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James W. Von Brunn...rev. March 2019

This report addresses the assertions made by conservative commentators such as Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin which claimed that James W. Von Brunn’s June 2009 murderous behavior at the Holocaust Memorial Museum was the result of his purported left-wing ideological beliefs and impulses. 

According to Rush:

"This guy is a leftist if anything


"This guy's beliefs, this guy's hate stems from influence that you find on the left, not on the right."

Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin and Alex Jones are part of a larger community of extreme right conspiracy adherents who always try to divert blame from anybody who shares their ideological beliefs when those folks commit crimes---particularly violent crimes.

Limbaugh's comments are part of an attempt by some elements within the right-wing (particularly the John Birch Society) to propose that we adopt a new understanding of a political spectrum.

The basic premise of this new spectrum is that history proves that government is evil and dangerous and it always diminishes freedom and facilitates tyranny.

Therefore, the more government activism or intervention within a society -- the less freedom exists within society. Consequently, the new proposed spectrum places anarchy [no government] on the extreme right and totalitarian dictatorships [total government] on the extreme left.  

Then---groups whose ideology we currently consider “extreme right” (such as the Birch Society) place themselves in the CENTER of the new spectrum because they claim to favor "limited government".

This proposed new spectrum is a rather transparent attempt to pretend that everything despicable, dishonorable, frightening and dangerous originates exclusively from the LEFT side of the spectrum whereas everything decent, honorable, moral, and desirable may be found exclusively in the center and center-right side of the spectrum.

Furthermore, the new "middle" or "center" (i.e. Birchers et al) propose that liberalism, socialism, communism, fascism, nazism are ALL forms of "collectivism" or "statism" (aka PRO-government activism) and, consequently, they inevitably produce tyranny – so not much point in making fastidious distinctions between or among them.  


James W. Von Brunn’s website, “Holy Western”, contained a considerable amount of information by Von Brunn concerning the persons, organizations, and publications that shaped his thinking (what he describes as “character shaper raw material and incidents which impacted his beliefs and values.)

Many of the persons whom Von Brunn mentions favorably in his writings are probably unknown to most Americans but there is a common denominator among them, i.e. not one of them would ever be considered as a friend or ally by the left-wing in our country. 

I will discuss many of them at length below, but here is a brief summary of the people whom Von Brunn commends as reliable sources of information and/or people he respected and admired.

John O. Beaty, Willis A. Carto, John G. Crommelin, Curtis B. Dall, Pedro A. del Valle, George P. Dietz, Louis T. McFadden, Eustace C. Mullins, William L. Pierce, Wilmot Robertson (aka Humphrey Ireland), George W. Robnett, Francis P. Yockey.

In addition, Von Brunn’s website contained an excerpt from his 1999 book, Kill The Best Gentiles.   His entire 404-page book may be seen here


What follows is pertinent background information about some of the people, organizations, and publications which Von Brunn credited on his website as shaping his thoughts and beliefs

As will become apparent from the data presented below, Von Brunn was attracted to, and enthusiastically associated himself with, the most extreme right-wing elements in our society and he believed and promoted many of the common extreme right tropes about post World War II American history. 

The text in bold red font below are verbatim quotations BY Von Brunn from his website.

A considerable portion of the information which appears below comes from FBI investigative files and documents. 

Underneath each “character shaper” comment by Von Brunn, I provide background about the persons or organizations mentioned by Von Brunn so that readers may evaluate the credibility of Limbaugh’s comments regarding the purported “left wing” origins of Von Brunn’s beliefs and positions.

Character shaper #5

“In 1964 Gen. Pedro del Valle gave me John O. Beaty’s ‘The Iron Curtain Over America’. For the first time I learned how JEWS had destroyed Europe and were now destroying America.”

John O. Beaty

John O. Beaty, was a Professor of English at Southern Methodist University (1919-1957), and he authored the 1951 book, Iron Curtain Over America – a book promoted and sold exclusively by the extreme right-wing in our country and universally condemned by everyone else.  [Zion’s Herald, the oldest Methodist Church periodical in the U.S. described Beaty’s book as the "most extensive piece of racist propaganda in the history of the anti-Semitic movement in America."] 

The premise of the Beaty book was that contemporary Jews are not the Jews of the Bible.  Instead, they were “Khazar Jews” whom Beaty described as a people of mixed stock with Mongol and Turkic affinities.” 

Beaty proposed that around the 8th century the non-Jewish Khazars converted to Judaism en masse, and later spread out to become the "Jewish" populations of eastern Europe. Therefore those who call themselves Jews today are not really Jews at all. Furthermore, these “Khazar Jews” were responsible for the Russian Revolution which overthrew the Czar and they established international communism and zionism. They migrated to the United States and captured the Democratic Party and the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt and their objective was to communize America based upon instructions from their Kremlin headquarters. 

The main thesis of Beaty’s book regarding the Khazars has been refuted by genetic research which has proven that modern Jews, whether Sephardic or Ashkenazi, are overwhelmingly descended from the Jews living in Palestine in biblical times.  

See, for example:


Also see:

Robert Singerman:

Contemporary Racist and Judeophobic Ideology Discovers the Khazars, or, Who Really Are the Jews?


Leonard B. Glick, “The Khazars: Edomites, Israelites, and Khazars" published in the February 1983 issue of Midstream magazine. Professor Glick, a cultural anthropologist and historian, taught at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.

One of the more potent rebuttals to the Khazars argument was written by a prominent conservative, V. Orval Watts -- in a lengthy December 1952 article published in Faith and Freedom magazine. 

During the 1960's Watts was a columnist for the ultra-conservative Santa Ana (CA) Register newspaper.  In November 1963 the Register reprinted an article by Watts entitled "Is Communism A Jewish Conspiracy?" which dealt at length with the Khazars theory which was popularized in John Beaty's book, "The Iron Curtain Over America".

