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A simple launcher for FlightGear flight simulator

FGo! is a fast and simple way to start FlightGear session in GNU/Linux operating system. Like other such applications (e.g. FGRun) FGo! allows you to easily select an aircraft, airport, scenario, etc. It also provides a convenient way to run TerraSync.
What distinguishes it from other such applications is the text window allowing you to write any other, more advanced command line options that will be passed to FlightGear. This is similar to editing the .fgfsrc configuration file.

You can actually think about FGo! as the configuration file editor with some useful gadgets.

Requirements of the latest version

* FGo! is compatible only with Python 2.x.
** Is in fact part of the Python, but in many Linux distributions is shipped as a separate package.
*** this library is not mandatory to run FGo! but aircraft thumbnails will not be displayed without it.

Numbers given here correspond to versions of the software used in development process. It's quite likely for FGo! to work with older (or newer) versions, but the program was not tested with them.


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