Historians and political scientists have just scratched the surface of the enormous historical archive which FBI files represent.  For example, the Bureau collected huge amounts of “public source” materials such as newspaper and magazine articles, corporate articles of incorporation, legislative committee hearings and reports, transcripts of radio/TV programs, press releases, and perhaps most significantly, copies of newsletters, booklets, pamphlets, flyers and other ephemera produced by individuals and organizations whose history is now a dim memory or non-existent in our libraries.

I often receive inquiries concerning what Freedom-of-Information-Act requests I have submitted to the FBI (and other agencies) over the past 37 years.  Altogether, I have sent more than 10,000 requests to the FBI. 

Sometimes I have been too late – because files or documents had already been destroyed.  Surprisingly, the Bureau often has informed me that it has been “unable to locate” files I had requested (including some major shockers – such as the New York field file on American Civil Liberties Union).  In many other cases, the FBI is rapidly transferring HQ and field office files to the National Archives.

To give everyone a sense of the subject matters I have pursued, I am copying below an extensive list of persons, organizations, and publications which have been the subject of my FOIA requests.  

In most cases, I have received documents or entire files on these subject matters but processing of some of the requests shown below are still pending – particularly the largest files (over 10,000 pages) – which will take quite some time to complete.  In some cases, the Bureau has been unable to locate a file in its normal location – so my request has been administratively closed. 

Very often I have been informed by the FBI that I am the first (and only) person to request and receive FBI files and documents on the subjects I inquire about.  I also have discovered that many of the files which I obtained during the 1980's and 1990’s have now been destroyed, or, in some cases, transferred to NARA. 



For those who are interested, there is a 253-page pdf document which is a summary of all my FOIA requests up to 2007 which I submitted to FBI HQ and to FBI field offices on many hundreds of subject matters (individuals, organizations, publications, filmstrips, plus requests for specific file numbers and serials).   That pdf document is located at link below:

All of the files/documents that were released to me by the FBI prior to approximately 2010 were released as paper documents -- and those are now located at an Internet Archive warehouse in Richmond CA.  

However, the University of California-Berkeley, Center For Right Wing Studies is currently working on a project which converts my paper FBI files into PDF documents so that I can then share them online on Internet Archive website (see links below).
IF YOU would like to help preserve my collection of paper FBI files, please see my GoFundMe page (link below) 
My GoFundMe campaign to save paper FBI files and convert them to PDF so that they can be shared online:   SAVE FBI RECORDS

Since 2007, I have submitted several hundred additional FOIA requests and I will add new releases to the second Archive webpage link above as they are released to me.


1976 Committee (JBS; William J. Grede, Ben Moreell – WI and MI)

A Choice Not An Echo (Phyllis Schlafly)

A Guide To Anti-Communist Action (Anthony T. Bouscaren)

ABA Committee on Communist Tactics, Strategy and Objectives

ABA Special Committee on Education Against Communism

Abbott, Beatrice (The Patriot—Melrose MA)

Acheson, Dean (U.S. Secretary of State)

Adams, Donald A. (FBI Special Agent)

Adams, Kenneth Lamar (National States Rights Party – Anniston AL)

Adams, Sherman A. (Cong. – NH)

Adamson Jr., Nathaniel Edward (JBS National Council)

Adamson, Lee J. (JBS)

Agnew, Samuel Jay (aka S.J. Agnew) (JBS National Council)

Ainsworth, Kathryn Madlyn aka Kathryn M. Capomacchia

Air Reserve Manual aka Air Force Manual aka Air Reserve Center Training Manual

Alabama State Sovereignty Commission

Alaska Mental Health Act

Alderman, Garland Leo (National Workers League—Detroit MI)

Alert America Committee

Alert Americans Association (Los Angeles CA)

Alesen, Lewis Albert (M.D.)  (JBS)

Alexander, Holmes

Alford, Thomas Dale (Cong – AR) (Committee To Restore The Constitution)

Alger, Bruce Reynolds (Cong. - TX)

All America Must Know The Terror That Is Upon Us  (Revilo P. Oliver)

All American Conference To Combat Communism (Rev. Daniel A. Poling, Philadephia PA)

Alleged Communists in the State Department (FBI HQ file 121-23278)

Allen, Frederick Garfield aka Gary Allen (JBS)

Allen, Henry D. (American White Guard—Los Angeles CA)

Allen, Marilyn R.  (Pro-American Vigilantes—Salt Lake City UT)

Alliance, Inc.  (Archibald B. Roosevelt / Zgmund Dobbs -- NYC)

Almond, Edward Mallory (Lt. Gen. - USA)

Alpha 66/SNFE (Anti-Castro organization -- Miami FL, New York City, Los Angeles)

Alumbaugh, Edward C. (American Rangers,  The Spider – Macon GA)

America Faces World Communism (Anthony T. Bouscaren)

America First Committee  (Robert E. Wood—Chicago IL)

America First Party

America In Danger (newsletter – Charles B. Hudson – Omaha NE)

America Plus, Inc. (Jack B. Tenney—Los Angeles CA)

America Preferred (newsletter -- Carl H. Mote)

America’s Future Inc. (Rosalie M. Gordon – New Rochelle NY)

America’s Promise Ministries (Sheldon Emry, Dave Barley – Phoenix AZ and Sandpoint ID)

America’s Unelected Rulers (Kent and Phoebe Courtney – Conservative Society of America)

American Action, Inc.  (Edward A. Hayes – Chicago IL)

American Action Council (Leona Scannell - Chicago IL;  Christian Voice)

American Adviser (newsletter – Glenn O. Young -- Sapulpa OK)

American Anti-Communist League (Gerald L.K. Smith – St. Louis MO)

American Association for the United Nations, Inc. (Clark Eichelberger)

American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (IL)

American Bar Association

American Business Consultants  (John G. Keenan, Ted Kirkpatrick, Kenneth Brierly—NYC)

American Capsule News  (Morris A. Beale--WDC)

American Center For Education (Hurst Amyx)

American Civil Liberties Union (Roger N. Baldwin, Patrick M. Malin, Morris Ernst)

American Coalition of Patriotic Societies (John B. Trevor , Walter S. Steele – WDC)

American Commentator (newsletter -- Stephen Nenoff —Cedar City UT)

American Committee For The Advancement of Western Culture (H. Keith Thompson Jr.)

American Committee to Free Cuba, Inc. (Tirso Del Junco -- Arcadia CA)

American Communism (James O’Neal)

American Communism and Soviet Russia (Theodore H. Draper)

American Communism in Crisis 1943-1957 (James Starobin)

American Communist Party, The (Irving Howe and Lewis Coser)

American Communists In The United Nations (1960 film narrated by Dan Smoot)

American Conservative Party (Floyd G. Kitchen – St. Louis MO)

American Conservative Union (Donald Bruce, John M. Ashbrook – WDC)

American Council of Christian Laymen (Verne Kaub – Madison WI)

American Defense Society, Inc. (Richard M. Whitney – NYC)

American Eagle Publishing Company (Robert A. Surrey, Edwin A. Walker – Dallas TX)

American Factfinding Committee (Bernard Weissman, Joseph Grinnan, Larrie Schmidt – Dallas TX)

American Flag Committee (William H. MacFarland Jr. – Philadelphia PA)

American Friends of Katanga

American Gentile Protective Association (Lois Washburn—Seattle WA)

American Heritage Protective Committee (Austin F. Hancock – San Antonio TX)

American Human Society (William B. Wernecke)

American Independent Party (William K. Shearer, John G. Schmitz – Lemon Grove CA)

American Jewish Committee

American Jewish Congress

American Jewish League Against Communism, Inc. (Rabbi Max J. Meritt; Alfred Kohlberg--NYC)

American Justice Foundation (Linda Thompson – Indianapolis IN)

American League of Christian Women (Mrs. Leslie Fry – Glendale CA)

American Legion

American Legion Contact Program (FBI HQ 66-9330)

American Legion National Americanism Commission – Firing Line newsletter

American Media, Inc (G. Edward Griffin – Westlake Village CA)

American Mercury – magazine (Russell Maguire, John A. Clements, Harold Lord Varney – NY and KS)

American National Party (John Patler / Daniel Burros -- NYC)

American Nationalism – newsletter – (Newton Jenkins, Chicago IL)

American Nationalist – newsletter (Frank L. Britton – Inglewood CA)

American Nationalist Confederation (George E. Deatherage – St. Albans WV)

American Nationalist Party (John Patler, Daniel Burros – NYC)

American Nazi Party (ANP) aka National Socialist White People’s Party (NSWPP) – Arlington VA

American Negro in the Communist Party, The  (1954 HUAC publication)

American Opinion – magazine fka One Man’s Opinion (Robert Welch – Belmont MA)

American Opinion Bookstores (JBS)

American Opinion Speakers Bureau (JBS)

American Party  (T. Coleman Andrews. Alexander Hudgins, Thomas J. Anderson) – TN and VA

American Patriots, Inc. (A. Alderson Zoll, A. Cloyd Gill – NYC and Greenwich CT)

American Patriot (newsletter – American Patriots, Inc. – Hall McAllister Griffiths – Philadelphia PA)

American Progress Foundation aka National Council For Economic Freedom (Willis E. Stone – Los Angeles)

American Protestant Defense League

American Public Relations Forum, Inc. (Stephanie Williams – Burbank CA)

American Review

American Review Bookshop (Conrad K. Grieb)

American Royal Rangers (Edwin A. Walker – Bossier City LA)

American Security Council fka Mid-America Research Library (John M. Fisher, Jack E. Ison, W. Cleon Skousen)

American States Rights Association (William H. Hoover and Olin H. Horton – Birmingham AL)

American States’ Rights Party (Jerry Dutton, James R. McDaniels – Birmingham AL)

American Statesman (newsletter -- J. Bracken Lee – Salt Lake City UT)

American Strategy, Inc. (Gunther E. Hartel -- NY)

American Ultras (Irwin Suall)

American Vigilant Intelligence Federation (Harry A. Jung – Chicago IL)

American Vigilante Bulletin (Robert E. Edmondson – NYC)

American Volunteer Groups  (Timothy John Zemanek, Robert Muncaster, Medrick G. Johnson—CA, AL, TX)

American Way Features, Inc.

American Women Against Communism, Inc. (Marguerite Morrison – NYC)

Americanism Educational League (John R. Lechner – Buena Park CA)

Americans For America (Wickliffe Vennard—Seattle WA)

Americans For Conservative Action

Americans For Constitutional Action (Adm. Ben Moreell, Kenneth W. Ingwalson -- WDC)

Americans For Constitutional Government and Law (Eureka Springs AR)

Americans For Democratic Action (Walter Reuther, Hubert Humphrey, Arthur Schlesinger Jr – WDC)

Americans For Freedom (Frank W. Ketcham—Santa Barbara CA)

Americans For The Preservation of the White Race, Inc. (Sidney E. Haney, Delmar Dennis, Sam Bowers -- Jackson  and Natchez, MS)

Americans on Guard  (newsletter -- A.J. McDonald, Frank Martinez – Costa Mesa CA)

Amyx, Hurst (American Center For Education – Tucson AZ)

Anarchy USA (1965 75-minute JBS filmstrip shown 10,000 times by 1971)

Anderson, E.L. (see Willis Carto)

Anderson, Jack  (Political columnist associated with Drew Pearson)

Anderson, Thomas Jefferson (American Party Presidential candidate 1976; JBS – Pigeon Forge TN)

Andrews, T. Coleman (JBS National Council, Patrick Henry Group – Richmond VA)

Anglo-Saxon Christian Congregations, Inc. (Wesley A. Swift, Bertrand Comparet – Los Angeles CA)

Anglo-Saxon Christian Crusade, Inc.

Anglo-Saxon Federation of America (Howard B. Rand—Haverhill MA; William J. Cameron)

Anti Anti-Communism

Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations

Anti-Castro Activities (FBI-Los Angeles 105-6516)

Anti-Communist Activities (FBI HQ file)

Anti-Communist Advisory Committee (Edward Hunter)

Anti-Communist Amateur Radio Network aka ACARN  (Fred E. Huntley—Berkeley CA)

Anti-Communist Christian Association

Anti-Communist Confederation of Polish Freedom Fighters in the USA, Inc. (Jozef Mlot-Mroz—Salem MA)

Anti-Communist Freedom Fighters (Spokane WA)

Anti-Communist League of America (John K. Crippen and A. Cloyd Gill—Park Ridge IL)

Anti-Communist Liaison Committee of Correspondence  (Edward Hunter—Arlington VA)

Anti-Communist Voters League (Donald Jackson CA)

Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL)

Anti-Negro and Anti-Semitic Publications (FBI HQ file 66-6200, sub 105)


App, Austin Joseph (JBS, holocaust revisionist – Philadelphia PA)

Appeals of Communism (Gabriel Almond)

Appeasement: Road to War (William H. Chamberlin)

Appell, Donald T. (FBI Agent, then Chief Investigator, House Committee on Un-American Activities)

Appendix IX( (HUAC – 7 volumes compilation of names from HUAC testimony)

Arab Participation in Distribution of Hate Literature in the United States (1959 FBI file)

Arens, Richard  (Staff Director, House Committee on Un-American Activities)

Arizona Patriots (Ty Hardin, Jack M. Oliphant—Prescott AZ)

Arizona Sons of Liberty (Robert J. Mathews)

Arizonans For America (Frank C. Brophy—Phoenix AZ)

Armstrong Jr., George W.

Armstrong Sr., George W. (Texas Educational Association; Judge Armstrong Foundation—Ft. Worth TX)

Army Intelligence – G-2 (San Francisco 66-3182)

Arrowsmith Jr., Harold Noel (Financial supporter George L. Rockwell/American Nazi Party—Baltimore MD)

Aryan Nations (Richard G. Butler, Neuman Britton – Hayden Lake ID)

Aryan Republican Army aka Midwest Bank Robbers (Michael Brescia, Peter Langan, Richard Guthrie)

Ascoli, Max

Ashbrook, John Milan (Cong. – OH) (American Conservative Union)

Asher, Courtland Madison aka Court Asher (X-Ray newsletter, Muncie IN)

Asman, Lorence (Christian Youth For America, Christian Veterans of America – Detroit MI)

Associated Farmers of California

Associated Klans of America (Sam W. Roper – Atlanta GA)

Association For Freedom of Choice, Inc. (James Kernodle, Thurman L. McCormick—Kansas City MO)

Association For Segregation and State Rights, Inc.  (Thurman L. McCormick – Kansas City MO)

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. (George J. Hess – Chicago IL)

Association of Christian Conservatives (Mary D Cain, Elmore D. Greaves –  Jackson MS)

Association of Citizens’ Councils of America (Roy V. Harris – Jackson MS)

Association of Citizens’ Councils of Louisiana (Willie Rainach, John S. Garrett -- Homer  LA)

Association of Citizens’ Councils of Mississippi (Robert B. Patterson, William J. Simmons (Greenwood MS)

Attack! (newsletter – National Youth Alliance, Louis T. Byers, Carey J, Winters – WDC)

Attorney General’s List of Totalitarian, Fascist, Communist, Subversive & Other Organizations (12/47 – 1955)

Augusta (GA) Courier – (weekly newspaper -- Roy V. Harris – Augusta GA)

Austin Anti-Communist League (Austin TX)

Australian League of Rights (Eric Dudley Butler – Melbourne Australia – JBS)

Awakener, The (newsletter – Harold Lord Varney, Joseph P. Kamp, Lawrence Dennis – NYC)

Aware, Inc. (Godfrey P. Schmidt, Vincent W. Hartnett – NYC)

Baarslag, Karl Herman William (American Legion Research Director, Editor, Firing Line – WDC and TX)

Baldwin, Catherine Palfrey (Women For The U.S.A., Defenders of the Constitution of USA – NYC)

Baldwin, Roger Nash (American Civil Liberties Union – NYC)

Bales, James D. (Harding College – National Education Program – Searcy AR)

Bang-Jensen, Povl (Danish diplomat and UN diplomat)

Banister, William Guy aka Guy Banister (Guy Banister Associates, JBS,– New Orleans LA)

BAPBOMB-Meeting of Right Wing Groups, Indianapolis, Indiana 10/18-20/63, Racial Matters (FBI file)

Barnes, Joseph Fels

Barnett, Frank R.

Barnett, Ross Robert (Gov. – MS – Jackson MS)

Barr Sr., John U. (Southern States Industrial Council; Federation For Constitutional Govt – New Orleans LA)

Barrett, Richard (Nationalist Movement – Learned MS)

Barron, Bryton (JBS, State Dept Historian – Springfield VA)

Barron, John Daniel (Investigative reporter and author of 1974 book: KGB: Secret Work of Soviet Secret Agents)

Bart, Philip Abraham (National Organizational Secretary, CPUSA -- New York City)

Baruch, Bernard M.

Bass, Charlotta Amanda  (Independent Progressive Party--CA)

Battelle, Fanchon (Long Beach CA – anti-fluoridation activist)

Baxter, John David (Social Republic Society—San Bernardino CA)

Beach, Henry Lamont aka Mike Beach (Posse Comitatus—Portland OR)

Beal, Carlton A. (JBS National Council – Midland TX)

Beale, Thomas William (HUAC – WDC)

Bealle, Morris Allison (American Capsule News – WDC)

Beam Jr., Louis Ray (KKK; 1988 sedition trial – Hayden Lake ID and TX)

Beatty Sr., John Townsend (JBS National Council – Chicago IL)

Beaty, John Owen (Iron Curtain Over America – Dallas TX)

Beauharnais, Joseph (White Circle League of America, Inc. – Chicago IL)

Beckwith, Byron de la

Behind Communism (Frank L. Britton)

Bell, Daniel (Sociologist; author of End of Ideology)

Bell, Don (Closer Ups newsletter – West Palm Beach FL)

Belmont, Alan H. (FBI Assistant Director – Domestic Intelligence Division)

Benson, Ezra Taft (JBS – Salt Lake City UT)

Benson, George Stuart (Harding College, National Education Program – Searcy AR)

Benson, Reed Amussen (JBS – Salt Lake City UT)

Bentley, Elizabeth Terrill  (FBI security informant – New Haven CT)

Betrayal: The Story of Russian Anti-Communism (Peter J. Huxley-Blythe)

Bible Institute of the Air, Inc. (C.W. Burpo—Mesa OK)

Bible Presbyterian Church (Carl McIntire – Collingswood NJ)

Bibliography on the Communist Problem in the United States (Fund For The Republic)

Big Decision, The (Matt Cvetic)

Bilderbergers, The  aka The Bilderberg Group

Binzel Jr., Phillip E. (JBS—Washington Court House OH)

Birch, John Morrison  (Macon GA)

Birch, George Snider (Macon GA)

Birkhead, Leon M. (Friends of Democracy – NYC and Kansas City MO)

Black Book on Red China (Edward Hunter)

Black, Don aka Stephen Donald Black (NSWPP, KKK – West Palm Beach FL)

Black, Hugo L.