Watts mentioned that, superficially, Beaty's Khazars thesis seemed to be carefully documented but then Watts observed that:

"But quotations and references mean nothing unless the author selects them with care and uses them with integrity. Let us see how Professor Beaty uses his multitude of references."

From that point forward, Watts demolishes what he describes as Beaty's "flagrant abuse" of references and he concluded that "...Beaty's whole Khazars story has little more historical foundation than the  legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table."

Watts checked specific references used by Beaty to make his case and Watts then observed: "In fact, quite contrary to Beaty's theory, these authors point out that the Khazars Jews themselves probably included Palestinian Jews."

For example: Watts discusses Beaty's use of Charles D. Hazen's  text, "Modern European History" to support his allegations about Khazars Jews being chronic subversives who organized anti-government assassins and terrorists after they had been granted "new freedoms" by Czar Alexander II.

Watts pointed out that (contrary to what Beaty claimed), "Hazen gives no support whatever to Beaty's contention." Then Watts observed: "Still more important, Hazen does not mention either 'Khazars' or 'Jews' in connection with violence or anti-government activity, and neither does Vizetelly whom Beaty mentions as his other reference in this matter."

Watts then continued:

"Beaty then proceeds to represent Khazars Jews as the founders and prime movers of the Communist Party in Russia and he lists the Encyclopedia Britannica and the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia as supporting references. Again we find on checking these references that Beaty falsifies the record. The encyclopedia authors make it clear that a non-Jewish organization started the Communist Party in Russia fourteen years before the Jewish Bund was formed. They state further that the Jews in the Communist movement before 1917 were mainly Mensheviks who favored nonviolent, peaceful, legal and gradualist tactics."

So from what part of the political spectrum did Mr. Beaty receive his most enthusiastic and effusive endorsements? Here are two examples:

Gerald L.K. Smith’s newsletter, The Cross and the Flag, described the Beaty book as “the most sensational book of this generation” because this is the first time that an instructor and military officer (retired) has dared treat the Jewish question with courage, objectivity and clearness.”

Gerald B. Winrod’s magazine, The Defender, declared that Christians and all other patriotic Americans lose no time in ordering and circulating it among friends and neighbors.”  [Winrod was a defendant in the so-called Mass Sedition Trials of 1942-1944.]

In the Introduction to his 1935 booklet, The Truth About the Protocols, Winrod wrote:

After observing the title of this book, some will accuse me of being anti-Semitic. If by this they mean that I am opposed to the Jews as a race or as a religion, I deny the allegation. But if they mean that I am opposed to a coterie of international Jewish bankers ruling the Gentile world by the power of gold, if they mean that I am opposed to international Jewish Communism, then I plead guilty to the charge."

Other extreme right authors also popularized the “Khazars Jews” argument. See, for example, Benjamin H. Freedman, Facts Are Facts: The Truth About the Khazars, 1955, 62pp, link below.

Freedman was a wealthy anti-zionist Jew who converted to Catholicism.  He claimed to have spent over $100,000 of his own fortune on “fighting zionism [New York Times, 5/5/48, p35].  

In 1950 testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Freedman stated that he contributed $15,000 to Conde McGinley’s newspaper, Common Sense (see discussion regarding McGinley and his newspaper below).  Freedman was a principal figure in a 1950’s FBI file captioned “Arab Participation and Influence in Distribution of Hate Literature in the United States” [FBI HQ file 105-76289 and New York City FBI file 105-34293].


Pedro A. Del Valle served in the U.S. Marine Corps for more than 30 years.  He retired as a Lieutenant General and then briefly served as President of International Telephone & Telegraph Corp in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

After returning to the United States, Del Valle associated himself with numerous extreme right-wing organizations, publications, and causes. 

For a detailed discussion of Del Valle and his beliefs and associations, see Kevin Coogan’s article, The Defenders Of The American Constitution and the League Of Empire Loyalists: The First Postwar Anglo-American Revolts Against The ‘One World Order’ ” here:

Here is a brief introduction to Pedro del Valle:

Del Valle Connections To Extreme Right Organizations/Publications

(1)  In 1950, Del Valle wrote a complimentary statement for the cover page of Robert H. Williams’ anti-semitic pamphlet, Know Your Enemy, which recommended it as a must read for every American worthy of the name and is especially recommended to those men who hold high offices…before it is too late, to save the Republic from its traducers…I salute Major Williams for his splendid effort.”

Robert H. Williams claimed that he was engaged in counter-espionage in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II.  After he retired from the military he began publishing an anti-semitic newsletter out of Santa Ana, California called Williams Intelligence Summary.  The FBI file on Williams described his writings as follows:

“A review of all publications of Williams indicates he is violently anti-Semitic in that he operates on the premises that since some Jewish people are Communists, all Jews are Communists.”   [FBI HQ file 105-10091, serial #78; 7/11/52 memo from Assistant Director L.B. Nichols to J. Edgar Hoover.]

A 1951 report by the Americanism Commission of the American Legion (Illinois Department) described Williams as “an independent dispenser of vitriolic un-American anti-Semitism hate literature…”  [Also see earlier report entitled Subversive Activities of Hate Groups, Americanism Commission, Department of Illinois American Legion, text inserted into Congressional Record 10/6/49 by Illinois Cong. Sidney R. Yates.]

(2)  In the mid-1950’s Del Valle served as a “National Committee Adviser” to Willis Carto’s San Francisco-based organization called Liberty and Property, Inc. Carto edited the organization’s monthly newsletter which was entitled, Right”.  It described itself as anti-Marxist, anti-internationalist” and “a monthly newsletter of, by, and for the American Right Wing.” 

