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About this Site

This campaign in a "grassroots" campaign. What that means is that we will NOT be wasting a lot of money trying to look and feel like a well-funded corporate campaign. This Google site is FREE and we will use it as long as we need to. If we find volunteers with the technical expertise to make a better site we will. Until then, we focus on the issues and the movement instead of marketing.

This campaign is worker-friendly.

This candidate supports democracy in the workplace. Campaign materials purchased by this campaign are responsibly sourced. Because this is a grassroots campaign and some materials will be produced in-house with volunteer labor. When campaign materials are purchased outside they will be Made in America and sourced as locally as possible. 

Two types of labor will be given priority in every purchase, one being Union Made and the other being made by a worker owned cooperative. If you don't see the union bug, you can be certain that it was either produced in-house with volunteer labor or by a worker owned cooperative.

No corporate money.

This candidate will NOT accept money from corporate PACs. All campaign contributions will be from individual supporters, organized labor and/or grassroots progressive PACs.

This campaign will be funded largely by modest, individual contributions averaging $27 or more made by supporters who want to see a progressive Democrat win in November. Why $27? This campaign is inspired by the Bernie 2016 campaign and he funded it with many modest contributions averaging $27 ... so can we.

Many of of the candidates friends have already supported the campaign and some have been far more generous than expected. The biggest challenge between now and July 8th will be raising the money to print yard signs and a modest quantity of candidate literature for use at doors. While the candidate is unopposed in the Primary, we feel it is very important to have the same level of Pre-Primary visibility that campaigns with Primary challengers have. We need visibility in every part of district and the help of supporters like you is very important.

Supporter contributions are the foundation.

Make a secure online contribution now at ActBlue or mail a check to Committee to Elect Ernie Whiteside, 14224 S Dixie Hwy, Monroe, MI 48161.

Let us know that you want to help.

Democrats who want to help this candidate and the several other Democrats whose names will appear on the ballots OR any of several ballot issues supported by this candidate can let us know, just complete the SHORT campaign supporter form.

Contact the candidate.

The candidate can be contacted by sending email to ernie@ernieformichigan.com. Email is the best way to communicate with the campaign and most communication from constituents will get a reply within 24 hours.

Campaign finance statement.

This FREE Google site is maintained by the Committee to Elect Ernie Whiteside, 14224 S Dixie Hwy, Monroe, MI 48161 with volunteer labor.