Blake, Eugene Carson (National Council of Churches – NYC and PA)

Blazey, Arthur G. (M.D.)  (Congress of Freedom, Constitution Party – Washington IN)

Blessing, William Lester (Showers of Blessings newsletter – Denver CO)

Blumenfeld, Samuel L. (Jewish Society of Americanists, JBS – NYC)

Blue Book of the John Birch Society (Robert Welch – Belmont MA)

Bohlen, Charles E. (U.S. Ambassador to Soviet Union)

Bookmailer, Inc., The (Lyle H. Munson--NYC)

Bombings and Attempted Bombings in Southern Communities (FBI Chicago field file 98-1890)

Bontecou, Eleanor (NY attorney, author of 1953 book, The Federal Loyalty Security Program)

Borger TX News-Herald (J.C. Phillips)

Bouscaren, Anthony Trawick (American Security Council; HUAC consultant -- Syracuse NY)

Bowers Jr., Samuel Holloway (Imperial Wizard, White Knights of the KKK of Mississippi – Jackson MS)

Bowles, Bryant W.  (President, National Association For The Advancement of White People – Houston TX)

Bowles, Chester (Governor and Congressman CT)

Braden, Spruille (JBS National Council – NYC)

Bradford, Melvin Eustace aka M.E. Bradford (Irving TX)

Brady, Thomas Pickens (Judge)  (Association of Citizens’ Councils of MS – Brookhaven MS)

Brainwashing and Senator McCarthy (Joseph Zack Kornfeder)

Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics (Kenneth Goff—Englewood CO)

Brand, Eugene aka Eugen Brand aka Eugene Joseph William Brand

Brasol, Boris (Russian American National Committee – NYC)

Brautigam, George A. (State Attorney, Dade County FL)

Breakthrough (Donald J. Lobsinger—Detroit MI)

Brennan, Charles D. (FBI Assistant Director – Domestic Intelligence Division)

Brennan, William J. (U.S. Supreme Court Justice)

Bricker Amendment

Bricker, John W. (U.S. Senator - OH)

Bridgman Michigan, CPUSA Convention of 8/22/22

Bright, George M. (NSRP, Atlanta Temple Bombing 10/12/58 -- Atlanta GA)

British Israelism aka Anglo Israelism aka Christian Identity (Howard Rand, James Lovell, Wesley Swift)

Britton, Frank Lollar (American Nationalist newsletter – Inglewood CA)

Britton, Neuman Roy (Aryan Nations and National States Rights Party—Escondido and San Bernardino CA)

Broenstrupp, Howard Victor aka Count Victor Cherep Spiridovich (1940’s sedition trial – NYC)

Brooks, Jerry Milton (Minutemen – Los Angeles CA)

Brophy, Frank Cullen (JBS National Council – Phoenix AZ)

Brown, Beatrice (Women United – NYC)

Brown, Catherine Veronica (Crusading Mothers of Philadelphia – Philadelphia PA)

Brown, Elizabeth Churchill

Brown, Irving J. (AFL-CIO; Free Trade Union Commission)

Brown, John Terry (JBS National Council – Racine and Milwaukee WI)

Brown, Julia Clarice (FBI informant; JBS – Cleveland OH and Los Angeles CA)

Brown Sr., Edmund G. (Gov. – CA)

Brownell Jr., Herbert (U.S. Attorney General; FBI HQ 62-98585)

Bruce, Donald Cogley (Cong. – IN) (American Conservative Union; HUAC – Indiana and WDC)

Buckley Jr., William Frank (Editor, National Review magazine – NYC)

Budenz, Louis Francis (former CP member; editor of Daily Worker)

Buffet, Howard Homan (Cong. – NE)  (JBS)

Bunche, Ralph Johnson (UN diplomat – NYC)

Bundy, Edgar C. (Major) (Church League of America – Wheaton IL)

Bunker, Ellsworth  (U.S. diplomat)

Bunker, Laurence Eliot (Col.) (JBS National Council – Wellesley Hills MA)

Burchwell, Ashland Frederick  (Dallas TX)

Burdick, Quentin Northrop (U.S. Senator – ND)

Burdick, Usher L. (Cong. – ND)

Burke, Emory Carney (Columbian Workers Movement; Christian Nationalist Crusade, NSRP – Atlanta GA)

Burnham, James (NYC and Kent CT)

Burns, Hugh M. (Chairman CA Senate Factfinding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities – Sacto CA)

Burpo, Chester W. aka C.W. Burpo (Bible Institute of the Air – Mesa AZ)

Burros, Daniel (National Secretary, American Nazi Party – NYC)

Butler, Edward Scannell (JBS; Free Voice of Latin America; INCA – New Orleans LA)

Butler, Eric Dudley (Australian League of Rights; JBS – Melbourne Australia)

Butler, Richard Girnt  (Aryan Nations, Christian Defense League – Hayden Lake ID and CA)

Butterworth, Wally aka Herbert Wallace Butterworth (KKK – NYC and PA)

Byers, Louis Temple  (JBS, National Youth Alliance—WDC and Pittsburgh PA)

Cain, Harry Pulliam (Subversive Activities Control Board;  U.S. Senator – WA)

Cain, Mary Dawson (Summit MS Sun, Congress of Freedom, We The People! – Summit MS)

Caldwell, Taylor aka Janet Reback (JBS, Congress of Freedom – Buffalo NY)

California Anti-Communist League (Wesley A. Swift—Los Angeles CA)

California Dynasty of Communism (Karl Prussion—Los Altos CA)

California Knights of the Invisible Empire (Wesley A. Swift)

California Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (William V. Fowler—La Crescenta CA)

California League Against Communism (Wesley A. Swift)

California Rangers (William P. Gale—Los Angeles CA)

California Senate Factfinding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities (Sen. Hugh M Burns – Sacto CA)

California Statesman (newsletter, American Independent Party - William K. Shearer – CA)

Californians’ Committee to Combat Communism (Richard G. Butler, John R. Lechner)

Cameron, William J. (Anglo Saxon Federation of America—Detroit MI)

Campaign For the 48 States (Ralph Gwinn, Robert Snowden, Bonner Fellers – Memphis TN)

Campbell, Bryam

Campbell, W. P. (Brig. Gen.)

Canadian Intelligence Service (newsletter -- Ron Gostick – Flesherton ON Canada)

Canadian League of Rights (Patrick Walsh, Ron Gostick – Flesherton ON Canada)

Canwell, Albert Franklyn (Washington State Joint Legislative Committee on Un-American Activities)

Capell, Frank Alphonse  (Herald of Freedom newsletter– Zarephath, NJ))

Capital Citizens Council (Amis Guthridge and Robert E. Brown – Little Rock AR)

Capt, San Jacinto aka S.J. Capt (Christian Defense League, KKK – Los Angeles CA)

Cardinal Mindzsenty Foundation (Mindzsenty Report, Eleanor and Phyllis Schlafly – St. Louis MO)

Carlson, John Roy aka Avedis A. Derounian (Friends of Democracy – NYC)

Caron, L. Don (JBS – Spokane WA)

Carr, William Guy (National Federation of Christian Laymen – Toronto ON Canada)

Carter, Asa Earl (North Alabama Citizens Council; Volunteers For Alabama, KKK – Birmingham AL)

Carto, Willis Allison (Liberty Lobby, Populist Party, Noontide Press, Right – WDC and CA)

Case, Clifford P. (U.S. Senator – NJ)

Cassels, Louis (UPI Religion columnist – Aiken SC)

Catholic Council on Civil Liberties (Lawndale CA)

Cavert, Samuel McCrea  (National Council of Churches--NYC)

Caxton Printers, Ltd. (James H. Gipson Sr – Caldwell ID)

Center For Patriotic Studies (Mineral Bluff GA)

Challenge To Socialism – newsletter – Marjorie O. Shearon – Baltimore MD)

Chamberlain, John (conservative author)

Chambers, Whittaker (NYC)

Chambliss, Robert Edward (KKK – Birmingham AL)

Chance, Frank Gano aka F. Gano Chance (JBS – Centralia MO)

Chavez, Caesar (United Farm Workers – Delano CA)

Chedney Press  (Emmanuel M. Josephson)

Cherep-Spiridovich, Arthur  (Count) (Gentiles Review – NYC)

Cherne, Leo  (Research Institute of America)

Chicago Committee For The Reception of Nationalist Observers

Childs, Jack (FBI informant NY-694-S* inside CPUSA / SOLO counterintelligence operation)

Childs, Morris (FBI informant CG-5824-S* inside CPUSA / SOLO counterintelligence operation)

China Story, The (Freda Utley)

Chisholm, G. Brock aka Brock Chisholm (World Federation of Mental Health; WHO – Canada)

Chodorov, Frank (Foundation For Economic Education; The Freeman – NYC)

Christian American Segregation Association (Wilmington DE)

Christian Anti-Communism Crusade (Fred Schwarz. W.P. Strube—Long Beach CA and Waterloo IA)

Christian Anti-Jewish Party  (Emory C. Burke, Emmett O. Morris, J.B. Stoner, Edward R. Fields—Atlanta GA)

Christian Anti-Red League (Rolland F. Dehmel – Allentown PA)

Christian Citizens Crusade, Inc. (Militant Truth newsletter -- Sherman A. Patterson – Greenville SC)

Christian Beacon (20th Century Reformation Hour-Carl McIntire – Collingswood NJ)

Christian Citizens Crusade Inc. (Sherman A. Patterson – Atlanta GA)

Christian Conservative Churches of America (John Robert Harrell – Louisville IL)

Christian Crusade aka Christian Echoes National Ministry  (Billy James Hargis, Julian Williams – Tulsa OK)

Christian Crusade For Truth (Earl F. Jones – Deming NM)

Christian Defense League (S.J. Capt, William P. Gale, Richard Butler, Wesley Swift – CA)

Christian Economics newsletter (Christian Freedom Foundation -- Howard E. Kershner – NYC and Buena Park CA)

Christian Educational Association  (Common Sense newspaper -- Conde J. McGinley – Union NJ)

Christian Freedom Foundation (Christian Economics newsletter -- Howard E. Kershner – NYC)

Christian Front (John E. Kelly, John F. Cassidy, Rev. Charles Coughlin – NYC and MI)

Christian Identity movement (see British Israelism)

Christian Knights of the Invisible Empire (Wesley Swift, Bertrand Comparet, William Gale—Lancaster CA)

Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (James Colescott / J.B. Stoner)

Christian Mobilizers, Inc. (Joseph E. McWilliams. Louis Hellmond -- NYC)

Christian Nationalist Crusade (Gerald L.K. Smith, Don Lohbeck, Opal Tanner White – MO, MI, CA, AR)

Christian Nationalist Party (Gerald L.K. Smith)

Christian Patriots Crusade (The Revere newsletter -- F.A. Mann—Hinsdale IL)

Christian Patriot Crusader  newsletter – (Gordon Mohr – Bay St Louis MS)

Christian Patriots Defense League (John R. Harrell – Louisville IL)

Christian Research, Inc. (Facts For Action newsletter -- Gerda Koch & Sheldon Emry -- MN and AR)

Christian Vanguard (newsletter of New Christian Crusade Church – James K. Warner – CA and LA)

Christian Veterans of America (Frederick Kister, George Vose – Chicago IL)

Christian Youth Against Communism

Christian Youth Corps (Oren F. Potito)

Christian Youth For America (Kenneth Goff – Englewood CO)

Christianity and Communism Today (John C. Bennett)

Christians, George W. (Crusader White Shirts – Chattanooga TN)

Chronicle of Treason (Francis E. Walter)

Church, Frank Forrester (U.S. Senator – ID)

Church League of America aka National Laymen’s Council of CLA (Edgar C. Bundy—Wheaton IL)

Church of Jesus Christ, Christian – Identity  (Wesley Swift, Richard Butler – Lancaster CA and ID)

Church of Our Christian Heritage aka Church of Israel (Dan Gayman – Schell City MO)

Church of the Creator (Ben Klassen – Otto NC, Lighthouse Point FL, IL)

Cies, William H. (JBS National Council – San Marino CA)

Cinema Educational Guild (Myron C. Fagan—Los Angeles CA)

Circuit Riders, Inc. (Myers G. Lowman, John C. Satterfield – Cincinnati OH)

Citizen, The (magazine of Citizens Councils of America; Richard D. Morphew, Medford Evans – Jackson MS)

Citizens Committee For A Free Cuba (Spruille Braden, Paul D. Bethel – WDC and Miami FL)

Citizens Councils Movement and States Rights Organizations (FBI HQ File 105-34237)

Citizens Councils Movement and States Rights Organizations (FBI New Orleans 105-587)

Citizens Council of Greater Los Angeles (Los Angeles 157-901)

Citizens Council of Greater New Orleans aka Greater New Orleans Citizens Council  (Louis B. Porterie-LA)

Citizens Councils and States Rights Movement (FBI file – HQ and field offices)

Citizens Councils of Louisiana, Inc. (Ned Touchstone – Shreveport and New Orleans 105-619)

Citizens Councils of Alabama (John Whitley, Samuel M. Englehardt Jr, Walter Givhan – Montgomery AL)

Citizens Councils of America (Roy V. Harris, Louis W. Hollis, William J. Simmons – Jackson MS)

Citizens Councils of Georgia (R. Carter Pittman, Ezra Johnston – Atlanta GA)

Citizens Councils of Kentucky, Inc. (Millard D. Grubbs—Louisville KY)

Citizens Councils of West Alabama

Citizens Emergency Defense System (Gordon Mohr, John R. Harrell—Louisville IL)

Citizens For Constructive Action (Walter Knott, William Knowland – Los Angeles CA)

Citizens Foreign Aid Committee (Walter Harnischfeger, Bonner Fellers, Clarence Manion – WDC)

Citizens Keep Out Of War Committee (Earl Southard, Willie Rainach, Leander Perez – Chicago IL)

Citizens Law Enforcement and Research Committee (Henry L. Beach—Portland OR)

Citizens Protective League (Kurt Mertig – Yorkville NY)

Citizens United For America (A. J. MacDonald—Los Angeles CA)

Citizens’ Councils Movement

Civil Rights Myths and Communist Realities (Medford Evans)

Civil Rights—Red Reconstruction (JBS filmstrip; Gary Allen)

Civil Riots USA: The Watts Story (1965 JBS filmstrip)

Clardy, Kit Francis (Cong) (JBS, Liberty Lobby, We The People! – Lansing MI and WDC)

Clark, Frank William (National Liberty Party – Tacoma WA)

Clark Jr. James Gardner (JBS; Sheriff—Selma AL)

Clements, John A. (Editor, American Mercury magazine, John A. Clements Associates – NYC)

Clerkin, Donald V. (Euro-American Alliance—Milwaukee WI)

Clise, James William (JBS; National Economic Council – Seattle WA)

Close, Upton aka Joseph Washington Hall (Closer Ups! Newsletter , radio commentator – WDC, CA, MI)

Closer Up (newsletter – Don Bell – Palm Beach FL)

Closer Ups ( newsletter -- Upton Close – WDC -- merged into Don Bell Reports)

Cobb, Alvin A. (United Klans of America--New Orleans LA)

Cochran, Bert (Socialist Workers Party – NYC)

Cohen, Israel - hoax

Cohn, Roy Marcus (Chief Counsel, Sen. Joseph McCarthy – NYC and WDC)

COINTELPRO-CPUSA (FBI HQ and field files)

COINTELPRO-White Hate Groups (FBI HQ and field files)

Cole, Arthur B. (National States Rights Party)

Colegrove, Kenneth Wallace (Dr.)  --  (author of Democracy vs Communism high school textbook)

Collectivism In The Churches (Edgar C. Bundy)

College Graduates Against Educating Traitors at Government Expense (JBS; Harold C. Bailey—Hartford CT)

Collins, Seward Bishop (The Bookman & American Review magazines; American Review bookshop—NYC)

Colitto, George M. (Minutemen, John Birch Society -- NYC)fGru

Color, Communism, and Common Sense (Manning Johnson; JBS)

Colorado Anti-Communist League (Kenneth Goff)—Englewood CO)

Columbians, The aka Columbian Workers Movement (Emory C. Burke, Homer Loomis, Ira Jett, John H.Zimmerlee Jr.—Atlanta GA)

Combs, Richard Ennis  (Counsel, California Senate Factfinding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities)

Committee Against Summit Entanglements (CASE; JBS —Robert Welch – Belmont MA)

Committee For A Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE – Norman Cousins)

Committee For Constitutional Government (Edward Rumely, Samuel B. Pettengill -- NYC)

Committee For Preservation of American Principles (Gloss Edwards – NYC)

Committee of Christian Laymen, Inc. (James R. Taylor – Woodland Hills CA)

Committee of One Million Caucasians To March on Congress (Wally Butterworth, James R. Venable)

Committee of the States (William Potter Gale – Mariposa CA)

Committee on Pan-American Policy (Harold Lord Varney, Charles C. Tansill; JBS -- NYC)

Committee To Restore The Constitution (Arch Roberts, Bruce Alger, Clyde Watts – Fort Collins CO)

Common Law Institute (Ty Hardin)

Common Sense (Christian Educational Association newspaper -- Conde J. McGinley – Union NJ)

Communism and Religion FBI HQ file 100-403529 (considerable material re: 1960 controversy over Air Force Manual and extreme right assertions re: National Council of Churches)

Communism and the Churches (Ralph Lord Roy)

Communism and the College Student (J. Edgar Hoover)

Communism and the NAACP (J.B. Matthews - 1958)

Communism and Your Child (Herbert Romerstein)

Communism In American Politics (David J. Saposs)

Communism in American Unions (David J. Saposs)

Communism In Our Churches (J.B. Matthews 3/22/58 speech under auspices of Carl McIntire)

Communism On The Map (filmstrip widely shown; written/produced by JBS member Glenn A. Green)

Communism, Hypnotism and the Beatles (David A. Noebel)

Communism, Its Faith and Fallacies (James D. Bales)

Communism: Threat To Freedom (John F. Cronin)

Communism vs. The Jewish People (03/57 FBI HQ monograph)

Communist America: Must It Be? (Billy James Hargis)

Communist Attack On The John Birch Society  (1963 defense of JBS by W. Cleon Skousen)

Communist Infiltration and Activities in the South (1958 HUAC publication)

Communist Legal Subversion (HUAC)

Communist Line Bulletin (newsletter – Louis F. Budenz – NYC)

Communist Party USA Summary Activities – July – December 1959 (FBI HQ monograph)

Communist Party Line (J. Edgar Hoover testimony)

Communist Party Line and Activities, January-June 1960 (FBI HQ monograph)

Communist Party of the USA: What It Is, How It Works (1955 U.S. Senate Committee on Judiciary publication)

Communist Party vs. The CIO, The: A Study in Power Politics (Max M. Kampelman)

Communist Party, USA -- Bridgeman Michigan Convention of August 22, 1922

Communist Party, USA – Cominfil Mass Organizations – (FBI HQ and field files; HQ 100-3-106)

Communist Party, USA – Funds and Finances 1919-1953 (05/54 FBI HQ monograph)

Communist Party, USA – Attempts To Infiltrate Mass Organizations (HQ and field files)

Communist Party, USA – Communism In Racial Matters (HQ and field files; HQ 100-442529; Los Angeles 100-66078; New York City 100-153735)

Communist Party, USA – Cominfil Motion Pictures and Plays aka COMPIC (HQ and field files)

Communist Party, USA – Cominfil PTA (HQ and field files)

Communist Party, USA – Cominfil Radio and TV (HQ and field files)

Communist Party, USA -- Domestic Administration Issues (HQ 100-3-83)

Communist Party, USA – Factionalism (HQ and field files; HQ 100-3-88)

Communist Party, USA – Funds (HQ 100-3-63 and field files)

Communist Party, USA -- General Activities File (HQ 100-3 and HQ 61-7559; New York 100-4931)

Communist Party, USA – Legislative Activities (HQ and field files)

Communist Party, USA – Membership (HQ and field files; HQ 100-3-68; New York 100-80638)

Communist Party, USA – Negro Question – Communist Influence in Racial Matters (FBI file 100-3-116)

Communist Party, USA – Negro Question (FBI file - HQ and field)

Communist Party, USA – Organization ( FBI file - HQ and field; HQ 100-3-69)

Communist Party, USA – Political Activities (FBI file - HQ and field; HQ 100-3-72)

Communist Party, USA -- Political Appearances By National Committee Members (New York 100-145872)

Communist Party, USA – Religion (FBI HQ file 100-3-82)

Communist Party, USA – Security Measures (HQ and field; HQ 100-3-84)

Communist Party USA -- TOPLEV  (Top Level Officials Within CPUSA -- HQ 100-3-99 and NYC files)

Communist Party, USA – Underground Operations (HQ 100-3-94 and field)

Communist Party, USA – Summary-Activities  (FBI monograph)

Communist Party’s Cold War Against Congressional Investigations of Subversion (HUAC)

Communist Political Subversion (1957 HUAC publication)

Communist Press USA – Statements Directed Against American Society (06/58 FBI HQ monograph)

Communist Propaganda In The United States (7-part FBI HQ monograph)

Communist Revolution In The Streets (Gary Allen 1967 book and filmstrip)

Communist Rules For Revolution (bogus “master plan for world conquest” document)

Communist Strategy and Tactics (03/53 FBI HQ monograph)

Communist Threat in the United States (J. Edgar Hoover article)

Comparet, Bertrand Lewis (Gerald L.K. Smith, Anglo-Saxon Christian Congregation – San Diego CA)

Conant, James B.