The August 1956 issue of Right contained an article by Glenn O. Young entitled Bi-Partisan Treason which gives a sense of the ideological perspective of this Carto publication.  Its opening paragraph was:  Few men living have contributed more to make the world safe for the Red butchers from Moscow than has President Eisenhower.”

The FBI described Liberty and Property as extreme right wing”.

(3)  Also, in the mid-1950’s, Del Valle served as a “Trustee” of a ultra-conservative group called “Campaign For The 48 States” which was co-founded and headed by Robert B. Snowden

Individuals who were associated with the Campaign constitute a who’s who of the extreme right in the United States during the 1950’s and 1960’s – including many members or endorsers of the John Birch Society. [Note: Snowden was also an endorser of the JBS].

(4)   In 1959, Del Valle was one of the founders of Defenders of the American Constitution, Inc. (DAC)  In May 1964, J. Edgar Hoover sent a memo to the Special-Agent-in-Charge of the FBI’s Washington field office and he characterized DAC as follows:

“Del Valle is President of Defenders of the American Constitution, an extreme right-wing organization that was founded in 1959.”   [FBI-Baltimore field office file 100-21392, serial #18 5/14/64 Hoover memo to SAC, FBI-Washington field].

The ideological perspective of the DAC may be ascertained from the 9/20/71 issue of the “DAC Alert” which was captioned The United States of America is in imminent danger of becoming a Red dictatorship.”

(5) In 1970, Del Valle was President of the Maryland chapter of “George Wallace For President

(6)  In July 1975, Del Valle attended the second annual “Patriots Leadership Conference” in Kansas City MO which was organized by Robert B. DePugh, the founder of the right-wing paramilitary organization, The Minutemen. DePugh invited more than 100 organizations to attend in an effort to unify conservative and extreme right organizations.

Among the organizations represented at the Conference were:  Liberty Lobby, John Birch Society, National Rifle Association, National Alliance to Keep and Bear Arms, Committee to Restore the Constitution, National Socialist White People’s Party (formerly known as American Nazi Party), American Party, Posse Comitatus, American White Nationalist Party, Christian Crusade, Knights of the KKK, and United Klans of America.

(7)   Del Valle was a shareholder in, and President of, Conde McGinley’s mis-named “Christian Educational Association”.  The CEA published a newspaper entitled, Common Sense.  For details concerning Common Sense, see the following House Committee on Un-American Activities report entitled “Preliminary Report on Neo-Fascist and Hate Groups”.

 The following description of Common Sense appears on page 10:

Common Sense represents itself as “the Nation’s anti-Communist paper.” Subscriptions are sought from ‘loyal and patriotic Americans’ in order to ‘help save our Republic.’ Such patriotic claims provide poor disguise, however, for some of the most vitriolic hate propaganda ever to come to the attention of the committee. Common Sense defines communism as ‘Judaism’ and devotes its pages almost exclusively to attacks on the Jewish and to a lesser extent the Negro minorities in our Nation. Sympathy for the former Nazi regime in Germany also is injected into this propaganda…”    and

“Through the columns of Common Sense, and innumerable booklets printed and offered for sale, the McGinley’s appear to serve as a clearinghouse for hate propagandists throughout the country.  Among these are many of the native fascists and hate racketeers who were active in the 1930’s.”

Character shaper #7

“General del Valle and Josephine Beaty, widow of John Beaty, author of ‘Iron Curtain over America’ (ICOA), recommended to Col. Dall that I be given a position with Noontide Press in California. Noontide publishes right-wing books and produced the monthly periodical American Mercury. Dall, FDR’s son-in-law, was the president of Liberty Lobby; Willis Carto was its founder, treasurer and shadow power-behind-the-scenes.”

Willis Carto

Willis Carto founded Liberty Lobby in 1955.  Its Advisory Board featured numerous prominent figures in extreme right politics in the U.S. at that time including the aforementioned Pedro A. Del Valle, and Robert Snowden.

Using the pen name of E.L. Anderson, Carto wrote an article about the NAACP entitled “The Worst Crime Of All, which was published in the October 1956 issue of the white supremacist magazine, The Virginian.  Carto described the NAACP as famous for its vicious anti-white activities…That the NAACP is a subversive organization taking its orders from ‘whites’ who have a deep and passionate hatred for white, Christian America, and moreover, following the Communist Party line in all essential aspects, has never for a moment been doubted by students of the matter.”

Willis Carto was employed by the John Birch Society as a Major Coordinator for approximately 4 months in 1959.  He was fired by JBS founder, Robert Welch.

In a September 6, 1960 letter to the editor of the conservative newspaper, Human Events, Carto expressed “shock” that the paper published an article by Phillippa Schuyler, the daughter of the prominent conservative African-American columnist George Schuyler.  Carto objected to the article because, he said, genuine conservatives should be opposed to “racial mongrelization” and he described Phillippa Schuyler as the hybrid offspring of George Schuyler and his white wife.”

In 1964, Carto expanded Liberty Lobby's advisory Board of Policy from 30 to 45 members. Among the new people he added to the Board were:

·         Kenneth Goff -- a frequent speaker with Gerald L.K. Smith’s Christian Nationalist Crusade. The FBI described Goff as “a border-line psychopath, who, in recent years has engaged in a nationwide tour giving anti-Communist lectures of a fanatical nature.” [Denver FBI file 105-123, serial #92; 3/8/55 memo by J. Edgar Hoover to Special Agent in Charge of Seattle FBI office.]

·         James F.  Dees, who praised Gerald L.K. Smith as the greatest patriot in this country today

·         W.  Henry McFarland, another associate of Gerald L.K. Smith, who was the founder and Director of the Nationalist Action League, which was listed as a subversive and “fascist” organization by the Attorney General of the United States.

