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Health Care

The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) isn't working in large part because Republicans are making sure that it doesn't work. Here in Michigan, Republicans wanted the federal grants associated with the ACA but their contributors from the medical, pharmaceutical and insurance sectors didn't want to  see their profits drop. So the online marketplace envisions in the ACA was made deliberately difficult to use. Also, the simple rules for expanded Medicaid were amended to make it harder to qualify.

But let's NOT just blame the Republicans, the Affordable Care Act was designed to help sell private insurance to low income people whose employers were not covering them and to force employers who were already struggling to buy private health plans for employees. 

Those who pay for private health insurance are naturally resentful of anyone who doesn't. Worse yet, many of the people with private health insurance can't afford co-pays, deductibles and the other out-of-pocket expenses so they might as well be uninsured.
Three videos produced by VlogBrothers do a fairly good job of summing up the issues:

"The cost of healthcare is too high in Michigan. It’s time for Michicare: healthcare for all."

Michicare is a state-level single-payer, Medicare-for-All style healthcare plan in Michigan. It is a sensible, cost-effective solution to guarantee affordable and accessible health care for all. Under Michicare, everyone will pay their fair share, and words like “premiums,” “deductibles,”“co-pays,” and “out of network” will become history—and nobody will be denied the care that they deserve.

Robert Reich wraps up the next video with the following, compelling statement, "If Congressional Republicans gut the Affordable Care Act, the American public will be presented with a real choice ahead: either expensive health care for a few or affordable health care for the many."