PTA Scholarship Opportunities

Twin Projects: Jenkins Memorial Scholarship for Teacher Education -


Public High School Seniors who: 
1. Plan to prepare for a teaching career. 
2. Plan to attend a college of the State University of New York for baccalaureate degree in education -OR- plan to attend a two year community college before transferring to a baccalaureate degree program in education in a college of the State University of New York. 
3. Have not accepted scholarships exceeding the monetary value of $16,000. 
4. Attend a public high school in New York State in a school district where there is a PTA/PTSA unit in good standing.   

Twin Projects: Teacher Fellowship For Graduate Study In Memory of Richard Gazzola
The Teacher Fellowship was established by the New York State PTA in 1961 to encourage excellent teachers to stay in the classroom by providing an opportunity for them to improve their teaching skills, update their professional knowledge, and expand their professional horizons. In 1992, the Fellowship was named to honor a “Master Teacher,” Richard Gazzola, who served on the New York State PTA Board of Directors for many years prior to his untimely death in 1991.   


$1,000 for advanced graduate study.   

Deadline for Applying:

Completed applications including transcripts and letters of recommendation must be postmarked, not metered, no later than June 15th to be considered.   

Allow sufficient time to obtain the necessary transcripts and letters of recommendation. If the application and all supportive data are not postmarked by June 15th, the application will NOT be considered. (If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday it will be extended to the next business day)   


Applicant must: 
1. Be a full-time, non-substitute teacher in a New York State public school. 
2. Have obtained a master's degree and have completed at least one full year of teaching in the year immediately preceding applying. 
3. Be a New York State PTA member in the school in which the applicant teaches or which the applicant’s children attend. The PTA must be in good standing. 
4. Take a minimum of six (6) credit hours or submit a statement from the registrar of the supervising institution of comparable work to be undertaken. 
5. Plan to continue teaching in a New York State public school for a least one year. 
6. Have received a Teacher Fellowship no more than once before.   

Youth Humanitarian Award ~ In Memory of Stanley Marcus

The Stanley Marcus Award is presented to high school junior or senior students who best exemplify the humanitarian principles of Stanley Marcus who died in 1977 while serving as third vice president of the New York State Congress of Parents and Teachers. He will always be remembered for his humanitarianism and dedication to youth through zealous volunteer community service. Since PTA is a volunteer organization, we believe that it is only fitting that we should honor such service by our young people through the sponsorship of this award.   


The nominee must:

  • be a junior or senior at a high school with a PTA/PTSA in good standing
  • demonstrate outstanding volunteer community service
  • display humanitarian principles by word and deed
  • be selected for the quality of the humanitarian activities rather than for the quantity of extracurricular activities
NOTE: Academic achievement SHOULD NOT be a factor in the selection process.