In October 1966, Drew Pearson published in his syndicated Merry-Go-Round newspaper column, the contents of a letter written by Carto to Norris Holt. The letter was given to Pearson by former Carto employee Jeremy Horne, and Carto stated: 

"Hitler's defeat was the defeat of Europe. And of America. How could we have been so blind? The blame, it seems, must be laid at the door of the international Jews. It was their propaganda, lies and demands which blinded the West to what Germany was doing. . . . If Satan himself, with all of his superhuman genius and diabolical ingenuity at his command, had tried to create a permanent disintegration and force for the destruction of the nations, he could have done no better than to invent the Jews." 

In 1973, David E. Gumaer (a John Birch Society member and speaker under the auspices of the JBS Speakers Bureau) told the FBI during an interview that he had worked for Liberty Lobby for about a year, but he left because the Lobby, and its founder, Willis Carto, were both “too radical, being anti-Semitic and a backer of American Nazi Party.”  [FBI HQ file 62-113743, serial #25; SAC Salt Lake City to J. Edgar Hoover re: 10/29/73 interview of Gumaer.]

In 1988, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Wall Street Journal did not libel Liberty Lobby by describing it as "far-right" and "anti-Semitic."   [Liberty Lobby v. Dow Jones & Company, Inc, et al., No. 86-7017, U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit, 2/5/88, page 2]

Writing the unanimous opinion for the court, Judge Robert H. Bork stated, "We tend to agree with a district court that if the term 'anti-Semitic' has a core, factual meaning, then the truth of the description was proved here." [Ibid, p. 20]

In footnote #7 of the opinion, Bork made the following observations about Liberty Lobby:

"Since its inception, Liberty Lobby has been an outspoken, often vicious critic of Jewish groups and leaders, and of the United States domestic and foreign policy in regard to Jewish issues. In a letter to subscribers to The Spotlight[Liberty Lobby’s newspaper] Liberty characterized 'political Zionism' as the 'most ruthless, wealthy, powerful and evil political force in the history of the Western world.

The Spotlight has given extensive publicity to the fantastic claim that the Holocaust, the extermination of 6,000,000 Jews by Nazi Germany, never occurred."  [Ibid, page 20]

American Mercury magazine and Noontide Press

In 1963, the American Mercury was purchased by a Carto subsidiary, The Legion For the Survival of Freedom.  The Mercury’s contributing editors included:

·         Austin J. App -- a Professor of English who lectured under the auspices of the Birch Society’s Speakers Bureau and he also was on the Editorial Advisory Committee of The Journal of Historical Review – the journal published by Carto’s holocaust denial organization, Institute For Historical Review.

·         Frank A. Capell – publisher of the newsletter, The Herald of Freedom. Capell also was a columnist for the Birch Society’s now defunct weekly news magazine, Review of the News. In February 1965, Capell was indicted on charges of conspiring to criminally libel California Senator Thomas H. Kuchel. He was fined $500 for circulating a libelous affidavit which falsely accused Sen. Kuchel of being arrested for homosexual activity.  In his 1964 book on the death of Marilyn Monroe, Capell asserted that Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy had an affair with Ms. Monroe and when she threatened to reveal it, he arranged to have her murdered.   J. Edgar Hoover characterized Capell in a memo to the Attorney General in 1965: “The subject is the editor of the newsletter, The Herald of Freedom.  He is an extremist in his attitude toward communism and uses his newsletter to expose people and organizations he considers communist and subversive.”  [FBI HQ file 65-69485, serial #1; 04/19/65 Hoover memo to Attorney General].

·         Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker -- Walker joined the Birch Society in May 1959 while he commanded the Federal troops sent to Little Rock AR to protect students during the school integration crisis there.  Walker was a segregationist who, at one point, considered an offer to become Grand Dragon of a Texas branch of the Ku Klux Klan.

·         Ned Touchstone – Touchstone was editor of, The Councilor, which was the official journal of the white supremacist group, White Citizens Council of Louisiana, Inc. [WCCL].  The Councilor published articles which described prominent Jewish organizations such as ADL as anti-Christ Khazars. He also served on the Board of Policy of Carto’s group, Liberty Lobby.  In 1979, Carto turned control of American Mercury over to Touchstone. According to an FBI memo on Touchstone: “In 1962 Touchstone was a member of the KKK.  He is a rabid segregationist who has condemned and tried to embarrass the Federal Government whenever he has the opportunity.” [FBI HQ file 105-44536, serial #37 – which is a 7/27/66 reply by Hoover to inquiry about the WCCL.]

Understandably, James von Brunn would consider Noontide Press to be a hospitable employment possibility. Noontide Press was the publishing arm of Carto’s holocaust denial organization, Institute For Historical Review.  

Noontide has sold such leading anti-semitic classics such as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and The International Jew, and, Elizabeth Dilling’s The Plot Against Christianity – along with more recent titles such as the audio CD by Mark Weber entitled “Revisionism, Historical Awareness and Jewish-Zionist Power.”  

Noontide has euphemized and misrepresented the background of the authors it publishes.  For example, it described William Grimstad, the author of The Six Million Reconsidered, as “a leading San Diego journalist”, when, in reality, he was a regular contributor to the neo-nazi publication, White Power along with a Ku Klux Klan newsletter, The Crusader.