Condon III, Martin J. (JBS; President, Southern States Industrial Council—Memphis TN)

Congress of Conservatives Convention  (Kent Courtney --- April & December 1965-Chicago IL)

Congress of Freedom, Inc. (George J. Thomas, Robert LeFevre -- Omaha NE)

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE—James L. Farmer Jr. -- NYC)

Congressional Investigations & Communism & Subversive Activities (Senate Comm on Govt Ops)

Conner, Stillwell J. (JBS National Council – Marshfield WI and Chicago IL)

Connor, Theophilus Eugene aka Eugene Connor aka Bull Connor (Birmingham AL)

Conservative Society of America (Kent & Phoebe Courtney – New Orleans LA)

Conservative Viewpoint – newsletter (Richard B. Cotten – Bakersfield CA and WDC)

Conservatives, The (J. Milton Lent – Savannah GA)

Conspiracy or Degeneracy (Revilo P. Oliver article)

Constitution Party (George Robnett, Percy Greaves, Suzanne S. Stevenson – Chicago IL & San Antonio TX)

Constitution Press (Phillip Lee Eubank)

Constitutional Alliance (Los Angeles CA)

Constitutional Educational League (Joseph P. Kamp, Chester Hanson – Westport CT and NYC)

Constitutional Money League of America (Charles G. Binderup)

Constitutionalist, The  (Don Bell newsletter)

Constructive Action, Inc. (M.W. Brainard, Ted Loefller -- Whittier CA)

Cook, Fred James (Englewood NJ)

Cook, Julian Eugene aka Eugene Cook (Georgia Attorney General; Ugly Truth About the NAACP speech)

Cooper, Ida Mae (1940’s sedition trial – NYC)

Coordinating Committee For Fundamental American Freedoms (William Loeb, John J. Synon – WDC)

Coors Sr., Joseph (Denver CO)

Cotten, Richard Berkeley (JBS; Richard Cotten’s Viewpoint; National Documentation Institute – CA and WDC)

Coughlin, Charles Edward  (Social Justice newsletter; National Union For Social Justice – Royal Oak MI)

Council Against Communist Aggression (Arthur G. McDowell, Marx Lewis – Philadelphia PA)

Council For National Policy

Council For Statehood (Mary P. Davison – West Palm Beach FL)

Council of Conservative Christians (successor to Citizens Councils of America--Gordon Lee Baum – Jackson MS)

Council of Federated Organizations (COFO;  Aaron E. Henry, James Farmer – WDC and MS)

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Councilor, The (newsletter, Ned Touchstone—Shreveport LA)

Counterattack  (newsletter, Francis J. McNamara -- American Business Consultants--NYC)

Counter-Insurgency Council (Richard A. Lauchli Jr. – Collinsville, IL)

Counter-Intelligence Corps (U.S. Army-CIC)

Counteroffensive Against Subversive Communist Activities, Inc. (Robert A. Winston – NYC)

Countryman, Vern (Santa Fe NM)

Counts, George Sylvester (NY State Chairman, American Labor Party – NYC)

Courtney, Kent Howard  (Conservative Society of America; Independent American – New Orleans LA)

Courtney, Phoebe Greene (Conservative Society of America; Independent American – New Orleans LA)

Courtois, Helen Wright (Keep America Committee – Los Angeles  CA)

Cousins, Norman (SANE)

Covenant, Sword, and Arm of the Lord  (James D. Ellison, Kerry Noble – AR/MO border)

Covington, Harold Armsead (NSWPP, National Socialist ReviewChapel Hill NC)

Cox, Earnest Sevier (White America – Richmond VA)

CPUSA -- The CPUSA Annual Intelligence Digest (FBI publication)

CPUSA – Communist Infiltration in Racial Matters (FBI file)

CPUSA – Infiltration of Mass Orgs (FBI file)

CPUSA: Soviet Pawn: A Staff Study (U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary)

CPUSA: What It Is, How It Works A Handbook (Senate Committee on the Judiciary)

Craft, Blake (One Methodist Voice – Clayton GA)

Crain, Lucille Cardin  (Educational Reviewer -- NYC)

Crane, George W. (Dr.)

Cranston, Alan  (U.S. Senator – CA)

Creationism aka scientific creationism (Henry M. Morris – Institute For Creation Research – El Cajon CA)

Criley, Richard (Fair Play For Cuba Committee; Chicago Committee To Defend the Bill of Rights – Chicago IL)

Criminal Politics (magazine – Lawrence T. Patterson – Cincinnati OH)

Crippen, John K. (Anti-Communist League of America—Park Ridge IL)

Crommelin, John G. (Admiral) – KKK, NSRP – Wetumpka AL)

Cronin, John Francis (Father) (National Catholic Welfare Conference – Baltimore MD)

Cross and The Flag, The (newsletter of Christian Nationalist Crusade – Gerald L.K. Smith – Glendale CA)

Crouch, Paul (CPUSA member and FBI informant – Honolulu HI)

Crowley, Dale S. (Dr.) (Capitol Voice newsletter – WDC)

Crusade Against Corruption (The Truth at Last newspaper -- J.B. Stoner – Atlanta GA)

Crusade For Christ and Country (Christian Patriot Crusader newsletter -- Gordon D. Mohr – Bay St. Louis MS)

Crusader of Florida (newsletter published by A.C. Shuler –KKK,  Jacksonville FL)

Curran, Edward Lodge (International Catholic Truth Society – NY)

Current Intelligence Analysis (FBI publication)

Current Strategy and Tactics of Communists in the U.S. (1959 HUAC publication)

Current Weaknesses of the CPUSA (10/56 FBI monograph)

Curtis, Merritt Barton (Brig. Gen.) (National Sojourners, Constitution Party – WDC)

Cvetic, Matthew aka Matt Cvetic (CPUSA member & FBI informant; JBS – Pittsburgh PA & Los Angeles CA)

Dahlberg, Edwin Theodore  (Rev.) (National Council of Churches – NYC)

Dahmer, Vernon

Dall, Curtis B. (Constitution Party, Liberty Lobby, JBS – VA, NYC, PA)

Dallas Citizens Council

Dallas Freedom Forum (Fred Schwarz, Fred Schlafly, Herbert Philbrick, W. Cleon Skousen – Dallas TX)

Dan Smoot Report (newsletter, Dan Smoot; JBS – Dallas TX)

Darden, Ida Mercedes (Southern Conservative newspaper – Ft. Worth TX)

Davies, Joseph E. (U.S. Ambassador to Soviet Union 1936-1938)

Davis Jr., Benjamin (CPUSA National Secretary)

Davis Jr., Louis Pennington (Conservative Committee For Constitutional Government -- LA)

Davis Jr., Nord William (Pardon Me But.. newsletter; Northpoint Tactical Teams – Topton and Andrews NC)

Davis Sr., Roy Elonza (KKK-Dallas TX)

Davis, James Curran (Cong – GA) (KKK – Atlanta GA)

Davison, Mary McPhilomy  (Secret Government of the U.S., Council For Statehood – West Palm Beach, FL)

Dawn (newsletter - Sherwood C. Ide – Portland IN)

Dawson, Allan Paul aka Alan P. Steiger  (The Right Brigade, Minutemen, NSRP, KKK – Cleveland OH)

Dayton Independent (newspaper – Peter L. Xavier, A. Grace Silvey – Dayton OH)

Deacons For Defense and Justice

Dean, Arthur H. (Chief Korean War negotiator)

Dean, Harry J. (claimed to be FBI informant who told Los Angeles SAC in September 1963 about Birch Society plot to murder President John F. Kennedy.  Plot allegedly involved Guy Galbadon, John Rousselot, Loran Eugene Hall, Lawrence Howard, Edwin A. Walker, among others)

Dearborn Independent (newspaper – Henry Ford, William J. Cameron, International Jew – Dearborn MI)

DeAryan, Constantine Leon aka C. Leon DeAryan  (The Broom newspaperEast San Diego CA)

Death of A Nation (John A. Stormer – Florrisant MO)

Deatherage, George Edward (Don Bell Reports, American Christian Nationalist Party – WV, FL)

Decline of American Communism (David A. Shannon)

Dees, James Parker (Rev.) (North Carolina Defenders of States Rights; JBS – Statesville NC)

Defender, The (magazine, Gerald B. Winrod, Defenders of the Christian Faith, Inc.)

Defenders of American Liberties (Robert J. Morris, John F. Schlafly – Dallas TX)

Defenders of State Sovereignty and Individual Liberties (Hatley N. Mason Sr. – Richmond VA)

Defenders of States Rights, Inc

Defenders of the American Constitution, Inc. (Pedro A. del Valle, Merritt B. Curtis – Ormond Beach FL)

Defenders of the Christian Faith, Inc.  (Gerald Burton Winrod – Wichita KS)

Defenders of the Constitution of the USA (Catherine P. Baldwin -- NYC)

Defenders of the USA Republic (Helen Peters – Muskegon MI)

Defensive Legion of Registered Americans, Inc. (KKK, James Venable & Herbert Butterworth – Decatur GA)

DeHaas, Miriam (Loyalty Review Board - Washington DC)

Dehmel, Rolland Frank (Christian Anti-Red League – Allentown PA)

Del Valle, Pedro Augusto aka P.A. Del Valle (Lt. Gen.) (Defenders of American Constitution –  Baltimore MD)

DeLa Beckwith, Byron (KKK – Greenwood MS)

DeLand, Maude S. (Dr.) (American Patriots, Citizens Protective League – KS, NYC, and WDC)

Democratic Nationalist Party (Max Nelsen - Minneapolis MN)

Dennett, Prescott Freese (Flanders Hall Publishing Co., War Debts Defense Committee – WDC)

Dennis, Delmar Daniel (Rev.) (JBS, KKK, FBI informant,  To Stand Alone – Meridian MS)

Dennis, Lawrence (The Coming American Fascism, Weekly Foreign NewsletterNYC, NJ, MA)

Department Committee on Security Witnesses (FBI file re FBI informants inside CPUSA – HQ and NYC)

DePugh, Robert Bolivar  (JBS; Minutemen, Patriotic Party, On Target newsletter –Norborne & Independence MO)

Derounian, Avedis Arthur aka John Roy Carlson (Friends of Democracy, The Plotters, Undercover - NY)

DeShishmareff, Pacquita de aka Mrs. Leslie Fry 

DeSola, Ralph (CPUSA member, Anna M. Rosenberg nomination – NYC)

Destiny magazine (Howard B. Rand – William J. Cameron – Haverhill MA)

DeToledano, Ralph (Plain Talk, National Review, New LeaderNYC)

Dewey, John (Columbia University – NYC)

Dice, Marguerite (JBS; Indianapolis IN)

Dickinson, William L. (Cong. – AL)

Diebel, Hans (German-American Bund, Aryan Book Store – Los Angeles CA)

Dies Jr., Martin (Cong. – TX) (House Committee on Un-American Activities; JBS – Lufkin TX and WDC)

Dietz, George P. (Liberty Bell magazine, White Power Report, American Party – Reedy WV)

Digest of the Public Record of Communism in the United States (Fund For The Republic)

Dilley, Robert D. (Dr.) (JBS; American Intelligence Research, Inc., Conservative Party of IA – Des Moines IA)

Dilling, Albert Wallwick (Husband of Elizabeth Dilling; attorney; Patriotic Research Bureau – Chicago IL)

Dilling, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick (1940’s sedition; Patriotic Research Bureau; The Red NetworkChicago IL)

Dilys, Joseph (New Christian Crusade Church; anti-semitic literature – Chicago IL)

Dodd, Bella Visono (Dr.) (CPUSA member, FBI informant, Christian Anti-Communism Crusade – NYC)

Dodd, Norman (Research Director, Reece Committee on Tax-Exempt Foundations -- WDC)

Dodd, Thomas Joseph (U.S. Senator – CT) (FBI agent, American Security Council – WDC and CT)

Dodson, Lee A. (Citizens Council of America; American Education Defense Fund – Rockville MD)

Dommer, Luke Alexander (National Renaissance Party/American Nazi Party-- NYC)

Don Bell Reports (Don Bell, George E. Deatherage, Time For Truth Press, Inc – Palm Beach FL)

Donner, Frank Joseph (attorney; The Un-Americans, The Age of Surveillance – NYC)

Donner, Robert Newsom (Colorado Citizens Committee For Education; Congress of Freedom – CO)

Douglass III, William Campbell (M.D.)  (Let Freedom Ring!; JBS – Sarasota FL, Atlanta GA)

Dowdy, John Vernard  (Cong.—TX ) (Liberty Lobby – WDC and TX)

Drake, Gordon V. (Dr.) (Christian Crusade Academy; Shelton College; Blackboard Power – Tulsa OK)

Draper, Wickliffe Preston (Pioneer Fund, Frederick Osborn, American Eugenics Society -- NYC)

Draskovich, Slobodan Milorad (JBS National Council; Tito: Moscow’s Trojan HorseChicago IL)

Drennan, Stanley L. (M.D.) (NSRP, William P. Gale, Carl McIntire – North Hollywood CA and ID)

Dresser, Robert Bartlett (JBS; National Economic Council – Providence RI)

Dubbs Sr., Dorsey V. (NSRP – Cincinnati OH)

Dubbs, Eva (NSRP – Cincinnati OH)

DuBerrier, Hilaire aka Harold DuBerrier (JBS; H du B ReportsMonte Carlo Monaco, Paris France)

Dubinsky, David  (ILGWU President; AFL-CIO, American Labor Party -- NYC)

Duck Club (Robert White)

Ducote, Jerome Joseph (JBS; San Jose Freedom Bookshop – San Jose CA)

Duggan, Kenneth (Illuminator magazine, Provisional National Government of U.S. – NYC)

Duggan, Laurence (Former State Department employee thought to be Soviet spy aka "source 19")

Duke, David Ernest (White Youth Alliance, NAAWP – New Orleans  LA)

Dulles, Allen Welsh (CIA Director; CFR President – WDC)

Dulles, John Foster (U.S. Secretary of State; UN delegate – WDC)

Dupes, Neubert aka Ned Dupes (United White Party, NSRP, KKK -  Knoxville TN)

Dvorman, Joel Samuel (ACLU; JBS – Anaheim CA)

Dynamics of Soviet Society (Walt Whitman Rostow)

Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly –Alton IL)

Eagle, The aka Yakima Eagle  (Floyd Paxton – Yakima WA)

Eastland, James Oliver (U.S. Senator – MS) (Chairman, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee – WDC)

Eddy, Terrel Robert (California State Chairman, National States Rights Party)

Edison, Charles (Gov – NJ) (JBS; Manion Forum; Americans For Constitutional Action – West Orange NJ)

Edmiston, Martha Nichols (CPUSA member, FBI informant – Waynesville OH)

Edmondson, Robert Edward  (American Vigilante Bulletins, Edmondson Economic Service – NYC, PA, CA)

Education For American Security (Herbert Philbrick, Richard Arens, Fred Schwarz – Glenview IL)

Educational Information, Inc. (Clarence O. Garshwiler, Walter Knott —Fullerton CA)

Educational Research Analysts (Mel and Norma Gabler – Longview TX)

Educational Reviewer  (newsletter, Lucille C. Crain, Kenneth Colegrove – NYC)

Edwards, Eldon L. (Imperial Wizard, U.S. Knights of the KKK – Atlanta GA)

Edwards, Gloss (Committee For Preservation of American Principles—NY)

Edwards, Willard A. (Chicago Tribune Bureau Chief, Washington DC)

Efficiency Research Bureau (JBS; Russell DeOrto, Earl Freeman)

Ehr, Sylvester (Posse Comitatus – Portland OR)

Eisenhower, Dwight David (President, U.S. – WDC and PA)

Eisenhower, Milton Stover (Kansas State College, Johns Hopkins University – MD, WDC)

Eleventh Hour  (newsletter, Lutheran Research Society, Lawrence Reilly – Detroit MI)

Ellison, James Dennis (The Covenant, The Sword, The Arm of the Lord – AR/MO border)

Elmhurst, Ernest Frederik  (1940’s sedition trial; The World Hoax – NYC)

Elmore County (AL) Citizens Council (Glenn Curlee, John G. Crommelin -- Mobile/Wetumpka AL)

Elohim City (400-acre Christian Identity compound founded 11/73 by Robert G. Millar – OK)

Emry, Sheldon Leroy  (America’s Promise Ministries, Lord’s Covenant Church – AZ and MN)

Enemy At His Back, The (Elizabeth Churchill Brown)

Ernst, Morris Leopold  (ACLU General Counsel -- NYC)

Essig, Edith (Keeping the Record Straight – newsletter – Alameda CA and Glendale AZ)

Eubank, Phillip Lee (Constitution Party National Chairman — San Antonio TX)

Euro-American Alliance (The Talon, newsletter - Donald V. Clerkin – Milwaukee WI)

Evans, M. Stanton (Human Events, National Review, Indianapolis NewsIndianapolis IN)

Evans, Medford Bryan (JBS; Citizens Councils of America; AEC Training Chief – Jackson MS, LA, VA)

Everingham, Harry T.  (The Fact Finder newsletter, We, The People! – Chicago IL and AZ)

Ex-Communist Witnesses (Herbert L. Packer)

Extremism and Businessmen (FBI Assistant Director, William C. Sullivan)

Extremist Speaks, The (FBI weekly publication)

Fact Finder, The (We, The People! newsletter -- Chicago IL)

Facts About Communism And Our Churches (Billy James Hargis)

Facts Are Facts: The Truth About Khazars (Benjamin H. Freedman)

Fact For Fact (newsletter, Benjamin H. Freedman – NYC)

Facts For Action (Christian Research Inc. newsletter– Gerda Koch, Sheldon Emry – Minneapolis MN)

Facts Forum, Inc.  (H.L. Hunt, Dan Smoot, Medford Evans – Dallas TX)

Fagan, Myron Coureval (Cinema Educational Guild – Los Angeles CA)

Fair Play For Cuba Committee (Chicago, New York City; Richard Criley, Vincent T. Lee)

Fairfax Citizens Council (E.C. Gathings, William Moncure -- Fairfax VA)

Faith and Freedom (Spiritual Mobilization -- Rev. James W. Fifield)

Faith To Be Free (J. Edgar Hoover speech)

Family Research Institute (Family Research Report newsletter, Dr. Paul Cameron – Colorado Springs CO)

Farber, Rosa M. (Mothers of the United States of America – Detroit MI)

Farmer Jr., James Leonard  (CORE -- NYC)

Farrands, James W. (Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan)

Faubus, Orval Eugene (Gov. – AR – Little Rock AR)

Faulk, John Henry (Aware, Inc. lawsuit, Fear On Trial; Austin TX and NYC)

FBI Administrative Index  

FBI and Communism (J. Edgar Hoover)

FBI Book Reviews (FBI HQ file 62-46855; FBI reviews of significant books pertaining to its functions)


FBI COINTELPRO – White Hate Groups

FBI Custodial Detention List aka DETCOM

FBI Domestic Intelligence Division – Annual Inspection Reports (HQ 67-149000-1)

FBI Employee Personnel Files:

Donald A. Adams -- Special Agent, Atlanta GA

James B. Adams – Associate Director, Investigations

Fred J. Baumgardner – Section Chief, Internal Security Section

Alan H. Belmont – Assistant Director, Domestic Intelligence Division

Thomas E. Bishop – Assistant Director, Crime Records Division

James F. Bland – Section Chief, Subversive Control Section

Leland V. Boardman – Assistant to the Director – Investigative and Domestic Intelligence Divisions

Herman O. Bly – Special Agent, Domestic Intelligence Division

William A. Branigan Jr. – Section Chief, Domestic Intelligence Division

Charles D. Brennan – Section Chief, Internal Security Section

 Francis P. Carr -- FBI-New York City red squad and subsequently worked for Sen. Joseph McCarthy

William V. Cleveland -- #1 Man, Internal Security Section, Domestic Intelligence Division

Louis E. Cochran -- Special Agent 1935-177; author of 1966 book, "FBI Man-Personal History"

Joseph F. Condon – Supervisor, Central Research Section, Domestic Intelligence Division

Paul L. Cox – Supervisor, Security Index Desk, Domestic Intelligence Division

Joseph G. Deegan – Special Agent, Domestic Intelligence Division

Thomas J. Dodd - Special Agent 1933-1934, and U.S. Senator (CT) 1953-1971

H. Lynn Edwards – #1 Man, Crime Records Division

Milton Ellerin – FBI Special Agent, then Anti-Defamation League Director of Fact-Finding

Courtney A. Evans – Assistant Director, Special Investigative Division

Otho Allen Ezell – Supervisor, Communist and Russian Counterespionage Activities – SF Office

Carl N. Freyman – Special Agent, Chicago field; case agent for Morris Childs (“SOLO”)

James H. Gale – Assistant Director, Inspection Division; Assistant Director, Special Investigative Division

Wesley G. Grapp -- Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles field office 1964-1972

Arbor W. Gray – Special Agent, Section Chief of Research Section, Domestic Intelligence Division

Donald G. Hanning – Special Agent, Crime Records Division, FBI Liaison to American Legion

Carl E. Hennrich – Supervisor, Espionage Unit, Domestic Intelligence Division

Richard B. Hood – SAC Los Angeles field 1939-1951

Calvin B. Howard – Supervisor, Communist Front Desk, Domestic Intelligence Division

Milton A. Jones – Section Chief, Research Section, Crime Records Section

James N. Juliana -- Special Agent, 1947-1953, then worked for Sen. Joseph McCarthy

Victor P. Keay – Inspector in Charge, Internal Security and Liaison Sections, Domestic Intelligence Division

Theodore C. Kirkpatrick – Special Agent, New York field then Editor Counterattack (American Business Consultants)

D. Milton Ladd -- Assistant Director, Security Division, 1941-1949

Robert Lamphere – Supervisor, Espionage Squad

Leo L. Laughlin – Inspector, Domestic Intelligence Division, Loyalty Unit; SAC Washington field, SAC Boston

Robert Emmett Lee – Special Agent, 1938-1946

John F. Malone - Assistant Director, Inspection Division

John J. McGuire – Assistant Director, Records and Communications Division

Robert Walter Scott McLeod – Special Agent 1942-1949 then State Dept Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs

John P. Mohr – Assistant Director, Files and Communications Division

Donald E. Moore – Inspector, Branch Chief, Espionage-Central Research Section; Internal Security Section

Donald C. Morrell – Special Agent, Washington field; Section Chief, Correspondence/Tours Section, Crime Records Division

Gordon A. Nease – Inspector, Training and Inspection Division

Donald Nicholson – FBI Special Agent then Chief of Security, US State Department

John R. Norpel Jr. – FBI Special Agent, then Research Director, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee

Ferd J. Rapp Jr. -- FBI Special Agent, Los Angeles field and Resident Agent, Pomona CA; SAC Santa Barbara office

Lee R. Pennington – Special Agent, Security Division; FBI Liaison with American Legion National Americanism Commission

Alex Rosen – Assistant Director, Investigations Division

George H. Scatterday – Special Agent, Los Angeles field, then Supervisor, Domestic Intelligence Division, WDC

Joseph L. Schmit – Supervisor, Internal Security Section, Domestic Intelligence Division

Joseph A. Sizoo – Supervisor, Internal Security Section

Leroy B. Skousen, Special Agent, San Diego Field

W. Cleon Skousen – Special Agent, Los Angeles field

R.W. Smith aka Richard Warren Smith – Chief, Central Research Section, Domestic Intelligence Division

Dan Smoot – Special Agent, Dallas field

Charles H. Stanley -- -- Special Agent, then Section Chief, Loyalty Section of Security Division

Fern C. Stukenbroeker – Special Agent, Domestic Intelligence Division; researcher/writer for Masters of Deceit

William C. Sullivan – Chief Inspector, then Assistant Director, Domestic Intelligence Division

Donald A. Surine – Special Agent 1941-1950 then aide to Sen. Joseph McCarthy

Stanley J. Tracy – Assistant Director, Identification Division

Edwin R. Tully – Special Agent in Charge, Baltimore

William Weyland Turner - Special Agent, Oklahoma City (fired by FBI)

George R. Wackenhut – Special Agent, Indianapolis/Atlanta field offices, then CEO Wackenhut Corp.

W. Raymond Wannall – Supervisor, Espionage Desk, Domestic Intelligence Division

Robert E. Wick – Assistant Director, Crime Records Division

Earl Hugo Winterrowd – Supervisor, Security Division and SAC Pittsburgh field

J. Walter Yeagley – FBI Special Agent and then Asst Attorney General, Internal Security Division

FBI Field Office Inspection Reports (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Jackson, Los Angeles, New Orleans, NYC and Washington DC)


Elizabeth T. Bentley

Julia C. Brown

Louis F. Budenz

Jack Childs (FBI informant NYC 694-S* / SOLO counterintelligence operation -- NYC)

Morris Childs (FBI informant CG-5824-S* / SOLO counterintelligence operation -- Chicago and NYC)

Paul Crouch

Matt Cvetic

George Edward DeMerle

Bella Dodd

Martha Edmiston

Benjamin Gitlow

Barbara Hartle

George T. Hewitt

Lola Belle Holmes

Manning R. Johnson

Gerald R. Kirk

Joseph Z. Kornfeder

John Lautner

Maurice Malkin

Leonard Patterson

Armand Penha

Herbert A. Philbrick

Karl K. Prussion

FBI Executive Conference (FBI HQ files 66-2435; 66-2554, 66-3482)

FBI HQ FILES ON CPUSA (partial list)

CPUSA – Attempts to Infiltrate Mass Orgs (FBI 100-3-106)

CPUSA – Factionalism (FBI 100-3-88)

CPUSA -- General Activities (FBI 61-7559)

CPUSA – Membership (FBI 100-3-68)

CPUSA – TOPLEV (FBI 100-3-99)


100-4931 = CPUSA General Activities

100-7629 = Cominfil NAACP

100-56579 = Phil Bart (CPUSA National Organizational Secretary; Assistant Executive Secretary)

100-64061 = Jacob Childs aka Jack Childs (FBI informant NY-694-S*; CPUSA Finance Committee)

100-74560 = Funds

100-79717 = Political Activities

100-80638 = Membership

100-80640 = Negro Question

100-80641 = Organization

100-84994 = Gus Hall

100-87211 = Factionalism

100-90311 = Thumbnail Sketch of Subversive Organizations

100-95583 = Communist Party Line

100-102697 = Cominfil Mass Orgs

100-129802 = CPUSA—Counterintelligence Program

100-133902 = Attempts to Infiltrate Mass Orgs

100-137025 = World Marxist Review  

100-145872 = Public Appearances of Party National Committee Members

100-153735 = Communist Influence in Racial Matters

134-91 = Jack Childs - FBI informant NY-694-S*/ SOLO counterintelligence operation

FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin – Introductory Messages by J. Edgar Hoover

FBI Manual of Instructions (sections 87D and 87E re: Investigations of suspected Communists/subversives)

FBI Monographs

16th National Convention of the Communist Party USA

A Threat Assessment For Domestic Terrorism

Allegiance of the Communist Party USA to the Soviet Union (12/54)

American Nazi Party

Analysis of Accomplishments of TOPLEV Program

Analysis of Successful Communist Informant Interviews

Background and Development of Chinese Communist Intelligence (54M17)

Basic Ideas of Communist Philosophy

Bibliography of Central Research Section Monographs (58N2)

Charts – Communist Front Organizations (06/53)

Communication Methods of the Communist Party USA (11/54)

Communism in the Western Hemisphere, Parts I, II, III (56V10, 57G11, 60B15)

Communism Versus The Jewish People (3/57)

Communist China Counterintelligence

Communist Front Movement in the U.S. (3/55)

Communist Infiltration of the American Merchant Marine (07/55)

Communist Party and American Labor (11/53)

Communist Party and the Negro (02/53)

Communist Party and the Negro (10/56)

Communist Party and Social Reform (6/57)

Communist Party – The Internal Danger To All Free Nations (59F15)

Communist Party Line, January 1953-April 1953 (05/53)

Communist Party Line, May 1953-August 1953 (09/53)

Communist Party Line, September 1953-December 1954 (02/54)

Communist Party Line, January-April 1954 (05/54)

Communist Party Line, May-August 1954 (08/54)

Communist Party Line, September 1954-December 31, 1954 (02/55)

Communist Party Line, January 1955-April 1955 (05/55)

Communist Party Line, May 1955-August 1955 (09/55)

Communist Party Line, September 1955-December 1955 (01/56)

Communist Party Line, January 1956-April 1956 (05/56)

Communist Party Line, May 1956-September 1956 (10/56)

Communist Party Line, October 1956-December 1956 (01/57)

Communist Party Line, semiannual monographs January 1957 thru January 1970

Communist Party Press in the United States (07/55)

Communist Party USA and Its Tactic of Peaceful Coexistence (05/54)

Communist Party USA – Funds and Finances 1919-1953 (05/54)

Communist Party USA -- School System (05/05/55)

Communist Party USA – Semiannual Intelligence Digest

Communist Party USA and its Tactic Peaceful Coexistence (5/54)

Communist Party USA versus Earl Russell Browder and Browderism (3/53)

Communist Party USA, The Underground Apparatus 1953-1955 (9/55)

Communist Party USA—School System (5/55)

Communist Press USA – Statements Directed Against American Society, Sept-Dec 1919 (09/56)

Communist Press USA – Statements Directed Against American Society 1925-1929  (6/57)

Communist Press USA – Statements Directed Against American Society (6/58)

Communist Party USA Summary Activities, July 1-December 31, 1952 (03/53)

Communist Party USA Summary Activities, January 1-June 30, 1953

Communist Party USA Summary Activities, July-December 31, 1953 (02/54)

Communist Party USA Summary Activities, January 1-June 30, 1954 (08/54)

Communist Party USA Summary Activities, July 1-December 1954 (01/55)

Communist Party USA Summary Activities, January 1-June 30, 1955

Communist Party USA Summary Activities, July 1-December 31, 1955 (02/56)

Communist Party USA Summary Activities, January 1, 1956-June 30, 1956

Communist Party USA Summary Activities, January 1, 1957-June 30, 1957 (8/57)

Communist Party USA Summary Activities, July  1, 1957-December 31, 1957

Communist Party USA Summary Activities, January  1-June 30, 1958

Communist Party USA Summary Activities, July 1-December 31, 1958

Communist Party USA Summary Activities, July 1-December 31, 1959

Communist Propaganda in the United States, Part 1  - Theory, Objectives, Organization (11/56)

Communist Propaganda in the United States, Part 2 – Target Groups (5/57)

Communist Propaganda in the United States, Part 3 – Techniques (6/57)

Communist Propaganda in the United States, Part 4 – Demonstrations (7/57)

Communist Propaganda in the United States, Part 5 – Press and Publications (8/57)

Communist Propaganda in the United States, Part 6 – Organizations (3/58)

Communist Propaganda in the United States, Part 7 – Art, Entertainment, and Misc. Vehicles (5/58)

Communist Propaganda in the United States, Part 8, Campaigns

Communist Propaganda in the United States, Part 9, External Propaganda Media

Communist Strategy and Tactics, Part 1: General Principles Governing Communist Strategy and Tactics (3/53)

Communist Strategy and Tactics, Part II: Current Strategy and Tactics of the Communist Party (3/53)

Communist Work Among American Youth (12/54)

Current Weaknesses of the Communist Party, USA

Definitions of Socialism

Development of Racial Informants

Discipline in the Communist Party USA (6/55)

Distribution of Individuals Dangerous To The Internal Security of the U.S.

Educational Programs of the Communist Party USA, Part I – Communist Front Schools (5/54)

Educational Programs of the Communist Party USA, Part II – Inner Party Schools (3/55)

Evidence of the Religious Bona Fides and Status of the Church of Scientology

Fact-Finding Interviews

False Documents Used By Soviet Bloc Agents to Enter the United States (59G15)

FBI and Civil Rights

FBI Liaison Activities (01/53)

FBI Research and Writing (60H17)

Fund For The Republic, Inc.

Funds and Foundations

Glossary of Marxist Words and Phrases

History of the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels

Intelligence and Security Services Study – Internal Security Manual

Israeli Intelligence Service in the United States (61B16)

Klan Organizations, Section III, 1958-1964

Ku Klux Klan, Section I -  1865-1944

Ku Klux Klan, Section II – 1944-1958

Leading New Left Revolutionaries

Lenin’s Revolutionary Thoughts, Part I (A-M) (8/57)

Lenin’s Revolutionary Thoughts, Part II (N-Z) (8/57

Leninism-Stalinism: The Deadly Parallel (8/57)

Mafia, Section II, United States

Marxist Influence in the American Labor Movement With International Ramifications

Material on Communism – to be used before Police Schools and Conferences of Police Executives

Membership of the Communist Party USA, 1919-1954

Menace of Communism in the U.S. Today (7/55)

Minutemen: Extremist Guerilla Warfare Group

National States Rights Party

Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico (03/54)

Polish Intelligence Activities in the United States (10/53)

Politics of Street Revolutionists

Potentialities of Chinese Communist Intelligence Activities in the United States (05/54)

Purge Victims of the Communist Party USA

Reasons Why People Accept and Reject Communism

Reasons Why Rank-and-File Members of the Communist Party Have Accepted and Rejected Communism (09/55)

Role of the Communist Party USA in Soviet Intelligence (2/53)

Rumanian Intelligence Activities in the United States (12/53)

Sabotage Plans and Potential of the Communist Party USA (10/52)

Security Informant Development (59O14)

Security Informants – Section 1 thru Section 9

Significant Dates and Events in World Communist Movement

Smear Campaign Against The FBI—The Nation, October 18, 1958

Socialist Workers Party (06/55)

Socialist Workers Party, 1955-1965

Soviet and Satellite Defectors

Soviet Counterintelligence Organizations

Soviet Defectors—A Study of Past Defections

Soviet Illegal Espionage in the U.S. (8/57)

Soviet Intelligence Targets in the United States 1946-1953 (9/53)

Soviet Intelligence Targets in the United States From 1954 to April 1959 (59J15)

Soviet Intelligence Travel and Entry Techniques (4/53)

Soviet Military, Naval and Air Representatives in the U.S.-Covert Operational Methods (02/55)

Soviet State Security – Section 1 thru Section 6

State Legislation Relating to the Control of Subversive Activities

State of the Domestic White Nationalist Extremist Movement in the United States

Stool Pigeon Or Loyal Citizen?—Part II

Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

Summary Brief: Donald Duart Maclean, Guy Francis DeMoncy Burgess, Harold Adrian Russell Philby (11/55)

Urban Guerrilla in the United States

White Extremist Organizations

White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement

White Supremacy: Contexts and Constraints For Suicide Terrorism

Who’s Who of National Leaders, CPUSA (1963 and 1969 editions)

Why People Accept and Reject Communism (Lecture Material For Use of FBI Police Schools)

FBI Extremist Informant Index

FBI Form FD-405 = Status Report, Racial Informants, Extremist Groups (White – Black)

FBI Rabble Rouser Index

FBI Reserve Index

FBI Responsibilities Program [FBI HQ 62-93875)

FBI RIDS Dead List

FBI SAC Letters [FBI HQ Instructions to its Special Agents in Charge of Field Offices]

FBI Security Index – FBI file 100-358096

FBI Security Informant Index  [Index of active and inactive security informants and potential ones]

FBI Security Informant Program  (FBI file HQ 66-2542, HQ 66-2542-3, and and NYC 134-139)

FBI Subversive Control Section – Annual Reports

Fearful Master, The  (G. Edward Griffin)

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Reserve Board

Federation For Constitutional Government (John U. Barr, Robert B. Patterson, Tom Brady – New Orleans LA)

Federation of American Citizens of German Descent in USA (Robert Brueckner, Austin App – Irvington NJ)

Federation of Conservatives (A. Alderson Zoll – WDC)

Feeney, Leonard Edward (Father) (St. Benedict’s Center, The Point newsletter – Cambridge MA)

Fellers, Bonner Frank (Gen.) (JBS; For America, Americans For Constitutional Action – WDC)

Fenton, Francis E. (Father) (JBS National Council, Traditional Catholics of America – Stamford CT)

Fergus, John Francis (libel action by U.S. Senator Thomas Kuchel—Los Angeles CA)

Ferris, Schuyler Davenport (American Nazi Party, Minutemen, United Klans of America)

Fields, Edward Reed (Dr.) (NSRP, The Columbians, Christian Anti-Jewish Party – Louisville KY, GA)

Fifield Jr., James W. (Dr.) (First Congregational Church Freedom Clubs – Los Angeles CA)

Fighting American Nationalists (Brent H. Bell, Roy Frankhouser—NYC and Baltimore MD)

Finder, Leonard V. (Sacramento Union newspaper; ADL – Sacramento CA and NYC)

Fiery Cross, The (KKK newspaper – AL)

Fire and Police Research Association of Los Angeles (FIPO)

Firing Line (newsletter, American Legion Americanism Commission - Lee R. Pennington – Indianapolis IN)

First National Anti-Communist Leadership School (Billy James Hargis - Tulsa OK)

First National Directory of Rightist Groups, Publications & Some Individuals (Alert Americans Assn)

Fish Sr., Hamilton (Cong. – NY) (National Committee to Keep America Out of Foreign Wars-Cold Spring NY)

Flanders-Hall Publishing Co. (George Sylvester Viereck, Sigfried Hauck – Scotch Plains NY)

Fleckenstein, Edward A. (legal counsel to extreme right groups -- Weehawken NJ)

Fleming, Floyd H. (White Citizens Councils, American Nazi Party – Arlington VA and Baltimore MD)

Flemming, Arthur S. (National Council of Churches, Secretary of  Dept. of HEW – Eugene OR and WDC)

Flett, Austin T.  (Help Fight Communism, Inc. – Chicago IL)

Flick-Reedy Education Educational Association (Frank Flick – Bensenville IL)

Flitcraft, Eugene Robert (Gentile Cooperative Association, The Gentile News - Oak Park & Chicago IL)

Florida Coalition of Patriotic Societies (Dr. Hardgrove S. Norris/Sumter L. Lowry)

Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (Johns Committee) (Charley Eugene Johns – Jacksonville FL)

Florida Network (William E. Fort Jr., / Ruth Baures – Winter Park FL)

Fluoridation  [Extreme Right claims re: "Communist Plot"]

Flynn, John Thomas (America First Committee; Beyond The Headlines broadcast; While You Slept – NYC)

For America (Robert R. McCormick, Robert E. Wood, Clarence Manion, Bonner Fellers – Chicago IL & WDC)

Forbes, Ralph Perry (American Nazi Party, American Nationalist Party; Sword of Christ Ministries (AR)

Ford Foundation (NYC)

Ford, Henry (Dearborn MI)

Foreign Intelligence Digest  (Charles O. Willoughby – Naples, FL)

Foreign Policy Association (Great Decisions Discussion Groups – NYC)

Foreign Policy Research Institute  (William R. Kintner, Robert Strausz-Hupe)

Forster, Arnold (ADL, Danger on the Right; The Radical Right, Cross-Currents, New Anti-Semitism NYC)

Fort Jr., William E. (California Free Enterprise Association/Americanism Educational League – CA)

Forum Publishing Company (Wickliffe Vennard – Houston TX)

Foundation For American Research (Stanley J. Tracy, D. Milton Ladd)

Foundation For Economic Education, Inc. (The Freeman magazine, Leonard E. Read, Hans F. Sennholz-- NY)

Foundations: Their Power and Influence (Rene A. Wormser)

Fowler, George B.

Fowler, William Virgil (California Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, United Klans of America – La Crescenta CA)

Fox, Victor J. aka Robert A. Winston (The Pentagon CaseNY)

Frankfurter, Felix (U.S. Supreme Court Justice – WDC)

Frankhouser Jr., Roy Everett (Grand Dragon, United Klans of America-PA; Minutemen - Reading PA)

Frawley Jr., Patrick J. (Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, National Catholic Register – Agoura Hills CA)

Fredrickson, Cora (JBS, Friends of Walker – Dallas TX)

Free Enterprise (We, The People! newsletter)

Free Men Speak, Inc. (Independent American, Tax Fax - Kent & Phoebe Courtney—New Orleans)

Free Trade Union Committee (Irving Brown, David Dubinsky, Jay Lovestone, Walter Reuther -- NYC)

Freedman, Benjamin Harrison (League For Peace With Justice in Palestine; Fact For Fact – NYC)

Freedom Library, Inc. (Walter Huss—Portland OR)

Freedom and Foreign Policy (Thomas J. Dodd)

Freedom Club of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles (Rev. James W. Fifield Jr – Los Angeles CA)

Freedom Crusade aka Freedom Foundation, Inc. (Water Huss – Portland OR)

Freedom Fighters, Inc. (John P. Ghigleri – Spokane WA)

Freedom Is Up To You (Frank A. Capell)

Freedom Library, Inc (Freedom Crusader newsletter, Walter Huss – Portland OR)

Freedom Press (William H. and Lillian Drake – Glendale CA)

Freedoms Facts Against Communism (All American Conference To Combat Communism newsletter – WDC)

Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge (Kenneth D. Wells – Valley Forge PA)

Freeman, The (Leonard Read, Frank Chodorov-Foundation For Economic Education-  Irvington on Hudson NY)

Freemasonry and Communism (Arthur A. Weiss)

Freemen Institute (Freeman Report newsletter - W. Cleon Skousen – Provo UT)

Freemen Movement (LeRoy Schweitzer)

Freire, Joaquin (former Cuban Counsel in Chicago IL; Fair Play For Cuba Committee)

Friend, Edwin H. (Georgia Commission on Education; Highlander Folk School – Atlanta GA)

Friends of Democracy, Inc. (Leon Birkhead, Rex Stout– Kansas City MO and NYC)

Friends of General Walker aka The Walker Group (Cora Frederickson, Ashland Burchwell – Dallas TX)

Friends of Progress (Ellis O. Jones, Robert Noble – Los Angeles CA)

Friends of Rhodesian Independence

Front Is Everywhere: Militant Communism in Action (William R. Kintner)

Frontier magazine (Los Angeles CA)

Fry, Leslie aka Pacquita de Shishmareff (Militant Christian Patriots, Christian Free Press newsletter (CA)

Fulbright, James William (U.S. Senator – AR)

Fund For The Republic, Inc.  (Robert M. Hutchins, Paul G. Hoffman – NYC and Santa Barbara CA)

G-2 (Army Intelligence) Monthly Intelligence Report

Gabler, Mel and Norma  (Educational Research Analysts—Longview, TX)

Gaither Jr., H. Rowan (President, Ford Foundation)

Galbadon, Guy L. (organized Drive Against Communism group in Mexico and later was allegedly involved in plot by John Birch Society members to murder President John F. Kennedy)

Gale, William Potter (Col.) (JBS; Posse Comitatus & Committee of the States (Los Angeles and Mariposa CA)

Gannon, Francis X.  (JBS Research Director – Belmont MA)

Garman, W.O.H. (Christians For Action, American Council of Christian Churches – Pittsburgh PA)

Garner, Elmer J. (Publicity newsletter; 1940’s sedition trial – Wichita KS)

Gandy, Helen W. (Secretary to J. Edgar Hoover)

Garrett, Henry Edward (International Assn for Advancement of Ethnology & Eugenics, WCC (VA)

Gatlin, Maurice Brooks (attorney, Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean; Guy Banister – New Orleans LA)

Gayman, Dan (Identity; Church of Israel; National Emancipation of our White Seed – Shell City MO)

George, Wesley Critz (Biology of the Race Problem, Intl Assn For Advancement of Ethnology, Eugenic (NC)

Georgia Commission on Education (Gov Marvin Griffin, Truman V. Williams Jr.. Edwin Friend – Atlanta GA)

Georgia Tribune  (weekly newspaper, Ezra Grady Johnston aka Pastor Jack Johnston – Columbus GA)

Gertz, Elmer (Gertz vs. Robert Welch Inc.) – U.S. Supreme Court historic libel case

Ghigleri, John P. (Dr.) (Spokane Anti-Communist Freedom Fighters, Inc – Spokane WA and ID)

Gilbert, Keith Dwayne (Socialist Nationalist Aryan People’s Party, Minutemen – Post Falls ID)

Gill, A. Cloyd (Anti-Communist League of America; American Patriots Inc., A. Alderson Zoll – NYC)

Gipson, James Herrick aka J.H. Gipson. (Caxton Printers Ltd – Caldwell ID)

Gitlow, Benjamin (CPUSA member; American Jewish League Against Communism, I Confess – NY)

Givhan, Walter Coats (Central Alabama Citizens Council, American States Rights Association – Safford AL)

Goff, Oliver Kenneth aka Kenneth Goff  (Soldiers of the Cross; Pilgrim Torch magazine– Englewood CO)

Goldberg, Arthur J. (U.S. Supreme Court Justice)

Goldmark, Jonathan (Albert Canwell, Ashley Holden, Loren Gillespie, JBS – Spokane WA)

Goldmark, Sally aka Irma Ringe (Spokane, WA)

Goldwater, Barry Morris (U.S. Senator – AZ)

Gordienko, Ruth aka Ruth Masters (former CPUSA member who became FBI informant from 1952-1954)

Gordon, Rosalie M. (Nine Men Against America – NYC)

Gostick, Ron (Canadian Intelligence Service newsletter – Flesherton ON Canada)

Granovsky, Anatoli  (1962 book - I Was An NKVD Agent)

Grass Roots – newsletter (John H. Monk – Portsmouth VA)

Grass Roots League, Inc. (Stanley F. Morse – Charleston SC)

Great Books Foundation -- Chicago (Mortimer Adler and Robert Maynard Hutchins)

Greater Los Angeles Citizens Council (Kent Steffgen, Walter White – Los Angeles and Pasadena CA)

Greater New Orleans School of Anti-Communism (Christian Anti-Communism Crusade)

Greater New York School of Anti-Communism (08/62 – Carnegie Hall – NYC)

Greater St. Louis School of Anti-Communism (St. Louis MO)

Greater Nebraskan (newsletter, Congress of Freedom – George J. Thomas – Omaha NE)

Greater New Orleans Citizens Council (Louis Porterie)

Greaves, Elmore D. (Southern Review magazine)

Greaves, Percy L. (Foundation For Freedom Inc., Constitution Party, Merwin K. Hart – Chevy Chase MD)

Grede, William J. (JBS National Council – Milwaukee WI)

Green Mountain Patriots (H. Vaughan Griffith --  Rutland VT)

Green Mountain Rifleman (newsletter, National Patrick Henry Organization- Manuel & Lucille Miller – VT)

Green, Glenn A.  (JBS; National Education Program-Harding College; Communism on the Map – Searcy AR)

Grieb, Conrad K. (American Review Book Shop – NYC)

Griffin, G. Edward  (JBS, American Media, Inc., Reality Zone – Westlake Village & Thousand Oaks CA)

Griffin, Samuel Marvin aka Marvin Griffin  (Gov. –GA) (States Rights Council of Georgia – Bainbridge GA)

Griffith, Sanford (ADL Research Director - NYC)

Griffiths, Hall McAllister (American Patriot magazine; VP, Natl Economic Council, Merwin K. Hart – NYC)

Grimstad, William N. (NSWPP, National Alliance, Six Million Reconsidered – Woodland Park CO)

Grinnan, Joseph P. (JBS National Council, Traditional Catholics of America – Dallas TX and Durango CO)

Griswold, Ferrell (Rev.) (JBS, staff of Gov. George Wallace – Birmingham AL)

Group Research, Inc. (Wesley A. McCune -- WDC)

Grubbs, Millard D. (Citizens National Law Enforcement Commission, NSRP, Christian Sentinels of KY – Louisville KY)

Guardians of our American Heritage (Nagene Campbell Bethune – WDC)

Guilden, Royal Scott (Order of ’76 – Staten Island NY)

Guy Banister Associates (New Orleans LA)

Gumaer, David Emerson (JBS; Arizona Patriots – Chicago IL, Denver CO, Phoenix AZ)

Guthridge, Amis (White America, Inc., Capital Citizens Council – Little Rock AR)

Gwinn, Ralph Waldo (Cong – NY)

Hadley, Edwin Marshall (Paul Reveres, Elizabeth Dilling – Chicago IL)

Haley, James Evetts aka J. Evetts Haley (A Texan Looks At Lyndon; Texans For America – Canyon TX)

Hall, Gordon D. (Friends of Democracy; Countertides newsletter – Boston MA)

Hall, Gus (CPUSA General Secretary)

Hall, Loran Eugene (JBS; Minutemen – Miami FL)

Hamilton, John W.  (National Citizens Protective Association, Christian Nationalist Party – St. Louis MO))

Hammarskjold, Dag (Swedish diplomat, UN Secretary General – NYC)

Hancock, Austin F. (American Heritage Protective Committee – San Antonio TX)

Harding, Ralph R. (Cong. – Idaho)

Harding College – Searcy AR  (Dr. George S. Benson; Glenn A. Green – Searcy AR)

Hargis, Billy James (JBS; Christian Crusade, American Christian College – Tulsa OK)

Harrell, John Robert (Christian Patriots Defense League, Christian Conservative Party – Louisville IL)

Hartle, Barbara (CPUSA / FBI security informant – Seattle WA)

Harriman, William Averell aka Averell Harriman (Gov. – NY)

Harris Jr., Roy Vincent  (States Rights Council of Georgia, Citizens Councils of America – Augusta GA)

Hart, Merwin Kimball  (JBS; National Economic Council -- NYC)

Hartnett, Vincent W. (Aware, Inc. - NYC)

Harvey, Paul (ABC Radio commentator)

Hatfield, Robert Edward  (JBS; Friends of General Walker – Dallas TX)

Heads Up! (newsletter, Karl Prussion – San Diego, Los Altos, Oroville CA)

Hedrick, Virginia (Minute Women of the USA Inc., Congress of Freedom, We The People! – Houston TX)

Heinsohn Jr., Augerau G. aka  A.G. Heinsohn Jr. (JBS National Council; National Economic Council – TN)

Hell and Integration (William L. Spinks)

Helms, Jesse (U.S. Senator – NC)

Help Fight Communism, Inc. (Austin T. Flett – Chicago IL)

Hendrix, William (Grand Cyclops, Southern Knights of the KKK – Jacksonville FL)

Herald of Freedom (newsletter, Frank A. Capell – Zarephath NJ and Staten Island NY)

Herrstrom, William D. (newsletter, Bible News Flashes; William D. Pelley – Galva IL and MN)

Herter, Christian A. (Cong. – MA; U.S. Secretary of State)

Hess, George J. (M.D.) (JBS; New England Rally For God, Family, Country – Bunker Hill IL)

Hewitt, George (CPUSA National Control Commission – NY)

Hiestand, Edgar Willard (Cong. – CA) (JBS; We The People – Pasadena CA)

Highlander Folk School (Myles F. Horton, Donald West – Monteagle TN)

Hill, Thomas N. (JBS – Gloucester MA)

Hillman, Sidney (President, Amalgamated Clothing Workers; CIO PAC – NYC)

Hoffman, Clare Eugene  (Cong. – MI)

Hoffman, Paul G. (Ford Foundation President; Fund For The Republic, Inc.)

Holden, Ashley Elder (Washington Conservative Volunteers, Tonasket Tribune, J. Goldmark – Spokane WA)

Hollis, Louis W. (JBS; Citizens Councils of America – Jackson MS)

Holman, Frank Ezekiel (JBS; President, American Bar Assn – Seattle WA)

Holmes, Lola Belle (CPUSA member, FBI informant, JBS – Chicago IL, St. Louis MO, and LA)

Hook, Sidney (philosopher, ex-Marxist – NYC)

Hooker, DeWest aka West Hooker (Nationalist Youth League – NYC)

Hoover, J. Edgar Annual Testimony Before House Subcommittee on Appropriations

Hoover, J. Edgar – Speeches and Articles

Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace (Stanford CA)

Hoover's FBI: The Men and the Myth (1970 book by William W. Turner)

Hopper, Hedda (gossip columnist)

Horton, Myles Falls (Highlander Folk School—Monteagle TN)

Hoskins, Richard Kelley (Phineas Priesthood, Our Nordic Race, Western Destiny – Richmond VA)

Houghton, Troy Harold  (The Minutemen – San Diego CA)

House, Edward Mandell (Adviser to Woodrow Wilson and author of Philip Dru, Administrator – WDC)

House Committee on Un-American Activities (Martin Dies, Francis Walter, Richard Arens – WDC)

How Reds Use Pseudo Liberals As A Front (J. Edgar Hoover)

How The FBI Tracks Reds and Spies (J. Edgar Hoover)

How To Beat Communism (J. Edgar Hoover)

How To Fight Communism (J. Edgar Hoover)

Howard Allen Enterprises (Humphrey Ireland aka Wilmot Robertson, InstaurationCape Canaveral FL)

Howe, Irving (American Communist Party: A Critical History  -- NYC)

Hudson, Charles Bartlett  (America In Danger newsletter, KKK – Omaha NE)

Human Events (weekly newspaper--Frank Hanighen, Thomas S. Winter -- WDC)

Humphrey Jr., Hubert Horatio (U.S. Senator – MN)

Hunt, Harold Wheeler aka Hal Hunt (National Chronicle fka Shasta Chronicle – CA, ID)

Hunt, Haroldson Lafayette aka H.L. Hunt  (Facts Forum – Dallas TX)

Hunt, Nelson Bunker (JBS National Council – Dallas TX)

Hunter, Edward (Tactics newsletter; Anti-Communism Liaison, Inc.---Arlington VA)

Hunter, Edward H. (Industrial Defense Association aka Industrial Defense Service – Boston MA)

Huntley, Fred Elijah (JBS; Let Freedom Ring!, Anti-Communist Amateur Radio Network – Berkeley CA)

Hurley, Patrick J. (Ambassador to China – Albuquerque NM)

Hurley, Paul Benjamin  (Minneapolis Society for Preservation of  White Race—Minneapolis MN)

Huss, Walter L. (Rev.) (Freedom Library Inc., and Freedom Center, National Eagle--Portland OR)

Hutchins, Robert Maynard (Fund For The Republic, Center for Study of Demo Institutions – Santa Barbara CA)

Hutton, Thomas R. (Col.) (SPX Research Associates, Doris A. Parks – East Stanwood WA)

Huxley-Blythe, Peter J. (Northern LeagueEast Came West; Betrayal; -- London, England)

Hyde Jr., Homer H. (Air Force ManualLackland AFB TX)

I Confess: The Truth About American Communism (Benjamin Gitlow)

I Testify (Julia C. Brown; JBS)

I Was A Spy  (Marilyn Freed Miller)

I Was An NKVD Agent (Anatoli Granovsky)

Ichord, Richard Howard (Cong. – MO) (House Internal Security Committee – WDC)

Independent Klan of York PA (Albert Preston Lentz)

Identity movement aka Christian Identity aka British Israelism (Wesley Swift, William Gale, Jack Mohr, Pete Peters)

Indignant White Citizens Council (Robert and William Joiner -- Dallas TX)

Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt)

Independent American fka Free Men Speak (newspaper, Kent & Phoebe Courtney – New Orleans LA)

Industrial Defense Service (Edward H. Hunter – Boston MA)

Infiltration Of UN By Subversive American Citizens (FBI HQ file)

Information Council of the Americas, Inc  (INCA; Edward S. Butler, Dr. Alton Ochsner – New Orleans LA)

Information Digest (John Herbert Rees; National Goals, Inc – Baltimore MD)

Ingram, Tolbert Robert (Rev.) aka T. Robert Ingram (Essays on Segregation – Houston TX)

Inman, Gwendolyn aka Gwen Inman  (National Society for Constitutional Security-Davenport IA)

Insiders, The (JBS book by John McManus)

Instauration (magazine, Wilmot Robertson aka Humphrey Ireland; Howard Allen Enterprises (FL)

Institute For American Democracy (Homefront newsletter; Charles R. Baker and Franklin H. Littell-- WDC)

Institute For Biopolitics (Max Nelsen/Eustace Mullins – Chicago IL)

Institute For Historical Review (Journal of Historical Review, David McCalden, Tom Marcellus - Costa Mesa CA)

Institute For Special Research (George W. Robnett – Pasadena CA)

Intelligence Digest (UK newsletter, Kenneth de Courcy)

International and Domestic Terror Groups (FBI monograph)

International Association For Advancement of Ethnology & Eugenics (Henry E. Garrett, W.C. George—NY & MD)

International Communism (Francis E. Walter)

International Jew, The (Henry Ford, Dearborn MI Independent newspaper – Dearborn MI)

International Catholic Truth Society (Fr. Edward Lodge Curran – NY)

International Council of Christian Churches (Carl McIntire)

International Research on Communist Techniques, Inc.  (Alexey N. Malyshev -- NYC)

International Services of Information Foundation, Inc. (Ullius L. Amoss – Baltimore MD)

Investigator, The (FBI Employee Publication)

Investigation of Communist Infiltration of Government (1956 HUAC publication)

Investigation of Klan Organizations and Individuals – FBI File

Investigator, The (FBI employee magazine)

Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (James W. Farrands, Bill Wilkinson – LA and AL)

Invisible Government, The (book by Dan Smoot – Dallas TX)

Ireland, Humphrey aka Wilmot Robertson (Howard Allen Enterprises; InstaurationCape Canaveral FL)

Iron Curtain (Harry A. Overstreet)

Iron Curtain Over America (John O. Beaty – Dallas TX)

It’s Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights (JBS; Alan Stang)

J. Edgar Hoover (1973 book by Ralph DeToledano)

J. Edgar Hoover Foundation

J. Edgar Hoover Library

Jackson, Donald Lester (Cong., - CA) (JBS; Anti-Communism Voters League – Los Angeles CA)

Javits, Jacob K. (U.S. Senator-NY)

Jenkins, Jesse Welch (National Patrick Henry Association – Columbus GA)

Jenkins, Newton (American Nationalism newsletter—Chicago IL)

Jenner, William Ezra (Cong – IN) (SISS Chairman 1952-1958 – Bedford IN and WDC)

Jessup, Philip C. (U.S. diplomat; delegate to UN; International Court of Justice – NYC and CT)

Jewish Defense League (Meir Kahane - NYC)

Jewish Right, The   (Barney Finkel, Georgia Gabor – West Los Angeles CA and MO)

Jewish Society of Americanists (Samuel L. Blumenfeld, Michael S. Kogan, Joseph Siegel -- NYC)

John Birch Society  (Robert H.W. Welch Jr.)

Johns, Charley (Chairman, Florida Legislative Investigating Committee – FL)

Johnson, Manning Rudolf (ex-CPUSA member; FBI informant; JBS – NY)

Johnston Jr., Erle Ennis (Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission – Jackson MS)

Johnston, Ezra Grady aka E.G. “Jack” Johnston aka Evall G., Georgia Tribune, KKK , Christian Civic League– Columbus GA

Joint Factfinding Committee on Un-American Activities -- California

Joint Legislative Committee – State of Louisiana

Jones, Ellis O. (National Copperheads, Richard Noble —Los Angeles CA)

Jordan, George Racey (American Coalition Patriotic Societies; From Major Jordan’s DiariesNY & CA)

Josephson, Emanuel Mann (The Federal Reserve Conspiracy; NYC)

Journal of Historical Review (newsletter – Institute For Historical Review; Mark Weber – Newport Beach CA)

Jubilee (newsletter – Paul Hall Jr., Louis Beam – Midpines CA)

Judd, Walter Henry (Cong – MN) (Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, Reader’s Digest MN, MD, WDC)

Jung, Harry Augustus (American Vigilant Intelligence Federation, The Vigilante newsletter – Chicago IL)

J.U.R.E.  (Anti-Castro organization -- New York, Chicago, Miami)

Kahane, Meir (Jewish Defense League - NYC)

Kahl, Gordon Wendell (tax protestor – Identity adherent, Posse Comitatus – Heaton ND)

Kahn, Albert Eugene (American Council Against Nazi Propaganda; Treason In Congress NYC)

Kamp, Joseph Peter (Constitutional Educational League; Headlines;  Lawless TyrannyNYC & Westport CT)

Kangaroo Court vs. John Birch Society (A.J. MacDonald)

Kasper, Frederick J. aka John Kasper (Seaboard White Citizens Council; Virginians Awake; Clinton TN, NY)

Katter, Calvin (Christian Crusade Against Communism, Inc.—Minneapolis MN)

Kaub, Verne Paul (American Council of Christian Laymen – Madison WI)

Kauffmann, John R. (American Independent Party-MO – Imperial MO)

Keep America Committee (Helen Courtois – Los Angeles CA)

Kefauver, Estes (U.S. Senator – TN)

Kellems, Vivian (Liberty Belles, Inc. – Stonington CT)

Kelly, John Eoghan (Emergency Council To Preserve Neutrality; Christian Front, Paul Revere Sentinels – NJ)

Kennan, George Frost (U.S. diplomat)

Kent, Tyler Gatewood  (U.S. State Dept Code Clerk; Satsuma Sun weekly newspaper – Satsuma FL)

Kernodle, James (JBS; Association For Freedom of Choice, Inc., 1968 Wallace campaign – Kansas City MO)

Kershner, Howard Eldred (Christian Freedom Foundation, Christian Economics magazine; Buena Park CA)

Ketcham, Frank (Americans For Freedom – Santa Barbara CA)

Key Records  (Victor Knight – Los Angeles CA)

KGB (FBI HQ 61-3499)

KGB: The Secret Work of Soviet Secret Agents (John D. Barron)

Kilpatrick, James Jackson (Richmond VA News-Leader Opinion Editor – Richmond VA)

Kindred, George Lee  (Michigan State Patriotic Party / Patriots Tax Committee)

King, Willford Isbell (Committee For Constitutional Government – NYC)

King Jr., Martin Luther (Southern Christian Leadership Conference – Atlanta GA)

Kingdom Digest (magazine - John A. Lovell – CA and TX)

Kintner, William Roscoe (Col) – Foreign Policy Research Institute

Kirk, Gerald Wayne (CPUSA member and FBI informant; JBS – Chicago IL)

Kirk, Russell Amos (National Review; Modern Age; The Conservative MindMecosta MI)

Kissinger: The Secret Side of the Secretary of State (Gary Allen)

Kister, Frederick (Christian Veterans of America; American Renaissance Book Club – Chicago IL)

Kitchen, Floyd G. (American Conservative Party; AIP Chairman-MO; St. Louis Property Assn – St. Louis MO)

KKK Investigations – FBI Accomplishments (J. Edgar Hoover 12/67 report to Attorney General Clark)

Klan Infiltration of Law Enforcement – FBI HQ and field offices files

Klan Insurrection Plot  (FBI HQ and field offices files)

Klandestine: Untold Story of Delmar Dennis (William H. McIlhany Jr.)

Klassen, Ben aka Bernard Klassen  (JBS; United Klans of America; NSWPP, NSRP; Church of the Creator – FL & NC)

Klaus, Samuel (Special Asst to Legal Adviser of U.S. Dept of State -- WDC)

Klein, Henry H.  (We, The Mothers Mobilize For America; Lyrl Clark Van Hyning – Chicago IL)

Knight, Granville Frank (M.D.) (JBS National Council – Santa Barbara CA)

Knights of Malta, Sovereign Order Of St. John of Jerusalem  (Charles Pichel – Shickskinny PA)

Knights of the Green Forest

Knights of the White Camellia (George E. Deatherage – WV and FL)

Knights of the White Christians (Alvin A. Cobb - New Orleans LA)

Knott, Walter (Constructive Action Inc., Christian Anti-Communism Crusade – Buena Park CA)

Know Your Enemy (Hurst Amyx)

Knowles, Beatrice M. (American Mothers; Gerald L.K. Smith; KKK – Detroit MI)

Knowles, Harper L. (Associated Farmers of California; Western Research Foundation – San Francisco CA)

Koch, Frederick Charles aka Fred Koch (JBS National Council; A Businessman Looks at CommunismKS)

Koch, Gerda  (Christian Research Inc., Sheldon Emry, Dan Gentry – Minneapolis MN and AR)

Koehl, Matthias aka Matt Koehl (American Nazi Party, National Renaissance Party – Chicago IL, Arlington VA)

Kohlberg, Alfred (JBS National Council; American Jewish League Against Communism – NYC)

Kornfeder, Joseph Zack (ex-CPUSA member; Brainwashing and Senator McCarthy – Detroit MI)

Kovich, Richard (Deputy Chief, CIA Soviet Russian Division -- WDC)

Krause, Norman Harold (1964 libel of Sen. Thomas Kuchel – CA)

Kregeloh, Hubert W. (JBS; College Graduates Against Educating Traitors (Springfield MA)

Ku Klux Klan

Ku Klux Klan/Hate Groups (Chicago 157-2)

Kuchel, Thomas Henry (Sen. – CA) (California Assembly and Senate; U.S. Senate – Anaheim CA, WDC)

Kullgren, William Ernest  (Beacon Light Herald; America Speaks newsletters – Atascadero CA)

Kunstler, William M. (Marxist lawyer, ACLU / co-founder, Center For Constitutional Rights – NY)

Kuttner, Robert E. (Asst Editor, Mankind; Intl Assn For Advancement of Ethnology & Eugenics (NYC)

Lagoulis, Spiro aka Spero Lagoulis (JBS; American Nazi Party – Boston MA)

LaHaye, Tim

Lambie, William K. (American Security Council Research Director; FBI—Chicago IL)

Lamont, Corliss (National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee; ACLU – NYC and NJ)

Lane, Arthur Bliss (Ambassador to Poland after WWII, book: I Saw Poland Betrayed)

Lane, David E. aka Vernon Eiden (Knights of the KKK-Denver; Aryan Nations; WAR – Aurora CO and ID)

Langan, Peter Kevin (Aryan Republican Army)

Lanz, Pedro Luis Diaz (Major) (JBS; Christian Crusade – Miami FL)

Larson, Arthur (Dr.)  (U.S. Information Agency;  National Council For Civil Responsibility – Durham NC)

Larson, Martin A. (American Mercury magazine; Liberty Lobby Spotlight, Tax Revolt USAScottsdale AZ)

Lassell, Helen P.  (U.S. Flag Committee; Power Behind Government TodayJackson Heights Long Island, NY)

Lauchli Jr., Richard Albert  (Counter-Insurgency Council, Minutemen – Collinsville IL)

Lauck, Gary Lex  (National Socialist German Workers Party = NSDAP-AO – Lincoln NE)

Lautner, John (CPUSA – New York State Review Commission / FBI informant)

LaVarre, William (American Mercury magazine)

Lawrence, David (U.S. News and World Report magazine publisher)

League For Constitutional Government (John B. Snow – NYC)

League For Peace With Justice in Palestine (Benjamin H. Freedman – NYC)

League of Women Voters

Leahart, Ray James (American Nazi Party--New Orleans LA)

LeBus, Philip Donovan (Christian Youth Corps; Oren Potito; National Spirit of ’76 – St. Petersburg FL)

Lechner, John Robert (Americanism Educational League; Americans For Cuban Freedom – Inglewood CA)

Lee, Joseph Bracken (aka J. Bracken Lee) (Gov. - UT) (JBS; For America; American Statesman Salt Lake City UT)

Lee, Robert W. (JBS – Salt Lake City UT, WDC)

Lee, William Lecel (Brig. Gen. - USAF) (JBS – Amarillo TX)

LeFevre, Robert T. (United States Day Committee; Congress of Freedom; Rampart College – Colorado Springs CO)

Legion For the Survival of Freedom (Jason & Marcia Mathews; LaVonne Furr, Willis Carto – McAllen TX)

Legion of Justice (S. Thomas Sutton – Chicago IL)

Legislative Committee To Maintain Segregation (Willie Rainach, John S. Garrett –Baton Rouge LA)

Lehman, Herbert H.  (U.S. Senator – NY)

LeMay, Curtis Emerson  (Gen. - USAF) (SAC Commander; 1968 AIP VP candidate w/Wallace – WDC & OH)

Lemly, William Conrad (Brig. Gen. - USA) (JBS; Liberty Lobby; American Volunteer Group – San Diego CA)

Lerner, Max (columnist and professor – NYC)

LeRoy, Robert Powell (Faith and Freedom Fellowship; Alarming Cry; Christian Sons of Liberty – Liberty MO)

Let Freedom Ring! (JBS: William Campbell Douglass III – Sarasota FL and Atlanta GA)

Levine, Isaac Don (Chicago Daily News; Hearst columnist, Plain Talk magazine – Norwalk CT and NYC)

Levison, Stanley D. (CPUSA – NYC)

Lewin, Leonard C. (Report From Iron Mountain  -- CT)

Lewis Jr., Fulton (radio commentator and columnist; Top of the News newsletter – WDC)

Lewis, Dallas Bedford aka D.B. Lewis (JBS; Dan Smoot Report, Manion Forum – Los Angeles CA)

Libel Lawsuits

Liberals and Communism (Frank Warren)

Liberty Amendment Committee of the USA  (Willis E. StoneFreedom magazine; Los Angeles CA)

Liberty and Property, Inc. (Willis Carto – San Francisco CA)

Liberty Bell Publications (Liberty Bell magazine; White Power Report) (George Dietz – Reedy WV)

Liberty Lobby (Willis Carto)

Lie, Trygve Halvdan (First UN Secretary-General; was “murdered” according to extreme right)

Liebold, Ernest (Personal secretary to Henry Ford for 34 years)

Liebman, Marvin

Life Line Foundation, Inc. (H.L. Hunt, Dan Smoot, Medford Evans, Wayne Poucher)

Lingo, Albert J.  (Alabama State Troopers)

Literature of Communism in America, The (Robert F. Delaney)

Littell, Franklin H. (Dr.) (Institute For American Democracy, Inc.)

Lizzie Stover College Fund (hoax created by Eustace Mullins)

Lloyd III, Robert A. (NSWPP)

Lobsinger, Donald Joseph  (Breakthrough – Detroit MI)

Lodge Jr., Henry Cabot (U.S. Senator – MA) (UN Ambassador)

Loeb, William (Manchester NH Union-Leader –publisher; Congress of Freedom; CCFAF)

Logan, Bard A. (JBS; AIP-Texas, Constitution Party – San Antonio TX)

Lohbeck, Donald Alvin  (Christian Nationalist Crusade; Cross and the Flag St. Louis MO, Detroit MI)

Loomis Jr., Homer Leslie (The Columbians, Emory C. Burke – Atlanta GA)

Lord’s Covenant Church (Sheldon Emry and Dave Barley; Christian Identity; -- Phoenix & Scottsdale AZ)

Lory, Milton M. (Congress of Freedom; We, The People!, Iowa Liberty Amendment Committee – Sioux City IA)

Louisiana Intelligence Digest (Guy Banister)

Louisiana Joint Legislative Committee to Maintain Segregation (Willie Rainach, Subversion in Racial Unrest)

Louisiana States Rights Party (Medford Evans and Kent Courtney – New Orleans LA)

Louisiana Un-American Activities Committee (Guy Banister, Chief Investigator)

Love, Robert D. (JBS National Council; Kansas Right To Work Committee – Wichita KS)

Lovell, John Alvin (Kingdom Bible Institute, Kingdom Voice – Long Beach CA and Ft Worth TX)

Lovestone, Jay  (AFL-CIO) (ex-CPUSA; AFL-CIO Intl Affairs Director; ILGWU – NYC)

Lowman, Myers G. (Circuit Riders, Inc – Cincinnati OH)

Lowry, Sumter L. (Lt. Gen – USA – Florida Coalition of Patriotic Societies)

Lucier, James P. (Richmond News-Leader editorial staff; U.S. Senator Jesse Helms staff – Richmond VA)

Lutheran Research Society (Lawrence Reilly; Eleventh Hour newsletter —Detroit MI)

Lynch, Charles Conley aka Connie Lynch (KKK, NSRP – San Bernardino CA and Jacksonville FL)

Lyons, Eugene (ex-CPUSA; Reader’s Digest editor; The Red Decade, National ReviewNYC)

Lyons, Florence Fowler (anti-UNESCO – Los Angeles and San Diego CA)

Lyons, Kirk (CAUSE Foundation—Black Mountain NC)

Mabley, Jack aka John A. Mabley (Chicago Daily News reporter - Chicago/Glenview IL)

MacDonald, Albert J. (Citizens United For America; Americans On Guard newsletter– Los Angeles CA)

MacFarland Jr., William Henry aka W. Henry MacFarland Jr. (American Flag Committee—Philadelphia PA)

MacLeod, Norman D. (JBS—Providence RI)

Maddox, Lester Garfield (Gov. – GA)

Madole, James Hartung (National Renaissance Party – NYC)

Maertz, Homer aka Gustave Maertz (German American National Alliance—NYC)

Magnuson, Warren (U.S. Senator, state of Washington)

Maguire, John Russell aka J. Russell Maguire aka Russell Maguire (American Mercury magazine--NYC)

Majority Citizens League (KKK-front, Columbia SC)

Malkin, Maurice (FBI informant, CPUSA – NYC)

Mandel, Benjamin (ex-CPUSA; HUAC, SISS Research Director -- WDC)

Manion Forum   (Clarence E. Manion – South Bend IN)

Manion, Clarence Edward (JBS National Council; Manion Forum; For America – South Bend IN)

Manipulation of Public Opinion By Orgs Under Concealed Control of the CPUSA (HUAC)

Mankind Quarterly magazine (Intl Assn for Advancement of Ethnology & Eugenics -- WDC)

Mann, Forest Allen aka F.A. Mann (The Revere newsletter; Christian Patriots Crusade, NSRP – Hinsdale IL)

Mansfield, Michael J. aka Mike Mansfield (U.S. Senator – MT)

Manucy, Holsted R. (KKK – St. Augustine FL)

March on Washington (08/28/63)

Marshall Jr., George Catlett  (U.S. Secretary of State;  Army Chief of Staff -- WDC)

Marshall, Thurgood  (NAACP Counsel; U.S. Supreme Court Justice -- WDC)

Marxism: 100 Years In The Life Of A Doctrine (Bertram D. Wolfe)

Maryland Petition Committee

Masland Jr., Frank  E. (JBS National Council – Carlisle PA)

Mason Sr., Hatley Norton (Defenders of State Sovereignty & Individual Liberties—Richmond VA)

Mason, James (National Socialist Liberation Front; Siege! newsletter – El Monte CA)

Mass Sedition Trial (7/21/42 indictment of 28 people incl Gerald Winrod, Elizabeth Dilling (WDC)

Masters of Deceit (1958 book published under name J. Edgar Hoover but actually researched and written by FBI employees within FBI Domestic Intelligence Division; FBI HQ file 62-104277)

Mathews, Jason Childen (McAllen TX)

Mathews, Marcia  (Legion For Survival of Freedom Inc; American Mercury magazine – McAllen TX)

Mathews, Robert Jay  (JBS; Arizona Sons of Liberty; National Alliance – AZ and WA)

Matthews, Joseph Brown aka J.B. Matthews (JBS; HUAC Chief Investigator – NYC, WDC)

Matusow, Harvey Marshall (ex-CPUSA; FBI informant; False WitnessNYC)

McAllister, Andrew Bruce aka A.B. McAllister  (Pro-American Information Bureau—Chicago IL)

McBirnie, William Steuart (Rev.) aka W.S. McBirnie (Voice of Americanism – Glendale CA)

McBrearty, Ardie (United States Taxpayers Association – Gentry AR; Aryan Nations, Posse Comitatus)

McCalden, William David (Institute for Historical Review; Truth Missions – Manhattan Beach CA)

McCarthy, Joseph Raymond (U.S. Senator – WI)
McCarthy, Joseph Raymond on Edward Posniak (HQ 121-41668)

McCloy, John J. (Assistant Secretary of War, WWII; U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency -- WDC)

McConkey, Betty (Wide Awake Anti-Communism Crusade)

McCormick, Robert Rutherford (Chicago Tribune, For America– Chicago IL)

McCormick, Thurman L. (JBS; Property Owners Association of America; Congress of Freedom – Kansas City MO)

McCune, Wesley A.  (Group Research Inc -- WDC)

McDonald, Lawrence Patton (Cong. – GA) (JBS; Western Goals Foundation – WDC)

McElroy, Neil Hosler (U.S. Secretary of Defense – WDC)

McFadden, Louis Thomas (Cong. – PA)

McGehee, Frank Boaz  (JBS; National Indignation Convention—Dallas TX)

McGinley Sr., Conde Joseph (Christian Educational Association; Common Sense newspaper—Union NJ)

McGowin, Norman F.  aka N. Floyd McGowin (JBS National Council – Chapman AL)

McIhany II, William Herbert (JBS; Klandestine; Individualist Research Foundation – Beverly Hills CA)

McIntire, Carl Curtis (Rev.) – 20th Century Reformation Hour; Christian Beacon – Collingswood NJ)

McKinney, Anna G. and Harold N. (New England Rally For God, Family, Country – Dedham MA)

McKinney, Robert M. (U.S. delegate to International Atomic Energy Agency – NM)

McLamb, Gerald “Jack” (Aid and Abet police newsletter – Phoenix AZ)

McLeod, Scott (FBI, State Department Security Officer – WDC)

McManus, John aka Jack McManus (JBS; The Insiders: Architects of New World OrderAppleton WI)

McMillan, William Benton (JBS National Council; America, Wake Up! – St. Louis, Clayton MO)

McNamara, Patrick Vincent (U.S. Senator – MI)

McWilliams, Joseph Ellsworth (ex-CPUSA; Christian Front; Christian Mobilizers – NYC and Chicago IL)

Mecham, Evan  (Gov. – AZ)

Menace of Communism (Kenneth W. Colegrove)

Menjou, Adolphe J. (JBS National Council – Beverly Hills CA)

Mertig, Kurt (Citizens Protective League, National Renaissance Party – NYC)

Metzger, Thomas (JBS; White Aryan Resistance, KKK – Fallbrook CA and IN)

Meyer, Frank Straus (ex-CPUSA; National Review magazine; Modern Age, Moulding of Communists (NY)

Mid-America Research Library (see American Security Council)

Midwest Christian Patriots Convention (4/61 – St. Louis MO)

Miles, Robert Edward (Michigan Grand Dragon, United Klans of America, AIP – Cohoctah MI)

Militant Christian Patriots (Robert E. Edmondson, Leslie Fry, Nancy Applewhite – Newport Beach CA)

Militant Truth (Sherman A. Patterson)

Millar, Robert G. (Elohim City; Covenant, Sword, The Arm of the Lord – Muldrow OK)

Miller, Glen aka Frazier Glen Miller (National Socialist Party of America; White Patriot Party – NC and MO)

Miller, Horace Sherman (Texas Kleagle, U.S. Klans; Aryan Knights of the KKK – TX)

Miller, Lucille S. (Green Mountain Rifleman; National Patrick Henry Organization, Inc – Bethel VT)

Miller, Manuel  (Green Mountain Rifleman -- Bethel VT)

Miller, Marion (FBI informant—Los Angeles CA)

Milliken, Roger (JBS; Manion Forum; Congress of Freedom; Western Goals Foundation – Spartanburg SC)

Milteer, Joseph A. (Constitutional American Parties; NSRP; White Citizens Council – Quitman GA)

Ministry of Christ Church, Inc. (William P. Gale – Mariposa CA)

Minute Women of the USA, Inc. (Suzanne S. Stevenson, Gene Hedrick –Norwalk CT, Houston TX)

Minutemen (On Target, Robert Bolivar DePugh, Richard Lauchli Jr., H.S. Reicke Jr. – Norborne MO)

Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission (Erle Johnston, Zack Van Landingham – Jackson MS)

Mlot-Mroz, Jozef (S.O.S.! newsletter, Anti-Communist Confederation of Polish Freedom Fighters – Salem MA)

Mohr, Gordon Dwight  (Lt. Col. - USA) aka Jack Mohr (JBS; Crusade For Christ & Country – MS, AR)

Mohr, John P. (Assistant Director FBI – Administrative Division)

Molders of Public Opinion (1959 FBI Report on Over 100 Journalists)

Monk, John Henry (Grassroots newsletter – Portsmouth VA and San Angelo TX)

Montgomery, Robert Humphrey (JBS National Council – Cambridge MA)

Moorhead, Jennelle (President, National Congress of Parents and Teachers – Eugene OR)

Moran, Richard Bartholomew (Brig. Gen.) (JBS; Christian Crusade; Congress of Freedom – Kerrville TX)

Moreell, Ben (Admiral)  (Americans For Constitutional Action -- WDC)

Morris, Robert J. (SISS Chief Counsel; Defenders of American Liberties; No Wonder We Are LosingWDC, TX)

Morris, W.R. (aka William R) - Loretto TN and his 1975 publication, The Men Behind The Guns

Morrison, Marguerite Snow aka Mrs. A. Cressy Morrison (American Women Against Communism – NYC)

Morse, Wayne Lyman (U.S. Senator – OR)

Moseley, George Van Horne (Gen. - USA) (American Federation Against Communism, GLKS – NYC, GA)

Mostaccio, Louis (National Renaissance Party--NYC)

Mote, Carl H. (America Preferred newsletter, GLKS, -- Indianapolis IN)

Motion Picture Alliance For the Preservation of American Freedoms (A.J. McDonald – Los Angeles CA)

Mott, William C. (Admiral, US Navy Judge Advocate General)

Moulding of Communists (Frank S. Meyer)

Movement To Impeach Earl Warren (JBS front group)

Movement To Restore Decency (MOTOREDE – JBS; Wallis W. Wood – Belmont MA)

Mower, Dennis (Minutemen, California Freedom Council – Lancaster CA)

Mullins, Eustace Clarence (Realpolitical Institute; M&N Associates; Constitution Party; Aryan League of America , The Biological Jew– Staunton VA, Chicago, IL, NYC)

Mundt, Karl Earl (U.S. Senator – SD) (SISS and HUAC – WDC and Madison SD)

Munson, Lyle Hugh (The Bookmailer, For The Skeptic  -- NYC)

Murray, Norbert (Pro-People Press, Revere Press, NSRP, Oregon Patriotic Party – Hamilton MT and NYC)

Myrdal, Karl Gunnar aka Gunnar Myrdal (An American Dilemma)

NAACP Versus Negro Revolutionary Protest (Daniel W. Wynn)

Naked Capitalist, The  (W. Cleon Skousen – Salt Lake City UT)

Naked Communist, The  (W. Cleon Skousen – Salt Lake City UT)

Nation, The (liberal magazine - NYC)

National Alliance of Russian Solidarists (Carl Chadsey Jr., Vladimir Rudin – NYC)

National Alliance, Inc.  (National Vanguard magazine, Attack! newsletter; William L. Pierce – Hillsboro WV)

National Americanism League

National Anti-Communist Leadership School (Billy James Hargis—Tulsa OK)

National Anti-Communist League of America, Inc.  (Walter A. Wolford – San Gabriel CA)

National Anti-Communist Legioneers (Edward G. Ball, Charles Kelly – Valdosta GA)

National Association For the Advancement of Colored People  (Walter White, Roy Wilkins -- NYC)

National Association For the Advancement of White People (Bryant W. Bowles, Eustace Mullins – DE, LA, OH)

National Association of Pro-America (Mary Elizabeth German Robey – NYC)

National Association To Keep & Bear Arms aka NAKBA (JBS; Charles Adams; Robert DePugh – Norborne MO)

National Blue Star Mothers of America (Cradle of Liberty newsletter, Catherine V. Brown – Philadelphia PA)

National Catholic Welfare Council (Fr. John F. Cronin – NYC)

National Christian News (Oren F. Potito – Ocala FL)

National Christian Youth Anti-Communist League

National Chronicle (Hal W. Hunt – Burney CA and Hayden Lake ID)

National Citizens Protective Association (White Sentinel, John W. Hamilton, Forest W. Wolf – St. Louis MO)

National Committee Against Fluoridation (Vera Adams -- WDC)

National Committee For Economic Freedom (Willis E. Stone, Walter Knott – Los Angeles CA)

National Committee To Abolish HUAC (Frank Wilkinson – Los Angeles CA)

National Commodity and Barter Association (John Grandbouche – Denver CO)

National Congress of Parents and Teachers (Jennelle Moorhead)

National Copperheads of America (Robert Noble and Ellis O. Jones – Los Angeles CA)

National Council for American Education (Educational Guardian, Allen A. Zoll, Verne P. Kaub -- NYC)

National Council For Civil Responsibility aka NCCR (Arthur F. Larson – NYC)

National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA (NCCC) fka Federal Council of Churches -- NYC

National Documentation Institute (Richard B. Cotten -- WDC)

National Economic Council (Economic Council Letter, Merwin K. Hart, Constance Dall, Pedro de Valle - NYC)

National Education Program—Harding College (George S. Benson, Glenn A. Green – Searcy AR)

National Educator (Jim Townsend – Fullerton CA)

National Emancipation of Our White Seed (Battle Axe News, Buddy Tucker, Dan Gayman – Schell City MO)

National Goals, Inc. (Information Digest newsletter, John H. Rees – Baltimore MD and NYC)

National Indignation Convention (Frank B. McGehee—Dallas TX)

National Justice Foundation (James Townsend, John Steinbacher – Fullerton CA)

National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (Imperial Knight Hawk, James R. Venable  – Tucker GA)

National Law Enforcement Committee (Millard D. Grubbs – Louisville KY)

National Laymen’s Digest (later known as News and ViewsChurch League of America – Wheaton IL)

National Legion of Mothers of America (Frances Sherrill, Kathleen Norris, Catherine Curtis – CA and WDC)

National Liberty Party (Lois de Lafayette Washburn, Frank W. Clark – Tacoma WA)

National Negro Congress of Racial Pride (JBS; Ervin Freeman Yearling – Harlem NY)

National Patrick Henry Organization, Inc. (Jessie W. Jenkins, Lucille Miller, A.C. Shuler – Columbus GA)

National Program Letter (newsletter, National Education Program – George S. Benson – Searcy AR)

National Putnam Letters Committee (Carleton Putnam, John J. Synon – NYC)

National Renaissance Party (National Renaissance Bulletin; James Madole, Kurt Mertig, Fred Weiss – NYC)

National Rifle Association (Washington DC)

National Republic magazine (Walter S. Steele – WDC)

National Review  magazine (William F. Buckley Jr., James Burnham, Frank Meyer, Russell Kirk - NYC)

National Security and Trade With the Soviet Union (Antony C. Sutton)

National Security League (Harry W. Binegar, Peter L. Xavier – Dayton OH)

National Socialist Liberation Front (Joseph Tommasi – El Monte CA)

National Socialist Vanguard (Rick E. Cooper – Portland OR)

National Socialist White People’s Party (White Power, Matt Koehl, Harold Covington – Arlington VA)

National Socialist World (American Nazi Party magazine – George Lincoln Rockwell – Arlington VA)

National Society For Constitutional Security (Gwen Inman—Davenport IA)

National Society For Preservation of the White Race (Paul Rader – Minneapolis MN)

National States Rights Party fka United White Party (Jesse B. Stoner, Edward R. Fields – IN, GA, KY; The Thunderbolt newspaper)

National Tax Rebellion Committee (James W. Scott – Fresno CA)

National Union For Social Justice (Rev. Charles E. Coughlin, Social Justice magazine – Royal Oak MI)

National Urban League (Whitney M. Young Jr. - NYC)

National Vanguard (National Alliance magazine – William L. Pierce – Arlington VA and Hillsboro WV)

National Workers League (L. Parker Sage, Garland Alderman – Detroit MI)

National Youth Alliance formerly Youth For Wallace (Louis T. Byers, William Pierce, Willis Carto – WDC and MD)

Nationalist Action League (William H. MacFarland Jr. – Philadelphia PA)

Nationalist Conservative Party (William B. Wernecke—Chicago IL)

Nationalist Movement (Richard Barrett – Learned MS)

Nationalist Party (DeWest Hooker -- NYC)

Nationalist White Party (Ben Klassen – Pompano Beach FL)

Nationalist Youth League (DeWest Hooker)

Nature of Communism (Robert V. Daniels)

Need To Teach About Communism In Our Schools, The  (William C. Sullivan speech)

Negro American Labor Council (A. Philip Randolph, Lola Belle Holmes)

Negro and the Communist Party, The (Wilson Record)

Neipp, Paul Carl (Rev.) (Through To Victory newsletter – Ridgecrest CA)

Nelsen, Maynard Orlando aka Max O. Nelsen [Institute For Bi0politics; M&N Associates -- Chicago IL]

Nenoff, Stephen (American CommentatorCedar City UT and Denver CO)

Network of Patriotic Letter Writers (JBS; Marguerite Johnson, Mrs. Joseph Crosby -- Pasadena CA)

Neutralizers, The  (Robert Welch re: forces that neutralize anti-communists)

New American, The (JBS bi-weekly magazine – Appleton WI)

New Christian Crusade Church (James K. Warner – Hollywood CA and Arabi LA)

New Drive Against The Anti-Communist Program (HUAC – 1961 – Edward Hunter)

New England Rally For God, Family, and Country (JBS; Anna and Harold McKinney – Dedham MA)

New Leader magazine (Sol Levitas, James O'Neal - NYC)

New Lies For Old: The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation (Anatoly Golitsyn)

New Orleans Citizens Council (Jackson Ricau – New Orleans LA)

New Patriot, The (Walter White, Roger Pearson – Los Angeles CA)

New York Anti-Communist League (C. Daniel Kurtz / Frank R. Purinton – St. Albans NY)

New York Citizens Council (JBS; Frank R. Purinton)

New York Council to Abolish the House Committee on Un-American Activities (NYC)

New York League For Americanism (Carleton Babcock)

New York State Anti-Communist League

News and Views newsletter (Church League of America – Edgar C. Bundy – Wheaton IL)

Nix, Deavours (White Knights of the KKK of Mississippi – Laurel MS;  Director, Klan Bureau of Investigation)

Nixon: The Man Behind The Mask (Gary Allen)

No Wonder We Are Losing (1958 book by Robert Morris)

Noble, John Hellmuth (Muncy PA)

Noble, Kerry Wayne (Covenant, Sword, Arm of the Lord – AR)

Noble, Robert (National Copperheads, Ellis O. Jones – Los Angeles CA)

Noebel, David A. (Rev.) (JBS; Summit Ministries; Christian Anti-Communism Crusade – OK and CO)

Noll, Archbishop John Francis / Our Sunday Visitor

None Dare Call It Conspiracy (1972 book by Gary Allen)

None Dare Call It Treason (1964 book by John A. Stormer – Florissant MO)

Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League (James H. Sheldon, Samuel Untermeyer - NYC)

Noontide Press (Willis Carto – Torrance and Sausalito CA)

Norman, Jose G. (key figure in right-wing anti-Castro groups including American Committee To Free Cuba, Los Angeles CA)

North Alabama Citizens Council (Asa E. Carter – Birmingham AL)

North American Alliance For White People (Robert W. Annable; KKK – Columbus OH)

Norris, Hardgrove  S. (M.D.) (JBS; Florida Coalition of Patriotic Societies – FL)

North Carolina Defenders of States Rights, Inc. (Rev. James P. Dees – Statesville NC)

North Carolina Ku Klux Klan (James W. Cole / Virgil L. Griffin)

Northern League For Pan-Nordic Friendship (Roger Pearson – England, Lakeland FL, Sausalito CA)

Northpoint Tactical Teams (Nord W. Davis Jr. – Topton NC)

Odyssey of a Fellow-Traveler (J.B. Matthews)

Oliphant, Jack Maxwell  (Arizona Patriots – Phoenix AZ)

Oliver, Revilo Pendleton (Dr.) (JBS; National Alliance, Liberty Bell magazine – Urbana IL)

Olney, Robert Charles (Dilling Foundation, Committee of the States – Lincoln NE)

On Target (Minutemen newsletter, Robert B. DePugh – Norborne and Independence MO)

One Nation’s Response to Communism (J. Edgar Hoover speech)

Operation Abolition (1960 film re: anti-HUAC demonstration in San Francisco)

Operation America, Inc. (Arnold Kruckman – WDC)

Operation Clean Sweep (1985 joint FBI-IRS-ATF  investigation of extreme right wing groups)

Operation Midnight Ride (Billy James Hargis, Edwin A. Walker speaking tour 2/63 – 4/63)

Operation Solo (FBI file / Morris Childs – Chicago and NYC)

Operation Solo: The FBI’s Man in the Kremlin (John D. Barron)

Operation Water Moccasin ; Cong. James B. Utt -- (GA)

Orange County School of Anti-Communism (Santa Ana CA)

Ordeal of Change (Eric Hoffer)

Order, The aka Silent Brotherhood  (Robert J. Mathews – AZ and Whidbey Island WA)

Organization To Fight Communism, Inc. (Leta Woods – Cleveland OH)

Organization To Repeal Federal Income Taxes aka ORFIT (D.B. Lewis – Los Angeles CA)

Organized Communism in the United States (1954 HUAC publication)

Original Southern Klans, Inc. (E.G. Johnston – Columbus GA)

Otepka, Otto F. (U.S. State Dept Security Officer; Liberty Lobby – WDC)

Our Heritage of Greatness (speech by J. Edgar Hoover)

Oursler, Fulton (editor, Reader's Digest magazine)

Overcash, Victor G. (JBS – MT)

Overstreet, Harry Allen (What We Must Know About Communism; Strange Tactics of ExtremismCA and VA)

Oviatt, James (JBS; GLKS – Los Angeles CA)

Oxnam, Garfield Bromley (Rev.) aka G. Bromley Oxnam (WDC and NYC)

Pace, John Vernon aka J. Vernon Pace (JBS Coordinator, Mississippi – Forest MS)

Palmer, Casimir aka Casimir Palmer-Pilenas, aka Casimir Pilenas (NYC)
Pan American Headlines (newsletter of Committee on Pan American Policy; Harold Lord Varney – NYC)

Paramilitary Organizations of California  (April 1965 CA Attorney General Report)

Pardon Me But(Nord Davis newsletter – Topton NC)

Parker, Cola Godden (JBS National Council – Neenah WI)

Parker, Thomas J. (M.D.) (JBS National Council – Greenville SC)

Pasadena Anti-Communist League (William R. John and Edward Delaney – Pasadena CA)

Pasternak, Boris L.

Patrick Henry Group (John Synon, T. Coleman Andrews – Richmond VA)

Patriotic Party (Minutemen; Robert B. DePugh, James W. Freed – Kansas City MO)

Patriotic Research Bureau (Elizabeth Dilling – Chicago IL)

Patriots Leadership Conference (09/21-22, 1974 meeting sponsored by Minutemen—Norborne MO)

Patriots of North Carolina Inc. (C.L. Shuping, Wesley C. George – Greensboro NC)

Patriots Tax Committee (George L. Kindred, James W. Freed—Pinckney MI)

Patterson, Lawrence T. (Criminal Politics newsletter - Cincinnati OH)

Patterson, Leonard aka Walter Leonard Patterson (ex-CPUSA; JBS – Jamaica LI NY)

Patterson, Robert B. (Association of Citizens Councils of Mississippi – MS)

Patterson, Sherman A. (Christian Citizens Crusade, Inc – Greenville SC)

Paul Revere Associated Yeomen, Inc. (PRAY) (H.S. Riecke Jr., -- New Orleans LA)

Paul Revere Sentinels (Allen Zoll, Merwin K. Hart, John Kelly – NYC)

Paul Reveres (Elizabeth Dilling, Edward M. Hadley – Chicago IL)

Pavey, Charles W. (M.D.) (JBS – OH)

Pawns in the Game (William Guy Carr – Toronto ON Canada)

Paxton, Floyd Gregg (JBS National Council; The Eagle newspaper – Yakima WA)

Payne, Jessica Wyatt  (Congress of Freedom – Huntington WV)

Pearson, Roger (Liberty Lobby, Mankind Quarterly, Northern League – FL and NY)

Pegler, James Westbrook aka Westbrook Pegler (JBS; Tucson AZ)

Pelley, William Dudley (Silver Shirts of America; Foundation for Christian Economics – NC)

Penha, Armand (CPUSA / FBI informant – New Bedford MA)

Pennington, Lee R. (FBI; Americanism Commission of American Legion; Firing LineWDC and IN)

People’s World (CPUSA west coast newspaper - CA)

Pepper, Claude Denson (Cong. And U.S. Senator – FL)

Perestroika Deception: Memoranda to the CIA (Anatoly Golitsyn)

Perez Sr., Leander Henry (American Party, Citizens Councils – New Orleans LA)

Peters, Helen M. (British Israelism; Union Jack; Defenders of the USA Republic – Muskegon MI)

Peters, Peter J. (LaPorte Church of Christ—Identity church; Scriptures For America – LaPorte CO)

Pew, Joseph Howard aka J. Howard Pew (JBS; Sun Oil Co. – PA)

Phelps, Marlin Theophelius aka M.T. Phelps (JBS National Council; AZ Chief Justice – Phoenix AZ)

Philbrick, Herbert Arthur  (ex-CPUSA; FBI informant, I Led 3 Lives)

Phillips, James C. aka J.C. Phillips (Borger TX News-Herald)

Phillips, Howard (U.S. Taxpayers Party nka Constitution Party, Conservative Caucus – Vienna VA)

Phineas Priesthood (Richard Kelly Hoskins)

Phinney, Winnie Pearl Bussey aka Pearl B. Phinney (Women’s Voice, NYC and WV)

Phony Quotations

Pichel, Charles Louis Thourot (Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem – Shickskinny PA)

Pierce, William Luther aka Andrew Macdonald (ANP, NSWPP, National Alliance – WDC, Hillsboro WV)

Pilgrim Torch, The (magazine of Soldiers of the Cross, Kenneth Goff—Englewood CO)

Pioneer Fund (Wickliffe Draper -- NYC)

Pioneer News Service (Homer Maertz - NYC)

Pittman, Robert Carter aka R. Carter Pittman (JBS; States Rights Council of Georgia, Liberty Lobby – Dalton GA)

Plain Talk – magazine (Issac Don Levine and Alfred Kohlberg -- NYC)

Plan To Burn Los Angeles, The  (Gary Allen article in JBS magazine, American Opinion)

Plotters, The (John Roy Carlson aka Avedis Derounian)

Political Affairs (CPUSA magazine – NYC)

Political Reporter, The  (Harry W. Pyle – Memphis TN)

Politician, The  (JBS; Robert Welch 287-page "private letter" re: President Eisenhower as "Communist agent")

Pomeroy, Eugene Cowles (Col. – USA) (Liberty Lobby, Defenders of American Constitution – Hopewell NJ)

Porter, Charles O. (Cong. -- OR)

Posniak, Edward (Sen. Joseph McCarthy Accusations About) -- HQ file 121-41668)

Posse Comitatus aka Sheriff’s Posse Comitatus (Henry L. Beach, William P. Gale – CA and OR)

Possony, Stefan Thomas (Hoover Institution – Stanford CA)

Potito, Oren Fenton (National Christian News; NSRP, Citizens Councils – Ocala FL)

Powell Jr., Adam Clayton (Cong. – NY)

Power Behind the Government Today (Helen P. Lasell)

Power on the Right (1973 book by William W. Turner)

Powers, Francis Gary (U-2 pilot shot down over Russia 1960)

Primer on Communism (Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith)

Prince Georges County Citizens Council (Joseph M. Mitchell, Lee A. Dodson -- MD)

Pro-American Forum (Andrew Bruce McAllister—Chicago IL)

Pro-American Information Bureau (Andrew Bruce McAllister—Chicago IL)

Pro-American Vigilantes (Marilyn R. Allen and Jeremiah Stokes – Salt Lake City UT)

Pro-Southerners (Harry W. Pyle / M.B. Sherrill -- Memphis TN and Ft. Pierce FL)

Project Alert Anti-Communism School (Paul A. Terry – Los Angeles and San Diego CA)

Protestant Information Bureau (Harvey A. Springer – Englewood CO)

Protestant War Veterans of the United States (Edward James Smythe -- NYC)

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (Iustin B. Pranaitis, Sergi A. Nilius, Victor E. Marsden, Henry Ford)

Protracted Conflict (Robert Strausz-Hupe and William R. Kintner)

Prussion, Karl Kalman (ex-CPUSA; FBI informant; Liberty Lobby, Heads Up newsletter – CA and MI, NM)

Public Action, Inc. (Doris Fielding, Mrs. Seth Milliken)

Purchia, Nicholas J. (FBI Special Agent)

Purinton, Frank R. (Suffolk Freedom Fighters, New York Citizens Council)

Putnam, Carleton (Race and Reason; Race and Reality; -- Memphis TN and NY and WDC)

Putnam, George F. (TV news anchorman, Los Angeles CA)

Pyle, Harry William  (The Political ReporterMemphis TN)

Pyne, Joe (Los Angeles TV and radio talk show host)

Questions and Answers on Communism (Richard Cushing)

Quigley, Carroll (Dr.) Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World In Our Time – WDC)

Rabb, Maxwell M.  (Chairman of U.S. delegation to UNESCO; U.S. delegate to World Bank -- WDC)

Race and Radicalism: The NAACP and the Communist Party (Wilson Record)

Radio Free Europe

Rader, Melvin M. (University of WA Professor – Seattle WA)

Rader, Paul (Rev.)  (National Society For Preservation of the White Race--Minneapolis MN)

Rainach, William Monroe aka Willie Rainach

Rainey, Lawrence A. (Sheriff, Neshoba County MS)

Ramparts magazine (Menlo Park CA; Edward M. Keating, Warren Hinckle)

Rand, Howard B.  (Anglo-Saxon Federation of America)

Randolph, Asa Philip aka A. Philip Randolph (NYC)

Rankin, John Elliott (Cong. – MS)

Ranuzzi, Frank Xavier (Poor Richard’s Book Shop-Los Angeles)

Rauh Jr., Joseph (Americans For Democratic Action)

Rarick, John Richard (Cong. – LA)

Read, Leonard Eldred (Foundation For Economic Education)

Reagan, Ronald Wilson

Realpolitical Institute (Maynard O. Nelsen / Eustace Mullins - Chicago IL)

Reardon, Leo Francis (Manion Forum – South Bend IN)

Reasons Why People Accept and Reject Communism (1951 FBI monograph)

Red Web (Blair Coan)

Red Fog Over America  (William Guy Carr)

Red Network, The  (Elizabeth Dilling)

Red Stars in Hollywood (Myron C. Fagan)

Reds And Our Churches (7/53 American Mercury article by J.B. Matthews)

Reds In America (Richard Merrill Whitney)

Reece, Brazilia Carroll aka B. Carroll Reece (U.S. Congressman – TN)

Rees, John Herbert aka Vladas Hriskevicius (National Goals, Inc. / Information Digest)

Rees, Sheila Louise aka S. Louise Rees (Information Digest)

Reflections on the Failure of Socialism (Max Eastman)

Regnery, Henry  (conservative book publisher)

Rehnquist, William Hubbs (U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice – WDC)

Reilly, Lawrence  (Lutheran Research Society – Detroit MI)

Report On Blacklisting (John Cogley)

Research Institute of America (Leo Cherne – NYC)

Research West, Inc.  (Harper Knowles)

Resistance Records (George Burdi)

Return To My Father’s House (Maurice L. Malkin)

Reuther, Victor

Reuther, Walter Phillip (United Auto Workers)

Revere, The (newsletter--Christian Patriots Crusade; F.A. Mann – Hinsdale IL)

Revere Press (Norbert Murray – Hamilton MT)

Review of the News (JBS newsweekly magazine -- now defunct)

Revised Standard Version of the Bible (RSV)

Reynolds, Robert Rice (U.S. Senator -- NC)

Rhythm, Riots, and Revolution (David A. Noebel)

Ricau, Jackson G. (Citizens Council of New Orleans)

Richardson, H.L. (Gun Owners of California)

Riecke Jr., Henry S. (Paul Revere Associated Yeomen aka PRAY – New Orleans LA)

Right (newsletter--Willis Carto—San Francisco CA)

Right Brigade, The  (Alan Dawson – Cleveland OH)

Rightist Crisis In Our Churches (4/24/62 Look magazine article by Louis Cassels)

Risner, Carl Eustace

Road To Revolution (Phillip Abbott Luce)

Robb, Thomas Arthur aka Thom Robb (Knights of the KKK – Harrison AR)

Robert Welch, Inc.  (Belmont MA)

Roberts, Archibald E. (Major)  (Committee To Restore The Constitution – Ft Collins CO)

Roberts, Delphine Points  (New Orleans Citizens Council -- New Orleans LA)

Robertson, Wilmot aka Humphrey Ireland (Howard Allen Enterprises – Cape Canaveral FL)

Robey, Mary Elizabeth German (National Association of Pro-America)

Robnett, George  Washington (Church League of America—Wheaton IL)

Rockefeller File, The (Gary Allen)

Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich (Gov. – NY; Vice-President U.S.)

Rockefeller Foundation (NYC)

Rockwell, George Lincoln  (American Nazi Party – Arlington VA)

Roosevelt, Archibald Bulloch (JBS; Alliance, Inc. – NY)

Root, Edward Merrill aka E. Merrill Root (JBS)

Roots of American Communism (Theodore H. Draper)

Rose, Arnold Marshall (MN)

Rosenberg, Anna Marie (Asst Secretary of Defense)

Rousselot, John Harbin (Cong. – CA; JBS Public Relations Director)

Rothermel Jr., Paul M. (Dallas TX - former FBI Agent who became Security Chief for H.L. Hunt Oil Company)

Rowe Jr., Gary Thomas aka Thomas Neal Moore  (FBI informant – KKK)

Roy, Ralph Lord  (1960 book Communism and the Churches)

Rumely, Edward Aloysius  (Committee For Constitutional Government—NYC)

Rushmore, Howard Clifford (NY Journal American reporter; former CPUSA)

Rusk, David Dean aka Dean Rusk (Secretary of State)

Russell Jr., Richard Brevard (U.S. Senator – GA)

Rustin, Bayard A. (CORE; SCLC)

Ruthenberg, Louis (JBS

Ryskind, Morris aka Morrie Ryskind (National Review)

Sabath, Adolph Joachim (U.S. Congressman - IL)

Sammons, Forrest C.  (West Virginia Anti-Soviet League, Inc)

San Diego Citizens Council (San Diego CA)

San Diego Patriotic Society (Jack Childres)

San Diego Research Library  (Ralph H. Van Deman)

San Jose Freedom Bookshop  (JBS; Jerome Ducote)

Sanctuary, Eugene Nelson  (American Christian Defenders – NYC)

Satterfield, John C.  (President, American Bar Association; Circuit Riders, Inc – Yazoo City MS)

Sattler, Frank H. aka F.H. Sattler  (The Malist newsletter – Meriden CT)

Scherer, Gordon Harry (Cong. – OH; JBS)

Schiff, Jacob (Kuhn Loeb & Co – NYC)

Schlafly Jr., John Fred aka Fred Schlafly aka J. Fred Schlafly Jr. (Cardinal Mindzsenty Foundation)

Schlafly, Phyllis Stewart  (Eagle Forum – Alton IL)

Schlamm, William Siegmund aka Willie Schlamm (JBS)

Schmidt, Larrie Henry (JBS; YAF – Dallas TX)

Schmitz, John George  (Cong. – CA; JBS National Council; 1972 American Party candidate for President)

School of Darkness (1954 book by Bella Dodd; former CPUSA)

Schultz, Benjamin (Rabbi) (American Jewish League Against Communism)

Schuyler, George Samuel (JBS; NAACP)

Schwarz, Frederick Charles aka Fred Schwarz (Christian Anti-Communism Crusade – Long Beach CA)

Scott, James W. (JBS; Tax Rebellion Committee – Fresno CA)

Scott Jr., Robert L. (Gen. – USAF; JBS)

Seaboard White Citizens Council (John Kasper/Floyd Fleming – Alexandria VA)

Secret Army Organization  (Jerry L. Davis – San Diego CA)

Secret Societies and Subversive Movements (1924 book by Nesta B. Webster)

Secret World Government or the Hidden Hand, The (Count Arthur Cherep Spiridovich – NYC)

Secrets of the Federal Reserve (Eustace Mullins)

Security and Liberty: The Problem of Native Communists (Harold W. Chase)

Sedition Trial – 1940’s

Sedition Trial – Ft. Smith AR (1987)

Seditious Activities Investigation Commission (Paul Broyles - Chicago IL)

Seeds of Treason (1950 book by Ralph deToledano/Victor Lasky)

Senate Internal Security Subcommittee  (U.S. Senator James O. Eastland; Benjamin Mandel)

Senator Joseph R. McCarthy Foundation, Inc.  (Peter W. Reiss, Samuel P. Murray)

Sennholz, Hans F. (JBS; Grove City College – PA)

Sensing, Thurman (Southern States Industrial Council – Memphis TN)

Sestito, Lawrence (New Jersey State Director, National Renaissance Party)

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS)

Seymour Sr., Whitney North (President, American Bar Association)

Shackelford, Virginia L. (JBS; We, The People! - Tacoma WA)

Shearer, William K. (American Independent Party – Lemon Grove CA)

Shearon Legislative Service  (Marjorie O. Shearon – Chevy Chase MD)

Shearon, Marjorie O’Connell (Dr.)

Sheldon, James Humphrey (Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League)

Shelton, Robert Marvin  (Imperial Wizard, United Klans of America – Tuscaloosa AL)

Shepherd, J. Nelson (JBS National Council)

Sheriff’s Posse Comitatus aka Posse Comitatus

Shipler, Guy Emery  (Rev.) (Editor, The Churchman)

Shuler, Allen C. (Rev.) aka A.C. Shuler (The CrusaderJacksonville FL)

Silent Guardians, Inc.  (Moiselle Clinger, Karl Prussion, Albert J. McDonald – Los Angeles CA)

Silver Shirt Legion of America (William Dudley Pelley – Asheville NC)

Simes, Olive  (JBS; Gerald L.K. Smith – Boston MA)

Simmons, William Joseph  (JBS; Citizens Councils of America – Jackson MS)

Simpson Jr., James (Cong. – IL; JBS National Council)

Sino-Soviet Conflict (Donald S. Zagoria)

Skousen, Willard Cleon aka W. Cleon Skousen  (JBS; Freeman Institute – Salt Lake City UT)

Smith, Alvin D.  (JBS; Hamilton OH)

Smith, Charles E.  (JBS; Voice of Watts newspaper – Los Angeles CA)

Smith, Charles Lee (Truth Seeker, Inc. – NYC)

Smith, Gerald Lymen Kenneth aka Gerald L.K. Smith (Christian Nationalist Crusade – MI, MO, CA, AR)

Smith, Wint (Cong. – KS; JBS)

Smoot, Howard Drummond aka Dan Smoot (JBS; Dan Smoot Report – Dallas TX)

Smythe, Edward James  (1940’s sedition defendant – NYC)

Snow, John B. (League For Constitutional Government -- NYC)

Snow, John Howland  (Long House Publishing Co.,  CT and NY)

Snowden, Robert B. (JBS; Campaign For 48 States – Memphis TN)

Social Basis of American Communism (Nathan Glazer)

Society For The Preservation of State Government and Racial Integrity (Harry P. Gamble Sr.)

Sockman, Ralph Washington (Rev.)

Sokolsky, George Ephraim  (conservative columnist)

Soldiers of the Cross (Kenneth Goff)

Somersett, Willie Augustus (Miami Police Dept informant)

Sons of Liberty (James K. Warner – Los Angeles CA and Arabi, LA)

Soule, George (New Orleans, LA - Soule Business College)

Sourwine, Julien Goode aka Jay Sourwine  (Senate Internal Security Subcommittee)

Southern Association of Investigators

Southern California Freedom Councils (Dennis Mowrer – Los Angeles CA)

Southern California School of Anti-Communism (Los Angeles CA)

Southern Conservative (Ida M. Darden – Ft. Worth TX)

Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan aka Knights of the KKK (Bill Hendrix – Tallahassee FL)

Southern Poverty Law Center (Morris Dees – Montgomery AL)

Southern Review (Elmore D. Greaves)

Southern States Industrial Council (Martin J. Condon III; Thurman Sensing—Memphis TN)

Soviet Bloc Espionage and Counterintelligence Matters (FBI HQ 65-63478)

Spies, Dupes, Diplomats (1952 book by Ralph DeToledano)

Spingarn, Arthur B. and Joel S. (NAACP)

Spinks, William Lycurgus (Memphis TN)

Spiritual Mobilization (Rev. James W. Fifield Jr., Los Angeles CA)

Spolansky, Jacob (FBI Special Agent / Communist Trail in America)

Spotlight (Liberty Lobby newspaper-- Willis Carto)

Springer, Harvey Howard  (American Protestant League; Western Voice magazine – Englewood CO)

SPX Research Associates (JBS; Col. Thomas R. Hutton – East Stanwood WA)

Stang, Alan Jay  (JBS – 1965 book: It’s Very Simple; Gertz vs. Robert Welch, Inc. -- Encino CA)

Stanley Jr., Scott  (JBS; American Opinion and Review of the News magazines – Belmont MA)

Star Over the Kremlin (William P. Strube)

Starnes, Joseph (U.S. Congressman, AL – HUAC)

State Department Bulletin 7277: Freedom From War (Walter Millis)

Statecraft (National Youth Alliance newsletter; Charles B. Baker aka C.B. Baker – Alexandria VA)

States Rights Council of Georgia, Inc.  (Hugh G. Grant, R. Carter Pittman – Augusta GA)

States Rights Party of Louisiana (E. Otis Edgerton Jr., and Kent Courtney – New Orleans LA)

Steele, Walter S.  (National Republic magazine -- WDC)

Steffgen, Kent Howard  (JBS; Greater Los Angeles Citizens Council – Pasadena CA)

Stennis, John Cornelius (U.S. Senator – MS)

Stepankowsky, Vladimir (Soviet agent -- NYC)

Stephens, Guy C. (The IndividualistDanville VA)

Stephens, Jesse Clayburn  (Minutemen)

Stephenson, William Scott  (The Virginia League; Citizens Council of America – Newport News VA)

Stevenson, Adlai Ewing (Gov. – IL; UN Ambassador)

Stevenson, Suzanne Silvercruys aka Suzanne Silvercruys (Minute Women of Connecticut)

Stoddard, Robert Waring  (JBS National Council Worcester MA)

Stokes III, Jeremiah (Pro-American Vigilantes—Salt Lake City UT)

Stone III, Charles Bertody (JBS National Council; Lt. Gen – USAF – San Francisco CA)

Stone, Willis Emerson   (National Committee For Economic Freedom—Los Angeles CA)

Stoner Jr., Jesse Benjamin aka J.B. Stoner  (National States Rights Party – KY, GA, TN)

Storke, Thomas More  (Santa Barbara News Press Santa Barbara CA)

Stormer, John A.  (1964 book: None Dare Call It TreasonFlorrisant MO)

Story Jr., William J.  (JBS, Virginia Conservative Party – Norfolk VA)

Strange Tactics of Extremism (1964 book by Dr. Harry A. Overstreet)

Stratemeyer, George E. (Lt. Gen. – USAF; Liberty Lobby; JBS – Winter Park FL)

Stripling, Robert E.  (HUAC Counsel; 1949 book Red Plot Against America WDC)

Structure and Organization of the CPUSA (1962 HUAC publication)

Suall, Irwin  (ADL National Director of Factfinding – NYC)

Subversion In Racial Unrest (Joint Legislative Committee—State of Louisiana)

Subversive Activities Control Board (1951- June 1973)

Sullivan, William Cornelius  (FBI Assistant Director, Domestic Intelligence Division -- WDC)

Summit Ministries (JBS: David A. Noebel – Manitou Springs CO)

Summary of Extremist Activities (FBI publication)

Summit Sun (Weekly newspaper published by Mary D. Cain – Summit MS)

Support Your Local Police committees (JBS)

Surine, Donald Arthur  (Chief Investigator for U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy – WDC)

Surreptitious Entries (aka Black Bag Jobs - FBI HQ 66-8160) 

Surrey, Robert Alan aka Bob Surrey  (JBS; American Nazi Party – Dallas TX)

Sutherland, John H.  (JBS; AIP, Citizens Councils – Imperial and St. Louis MO)

Sutton, Antony C.

Swabeck, Edgar (Socialist Workers Party; Fair Play For Cuba Committee--Chicago and Los Angeles)

Swan, Donald Arthur (National Renaissance Party/James Madole - NYC)

Swift, Wesley Albert (Rev.) – (Christian Defense League – Lancaster CA)

Swigert, Ernest G.(JBS National Council – Portland OR)

Synon, John J. (Citizens Council of America; Patrick Henry Group – Richmond VA)

Tabbutt, Eugene  (Klan Bureau of Investigation – PA)

Tactics (newsletter, Edward Hunter – Arlington VA)

Taft, Dewey McKinley  (NSRP – KKK – Englewood CO, FL, GA)

Taft, Robert Alphonso  (U.S. Senator – OH)

Talbert, Paul Houston (JBS National Council – Beverly Hills CA)

Talmadge, Eugene  (Governor of Georgia; Vigilantes, Inc.; The Statesman -- Atlanta GA)

Talmud Unmasked, The  (1892 book by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis)

Tanner, Opal Maurine aka Opal Tanner White  (Christian Nationalist Crusade – Los Angeles CA)

Tansill, Charles Callan (JBS; Georgetown University Professor – WDC)

Target of Red Masters (J. Edgar Hoover)

Tarrants III, Thomas Albert (White Knights of the KKK – Mobile AL and MS)

Tavenner Jr., Frank S. (General Counsel, House Committee on Un-American Activities -- WDC)

Taylor, Telford (Prosecutor of Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg trials; General Counsel FCC – WDC)

Tax Exempt Foundations (FBI HQ files 62-105767 and 100-385355)

Tax Fax (series of 131 pamphlets by Kent and Phoebe Courtney – Free Men Speak, Inc. - New Orleans LA)

Tax Rebellion Committee (James W. Scott – Fresno CA)

Tax Reform Immediately (TRIM--JBS)

Tax Strike News aka The Justice Times (A.J. Lowery/Anita Kerns – Porterville CA)

Techniques of Communism (1954 book by Louis F. Budenz)

Tenney, Jack Breckenridge (Sen., CA State Senate; America Plus Inc; Gerald L.K. Smith – Los Angeles CA)

Terminiello, Arthur W. (Father) (Union of Christian Crusaders – Birmingham AL)

Terry, Paul A. (Project Alert – anti-communism seminars – San Diego CA)

Texans For America (J. Evetts Haley – Ft. Worth and Canyon TX)

Texas Educational Association (George W. Armstrong Sr. – Ft. Worth TX)

Texas Women For Constitutional Government (Gene Hedrick – Houston TX)

Textbook Evaluation Committee (America’s Future Inc – Rochelle NY)

Thomallo, Clifford (JBS – WI and AZ)

Thomas, John Parnell aka J. Parnell Thomas (Cong. - NJ)

Thomas, Norman M. (Socialist Party -- NYC)

Thompson Jr., Harold Keith aka H. Keith Thompson Jr. (American Committee  For Advancement Western Culture)

Thomson Jr., Meldrim (JBS National Council; Gov. – NH – Oxford NH)

Thorin, Duane (JBS)

Through To Victory (newsletter by Paul Neipp – Ridgecrest CA)

Thumbnail Sketches of Subversive Organizations (FBI HQ file 100-7254)

Thunderbolt, The  (NSRP newspaper -- GA)

Thurmond, J. Strom (U.S. Senator – SC)

Tifer, Patrick Aloysius

Timbers, Lawrence (Americans For America – Seattle WA)

Time For Truth Press, Inc.  aka Marah Inc. (Don Bell – West Palm Beach FL)

Tito: Moscow’s Trojan Horse (Slobodan M. Draskovich)

Tittman Alfred O. aka A.O. Tittman (Voters Alliance For Americans of German Ancestry – NY)

To Restore American Independence Now (TRAIN—Wallis W. Wood, JBS)

To Stand Alone: Inside the KKK For The FBI  (1991 book by Rev. Delmar Dennis; JBS)

Tocsin (weekly newsletter by Charles Fox and George H. Keith – Berkeley CA)

Todt, George H. (conservative columnist)

Tomassi, Joseph  (NSWPP)

Totten Sr., Harold Wallace (Gerald L.K. Smith, NSRP, and other anti-semitic groups – Sherman TX)

Touchstone, Ned O’Neal   (The Councilor – Citizens Councils of America – Bossier and Shreveport LA)

Toward Soviet America (William Z. Foster)

Tragedy and Hope (Dr. Carroll Quigley)

Treason In Congress: The Record of the House Committee on Un-American Activities (1948, Alfred E. Kahn)

Treason Is The Reason (Frank A. Capell)

Treatment of the Jews Under Communism (1954, House Select Committee on Communist Aggression)

Trentadue, Kenneth Michael

Trevor Jr., John Bond  (American Coalition of Patriotic Societies – NYC)

Tri-County Anti Communist League (JBS; Ernest J. Brosang – NJ)

Trilateral Commission

Trohan, Walter J.  (Washington DC Bureau Chief, Chicago Tribune)

Trudeau, Arthur G.  (Lt. Gen., Chief of Army Intelligence - WDC)

Trudeau, Pierre Elliott  (Prime Minister, Canada)

True Jr., James B. (America First Inc., Industrial Control Report; 1940’s sedition defendant – WDC and VA)

Truth About Civil Turmoil (TACT--JBS)

Truth Seeker, The (newsletter -- Charles L. Smith -- NYC)

Turner, William W. (FBI Special Agent)

Turner Diaries, The (1978 book by William Pierce as Andrew McDonald)

Tuttle, Harold S. (JBS – WI)

Twentieth Century Reformation Hour (Carl McIntire – Collingswood NJ)

Ugly Truth About The NAACP, The  (10-19-55 speech by Eugene Cook – Attorney General, Georgia)

Undercover (1943 book by John Roy Carlson aka Avedis Derounian)

Understanding Communism (James D. Bales)

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund)

United Klans of America, Inc. (Imperial Wizard Robert M. Shelton; James R. Venable – Tuscaloosa AL)

United Klans of Pennsylvania (Roy E. Frankhouser, Jr.)

United Mothers of America, Inc. (Ella C. Monreal – Cleveland OH)

United Nations

United States Air Force Special Investigations School

United States Christian Posse Association  (William Potter Gale – Glendale CA)

United States Day Committee (W.L. Foster ad W.E. Garrison – Tulsa OK)

United States Flag Committee (Helen P. Lasell – Jackson Heights LI NY)

United States Navy (FBI HQ file 62-33413)

United White Party lka National States Rights Party (Knoxville TN – then IN and AL and GA)

United World Federalists

Unity Now (Lyndon LaRouche/James Madole – NYC)

Unkefer, Sherman E.  (JBS; -- Gila AZ)

Unorganized Militia (William Potter Gale and John Boggs)

U.S. Klans, Knights of The Ku Klux Klan (Eldon Lee Edwards – Atlanta GA)

U.S. Rangers (William Potter Gale – CA)

U.S. vs. Gerald B. Winrod et al  (07-21-42 sedition indictment – 28 defendants)

U.S. vs. Joseph E. McWilliams et al (01-03-44 sedition indictment – 30 defendants)

USA magazine (Alice Widener - NYC)

Use of Benevolent Trust Funds, Philanthropies, and Ellemosynary Institute To Implement The Progress Of Subversive Groups (FBI New York field file 100-113307)

Utley, Freda aka Winifred Utley (former CPUSA; 1951 book The China Story – NYC)

Utt, James Boyd  (Cong. – CA; JBS; Operation Water Moccasin-- Santa Ana CA)

Vale, Rena M. (former CPUSA member who subsequently worked for Dies Committee and for California Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities)

Van Deman, Ralph Henry  (Colonel, U.S. Army military intelligence; San Diego Research Library)

Van Hyning, Lyrl Clark  (We, The Mothers Mobilize For America, Inc., Women's Voice newsletter—Chicago IL)

Van Landingham, Zack (former FBI agent; Chief Investigator,  Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission)

Varney, Harold Lord (JBS; American Mercury magazine; Committee on Pan American Policy – NYC)

Velde, Harold Himmel (Cong. -  PA; HUAC Chairman)

Venable, James R. (Imperial Wizard, National Knights of the KKK, Inc., -- Stone Mountain GA)

Vennard Sr., Wickliffe B.  (Americans For America; Forum Publishing Co., -- Houston TX)

Viereck, George Sylvester (1940’s sedition defendant – NYC)

Vigilant Women For The Bricker Amendment

Vincent, Allen Lee (American Nazi Party; NSWPP – CA, VA, MN)

Virginia League, The (William S. Stephenson – Newport News VA)

Virginian, The  (newsletter of the Virginia League – William S. Stephenson – Newport News VA)

Voice of Americanism (radio broadcast by William S. McBirnie – Glendale CA)

Voice of Liberty (newsletter by Martha O. Andrews – Decatur GA)

Voice of Watts (newsletter by Charles E. Smith; JBS – Los Angeles CA)

Voit, Willard S. (JBS National Council – Newport Beach CA)

Volk Jr., Kenneth Q. (JBS National Council – Los Angeles CA)

Voters Alliance of Americans of German Ancestry (Brand, