring ecosystem change using Landsat time series data. Training in GIS and Remote Sensing by using Open Source Software.

Andrés Walter de Amo
Forest Engineer at the University of Cordoba. Currently  working on extraction and quantification of leaf pigments by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).
 David Ariza Mateos
Project Manager in Africa
Professional experience in coordinating of development cooperation projects, management of forest ecosystems, ecophysiology, response strategies to biotic and abiotic stresses and functional genomics of forest species. Professor at Forest Engineering-José Eduardo dos Santos University of Angola.
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 Rafael Sánchez de la Cuesta
PhD Student
Forest Engineer, Master in Production, Plant Protection and Improvement (Universidad de Córdoba). Research projects on forest decline and the interaction between biotic and abiotic agents (2006-2013). His current research focuses on the analysis of spatial distribution of root rot oomycetes in Quercus forests.
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Guillermo Palacios
IDAF spin-off CEO. International Projects Manager
PhD research in forest ecophysiology in semiarid lands at the University of Córdoba and MBA by the European Business School. Researcher focused on Tropical Silviculture, REDD+ projects, Community Management, Forest Innovation & Technology and Knowledge Transference Models.

Emídio Amâncio Piairo Mota Silvéro
Ecologist in (Universidade de Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro) and master's degree in environmental management (Universidade do Minho). Currently co-responsable of dendrology laboratory and involved in projects of chronology and climatology.

 Marta Conde

Mª del Mar Delgado
Dpto. Economía, Sociología y Política Agrarias Universidad de Córdoba
FP7 COMET-LA Project Coordinator
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