My trial revealed most importantly that JEWS run America’s courts. I hadn’t known that. It revealed also the despicable behavior of professional right-wing patriots. Liberty Lobby/Carto/Dall, were advised by Gen. Del Valle of my actions. I notified George Dietz, and Wilmot Robertson (Dispossessed Majority), I visited Eustace Mullins at his home, met vis-à-vis with Bill Pierce (NA), twice, in his Arlington, Va. office. All that I asked of them was to attend my trial, take notes, and report the events. No one showed up. No one reported in their journals the arguments, the testimony, and the conduct of the trial. I had prepared a slide show exposing important aspects of FED unconstitutionality and its blatant treason. There is NO DOUBT that the FED is an instrument of coercion, and theft, used to carry forth JEW aspirations for One World Government: the Kabala behind all 20th C. wars. It intends to destroy Western Civilization. Indeed, it has.”


George P. Dietz

Dietz was raised in Nazi Germany and was a member of Hitler Youth.  Dietz emigrated to the U.S. in 1957.  He joined the Birch Society in 1974 but left it because he considered JBS founder, Robert Welch, to be “a Talmudic tool for the destruction of the White people of America.”

Dietz owned and operated Liberty Bell Publications in West Virginia which was the largest distributor of neo-nazi literature in the United States from the 1970’s-1990’s.  From September 1973 until February 1999 Dietz also published a blatantly neo-nazi magazine entitled Liberty Bell.

One of the most frequent contributors to Liberty Bell was Revilo P. Oliver.  Prior to his association with Dietz, Oliver was a major figure within the John Birch Society.  Oliver was a JBS National Council member and an Associate Editor of the JBS magazine, American Opinion. In the March 1965 issue of American Opinion, Robert Welch described Oliver as “an authentic genius of the first water, and quite possibly the world’s greatest living scholar.” 

However, Oliver resigned from the JBS after a major controversy erupted over anti-semitic comments he made during a speech at the annual New England Rally For God, Family, and Country in 1966.

In his resignation letter addressed to Robert Welch, Oliver declared:

I tried to prevent the arbitrary expulsion of loyal members of the Society and the publication of confusing or contradictory statements concerning the Society’s position on various issues…I now learn that you are not, in fact, head of the John Birch Society.  I have ascertained that you are subject to the secret committee composed of Messrs. Blumenfeld, Kogan, Greener, and Solomon whose orders you must and do obey…I have written this letter in pain and anguish of heart.  Whatever the causes that brought you to your present plight, I pity you.  You have betrayed the great and noble Society that you founded. In deep sorrow, I bid you farewell.”

Wilmot Robertson (the pseudonym used by Humphrey Ireland)

Robertson” owned and operated Howard Allen Enterprises which was established in 1972 as distributor of white supremacist literature.

Robertson believed that “the essence of history is the rise and fall of races (Robertson, The Dispossessed Majority, 1972, p. 535) and in the grand design of evolution, one race will ultimately survive to give birth to “a new species, the better-than-man.”

According to Robertson. the race best equipped for superior achievements is Northern European but, the “American Majority” was dispossessed by the Jews who have taken control of American culture. (p. 536).

In his 1992 book, Ethnostate, Robertson argued that the Northern and Western European elements of our population had lost any chance of recapturing America.  Therefore, he proposed small ethnically unified “ethnostates.”(Robertson, 1992, pp. ix-x).

Eustace Mullins

Mullins has a very long career in the extreme right movement in the United States and he frequently was involved with neo-nazi individuals and organizations. He claims to have worked for Sen. Joseph McCarthy as a researcher.

In 1955 he wrote an article entitled “Jews Mass Poison American Children” in which he claimed that "The polio vaccine, invented by Jonas Salk, a Jew, is a poison because it contains live polio germs." [Eustace Mullins, Women’s Voice, June 1955, page 11]. Many of Mullins’ writings depict Jews as parasites, living off their gentile hosts.

In May 1955, Gerald L.K. Smith offered to pay Mullins $50 to review the aformentioned book “Iron Curtain Over America” by John O. Beaty.  Smith instructed Mullins to mark the most damning paragraphs concerning the Jewish conspiracy contained in the book.”

In December 1955 letters to Gerald L.K. Smith, Mullins wrote that Elizabeth Dilling was the source for allegations circulating within the “patriot movement” that Mullins was a notorious ex-convict convicted of many sex crimes against children.” [12/15/55 Mullins letter to GLKS.]

In February 1966, Donald Gray, (the John Birch Society's Wholesale Book Division Business Manager) sent a memo to all American Opinion Bookstores.  The purpose of the memo was to identify the type of material that should NOT be sold in, or recommended by, JBS bookstores.

Gray described such verboten material as:

"...most of the books and pamphlets with an anti-Semitic flavor  which we omit from our booklist (that) are not of sufficient value in substance or scholarship to rise above the level of anti-Semitic invective or propaganda.  Frankly, in our opinion, this applies to most of the books or pamphlets by Marilyn Allen, Richard Cotten, Myron Fagan, Kenneth Goff, Wickliffe Vennard, Eustace Mullins, Gerald L.K. Smith, Robert H. Williams, and Benjamin Freedman."  

Mullins and Conde McGinley’s newspaper – Common Sense

Mullins was a frequent contributor to Conde McGinley’s anti-semitic newspaper, Common Sense.  In a 7/1/54 article in that paper, Mullins claimed that the historic 1954 Supreme Court decision outlawing segregation was the product of a Communist Internationale directive to the Communist Party USA to use the civil rights issue to destroy America. 

Mullins claimed that a document proving this, was seized by a “government agent” during the August 22, 1922 raid on the Bridgeman, Michigan Convention of the Communist Party. According to Mullins the document is in the files of the FBI today but the Director is under strict orders not to reveal (it) at any cost because it would brand the Supreme Court as a front or agent of the Communist International.”   FBI memos on this matter reveal that no such document could be found in FBI files.

The House Committee on Un-American Activities described Conde McGinley's "Common Sense" newspaper as "almost exclusively a vehicle for the exploitation of ignorance, prejudice and fear" and as  "a clearinghouse for hate propaganda throughout the country."

See the HCUA report (link previously provided above) for the following observations about McGinley and his newspaper:

Pages 11-12:

Beginning in 1948, however, Common Sense became increasingly outspoken in its statements of a pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic nature. It was soon almost exclusively a vehicle for the exploitation of ignorance, prejudice, and fear. The paper devoted considerable space in 1948 to the support of the late Robert H. Best, American newsman who was convicted of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment in that year as a result of his broadcasts for the Nazis in World War II. A eulogy of Best appearing in Common Sense for December 15, 1952, described him as a ‘patriot,’ ‘Paul Revere,’ and ‘true Christian American.’ “


Page 15:

Conde McGinley, Sr., has maintained a particularly cooperative relationship with two disseminators of anti-Semitic literature from Chicago: Mrs. Elizabeth Dilling and Mrs. Lyrl Clark Van Hyning.  Mrs. Dilling’s writings have been circulating since the 1930’s. Mrs. Van Hyning is the head of an organization known as We, The Mothers, Mobilize For America, Inc., and is editor of the publication, Women’s Voice

A number of individuals notorious for their efforts to create a nationwide fascist organization in the United States in the 1930’s are also propagandizing again through Common Sense. McGinley has printed articles and letters from Gen. George Van Horn Moseley (Ret.), Col. Eugene N. Sanctuary, and Charles B. Hudson. He has advertised for sale a new book by Robert Edward Edmondson. The Special Committee on Un-American Activities reported in 1940 that General Moseley was being seriously considered as a national leader of an attempted union of fascist and hate groups in the United States until the plans were exposed and Moseley was called as a witness before the committee. The special committee named Sanctuary, Hudson, and Edmondson as being among the individuals who took part in this unsuccessful attempt to create a united fascist movement.” 

Mullins was Chairman of the “Free Ezra Pound Committee” which was formed to work for the release of poet Ezra Pound who was locked up in St. Elizabeth’s Mental Hospital in Washington DC.  Pound made pro-Axis radio broadcasts in Italy during World War II.

Associated with Mullins in this Committee were Matt Koehl Jr. (Secretary) and lawyer Edward Fleckenstein.  Koehl and Mullins also were active together in Realpolitical Institute (Chicago) and National Renaissance Party (New York).  More details below.

Koehl claims that he became a Hitler admirer while in high school. After joining the American Nazi Party (ANP) in 1960, he became head of its Chicago unit. He served as a  “Commander” within the ANP and then became National Secretary in 1963. He succeeded George Lincoln Rockwell as head of the Party after Rockwell was assassinated in August 1967.

In a 12/27/51 letter-to-the-editor of Women’s Voice, Mullins identified himself as Director of the Aryan League of America in Staunton VA.  In his letter, Mullins wrote:

I hope our citizens will awaken to the fact that the international Jewish conspiracy against the white race is our real danger.  Communism is a threat to America because of the thousands of Jewish agents working for it in this country.” 

Mullins and James Madole / National Renaissance Party

Mullins was also closely associated with James Madole of the National Renaissance Party and in October 1952, the NRP Bulletin published Mullins’ article entitled, Hitler: An Appreciation which may be seen as Exhibit 4 (page 27) of the House Committee on Un-American Activities Report entitled Preliminary Report on Neo-Fascist and Hate Groups– here: 

Note the HCUA characterization of National Renaissance Party as "avowed fascist."

Also see page 5 for HCUA characterization of NRP:

“NRP propaganda contains extensive rehashes of Hitler’s speeches. Typical are National Renaissance Bulletin articles, ‘Adolf Hitler Explains Nazi Anti-Semitism,’ appearing in the February 1953 issue, and ‘Adolf Hitler, the George Washington of Europe,’ which appeared in the issue of May 1953.  NRP’s own leaders imitate the Hitler line. Eustace Mullins, who has joined Madole in his street-corner propagandizing, is the contributor of an article entitled ‘Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation,’ in the Bulletin of October 1952. John M. Lundoff, Brooklyn  chairman of the NRP, extolled the features of the Fascist corporate state in the April 1952 Bulletin and asked the youth of America to choose between ‘parliamentary democracy with its empty promises and discord or the clear, brave, and youthful Fascist principles outlined here.’ “

The January-February 1972 issue of the NRP Bulletin contained an article entitled "First Racial Government"which explained the type of individuals they anticipated appealing to and, consequently, why someone with Mullins’ political or ideological convictions might be interested in associating himself with them:

"The NRP collaborated with its political allies, the Ku Klux Klan and White Action Movement, in celebrating the birthday of Adolf Hitler, founder of National Socialism and creator of the first historically-recorded government whose policies were based exclusively on RACIAL considerations."

Also see page 14 of the HCUA Report for the following comment on Mullins:

"Information in the possession of the Committee reveals a significant interchangeability of propagandists working for the allegedly patriotic Common Sense and the avowed fascist National Renaissance Party.

A good example is provided by Eustace Mullins, who frankly eulogizes Hitler in the pages of the National Renaissance Party's Bulletin and who has been observed at an NRP street session in New York City last year. Articles written by Mullins have been appearing in Common Sense since at least September 1951 and, last year, he became a writer on the staff of Common Sense."

In a July/August 1955 Women’s Voice article by Mullins entitled “International Finance”,  Mullins made the following observations:

Page 11:

There is no ism or international organization which is not controlled directly or indirectly by international bankers. Communism is the most useful puppet of international finance today. Completely financed by the Rothschild bankers through the New York banking house of Kuhn Loeb of New York and Max Warburg Co of Germany, alien agents of international finance overthrew the legal government of Russia in 1917. Now international finance has divided the world into two parts, the democratic world and the Communist world, with the usual expectation of colliding the two forces in a highly profitable slaughter.”  …

“Now international finance faces two alternatives: 1. to start the Third World War between ‘democratic’ and ‘Communist’ nations, a war which cannot help but use atomic weapons in such quantity as to destroy most of our civilization. 2. to declare an immediate world dictatorship and execute all opponents of international finance.

“The peoples of the earth have no alternative.  They must execute the two hundred members of international finance or civilization will perish from the earth.”  [Emphasis in original]

The March 1956 issue of Women’s Voice, page 12, reprints a letter by Mullins addressed to “Tax Collectors”: 

“The sinister Jews behind Communism, for whom Dwight D. Eisenhower is only a pathetic puppet, a posturing figure roiled with its own vanity, may begin to realize that they have run their course upon this earth.  They have seized power over men and are stupid enough to think that they can challenge the power of God.”

The FBI described the NRP as follows:

 The rabidly anti-Semitic, anti-Negro, neo-Nazi National Renaissance Party (NRP), founded in 1949, is one of the oldest white extremist groups in the United States.  It is the creation and one-man enterprise of James H. Madole, its National Director.  The Nazi ideology of Adolf Hitler has had an enormous influence on Madole and the NRP.  Madole has hailed Hitler as ‘the George Washington of Europe’ and called Germany ‘the gem of Europe’ ”  [FBI monograph, White Extremist Organizations, part V; FBI HQ file 100-10092, serial #442, July 1970, page ii] 

Origins of the National Renaissance Party

In 1949, Madole launched his NRP, composed mostly of elements from the defunct, anti-Semitic Christian Front and such old pro-Nazi organizations as the German-American Bund, the Citizens Protective League and the Nationalist Action League.”  [Ibid, page 1]

Mullins and The Realpolitical Institute

Realpolitical Institute was founded in Chicago circa November 1954 by Maynard Orlando Nelsen.  In 1947, Nelsen was a leader of something called the Democratic Nationalist Party. G-2 (Army Intelligence), 5th Army HQ in Chicago, reported that its investigation into Nelsen disclosed his "pro-fascist activities in the past".

In 1955, the officers of Realpolitical Institute (RI) were:

Director = Eustace C. Mullins

Manager = Max Nelsen

Supervisor = Edward Fields

Leader = Matt Koehl

The FBI described RI as anticommunist, anti-semitic, and pro white race.  It appears to be directed by one individual with no membership and its principal activity is the publication of anti-semitic and pro white race documents.”  [FBI HQ file 105-57266, serial #3, 3/4/57]

In January 1957, Realpolitical Institute published a flyer in memo format which contained the following self-description of its purposes:

"To: White American Citizens

Re:  Disloyal Jewish Consensus

Subject: Whiteman Survival

"The Realpolitical Institute is dedicated to the racial survival of the Whiteman, both here in our United States of North America and throughout the world."


Mullins and the National States Rights Party

The October 1967 issue of the NSRP's newspaper, The Thunderbolt, contains a letter-to-the-editor from Eustace Mullins recommending membership in NSRP.


FBI description of NSRP:

“The NSRP is based on racism and bigotry, with blacks and Jews as its main hate targets.  Blacks are regarded as inferior and polluting the white race, while Jews are equated with Communists, subverting the Government, and aiding the blacks…The dominant figures in the NSRP during its entire existence have been Edward Reed Fields, its National Director, and Jesse Benjamin Stoner, its National Chairman.  Both have lengthy backgrounds of hatemongering…Close relations exist between the NSRP and other white extremist groups, particularly Klan organizations…The tenets and purpose of the NSRP are strikingly similar to those of Klan organizations…The membership consists of fanatical segregationists, rabid anti-Semites, and members and former members of Klan organizations.”  [FBI monograph, White Extremist OrganizationsPart II, May 1970, pages 1-2.]

“Fields served in the U.S. Naval Reserve for five months in 1951 but was discharged because of unsuitability.  The following year, his draft board found him unfit for military service after he was diagnosed as a paranoic personality, almost totally insane.” …  [Ibid page 4]

In his mid-teens, Stoner became friendly with a German-born neighbor who apparently imbued him with a fanatical hatred of the Jews and a strong sympathy for Nazi Germany.  His obsessive animosity toward the Jews has convinced him that they should be exterminated by any means necessary.  He once remarked that ‘Hitler was too moderate’ in his treatment of the Jews.”  [Ibid, page 5]

Edward R. Fields and J. B. Stoner

Edward Fields and J.B Stoner organized the Christian Anti-Jewish Party (CAJP) in 1945.  The party slogan was "Free America From the Jews!"  During an interview, J.B. Stoner told an Atlanta GA Journal-Constitution reporter on July 5, 1946 that Hitler had been too moderate and the goal of the CAJP was "to make being a Jew a crime punishable by death."  

In 1959, Stoner changed the name of the CAJP to the Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and he appointed himself Imperial Wizard.  Edward Fields was also Grand Dragon of The New Order, Knights of the KKK.

After J.B. Stoner's unsuccessful 1972 campaign for the U.S. Senate, Fields wrote in a "Personal News Letter" to the NSRP membership that while "everyone knew we could not win…our main goal was to reach the public with our messageand Fields boasted that the NSRP had "held to our open and clear-cut message of White Racism and Anti-Jewism."

The July 1972 issue of the NSRP newspaper, The Thunderbolt, contains an article entitled "The Enemy Within" which blames “Jews” for virtually every problem besetting American society.  It then offered its solution to the "Jewish problem":

"What is required?  Every Jew who holds a position of power or authority must be removed from that position.  If this does not work, then we must establish the Final Solution!!!"

John G. Crommelin

 James W. von Brunn dedicated his 1999 bookKill The Best Gentiles, to Rear Admiral John G. Crommelin:

“Dedication In Memory of: REAR ADMIRAL JOHN G. CROMMELIN, USN.

Now, there was a man!”

The FBI described Crommelin as “viciously anti-Semitic and anti-Negro [FBI HQ file 62-91575, serial #17, 10/24/58 memo from SAC Mobile to J. Edgar Hoover.] 

Hoover handwrote a comment on the memo which characterized Crommelin as “a hate-monger” and, later, on another memo Hoover handwrote:  We shouldn’t have anything to do with this screwball Crommelin.” [FBI HQ file 62-91575, serial #30, 1/9/59 memo from G.A. Nease to Associate Director Tolson.]

In 1957, retired Rear Admiral John Crommelin wrote a letter to all “Alabama Circuit Court Judges and Editors of Weekly newspapers” which declared:

Pearl Harbor! Little Rock!  The Communist-Jewish conspiracy or ‘Invisible Government’ of the United States dictates the use of federal bayonets to force commingling of white and colored children.  The basic reason for this tragedy is the appalling lack of real information available to the average American citizens concerning the operation of the Communist-Jewish conspiracy and its component elements such as NAACP, the American Jewish Committee, and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith.”   Crommelin then recommended literature published by Conde McGinley and Gerald L.K. Smith. [FBI HQ file 62-91575, #14, 11/1/57 Crommelin letter.]

During 1959 and 1960 both Eustace Mullins and Matt Koehl volunteered to assist Crommelin with his campaign for Vice President. Mullins and Koehl lived in the basement of Crommelin’s Wetumpka AL farmhouse until Crommelin discovered their homosexual activities.

William Pierce

In 1965, Pierce quit the John Birch Society and joined the American Nazi Party.  He became editor of a neo-nazi quarterly magazine, National Socialist World After George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated, Pierce became Ideological Officer for the National Socialist White People’s Party (previously known as American Nazi Party). 

In 1970, Pierce departed the NSWPP and affiliated himself with the National Youth Alliance, which originated as a Willis Carto enterprise. Pierce gained control of it and renamed it, in 1974, as National Alliance. It was populated in large measure by former members of the American Nazi Party. 

Pierce is perhaps best known for his 1978 book, The Turner Diaries, which depicts the violent overthrow of the “Jew-controlled” U.S. government.  The book has served as an inspiration for various right-wing extremists who grasped, admired, and attempted to implement its message --- including Timothy McVeigh (1995 Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing) and Robert J. Mathews (whose group, The Order, was patterned upon the white revolutionary groups in Turner Diaries.)

The Order was responsible for a crime spree in 1983-1984 which included counterfeiting, bank and armored car robberies, bombing a synagogue, and murder – all in the service of their anti-semitic, racist ideology.

It should be noted that some of the major participants in The Order were introduced to conspiracy theories about U.S. history through their membership in the John Birch Society – e.g. Robert Mathews and David Lane.  Mathews also joined William Pierce’s group, National Alliance.

More details about the history of The Order may be seen here starting on page 133:   

and at

Also listen to speech by Robert Mathews (A Call To Arms) to a meeting of William Pierce’s National Alliance here:

James W. von Brunn “Acknowledgement” section from his 1999 book, Kill The Best Gentiles:


More than anything else this book is a compilation of research data, ideas, and writings of men and women whom I admire, whose words have inspired me, and from whose writings I have liberally borrowed. I have attempted to acknowledge and credit my sources throughout this work. Special acknowledgement must be given to Oswald Spengler, Francis Parker Yockey, Wilmot Robertson, Revilo Oliver, and William Gayley Simpson. However, they should not be held accountable for the conclusion arrived at in my manuscript. In that sense the MS is my responsibility alone — as are its failures.

 Francis Parker Yockey

In 1939, Yockey was a speaker at a Silver Shirt Legion of America meeting near Chicago. 

The leader of the Silver Shirts, William Dudley Pelley, was arrested in April 1942 and indicted in May for violation of the Espionage Act.  He was convicted and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.  In 1944, he was again indicted on practically identical charges.  In November 1950, the Silver Shirt Legion was listed as a fascist group on the Attorney General’s List of Totalitarian, Fascist, Communist, Subversive and Other Organizations”

From May to September 1942, Yockey served in the U.S. Army but after being classified as a deserter, he surrendered in November 1942 and was discharged 7/13/43 by reason of “dementia praecox, paranoid type.”

In February 1943, he was listed as “subversive” and as a suspected Nazi by the US Army 6th Service Command [FBI Chicago file 100-25647, serial #1, 12/13/51 summary memo.]

Yockey’s 1948 book, Imperium, was dedicated to Adolf Hitler, and it was reprinted in the 1960’s by Willis Carto’s Noontide Press.

Von Brunn Themes

Another indication that Van Brunn’s ideology was informed by extreme right premises and conclusions, can be ascertained from

(1)    the disdain and contempt he expresses toward all left-wing politicians and

(2)    from his frequent references to “Illuminati” control of our society such as his description of President Lyndon Johnson as “a clod totally controlled by the Illuminati” and his reference to Illuminati “strategy [which] was to hitch America’s resources, wealth and manpower to Jewish aspirations” and

(3)    his attacks upon the Federal Reserve System in anti-semitic terms and his effusive praise of politicians such as Cong. Louis T. McFadden [1876-1936] who is well known for his anti-semitic beliefs, his praise of Hitler’s policies, and his attacks upon the Federal Reserve which included his assertion that Wall Street bankers financed the Bolshevik Revolution through the Federal Reserve banks

Again, this type of thinking is exclusively the product of extreme right-wing ideology and these arguments were disseminated through channels used exclusively by adherents of extreme right-wing ideology.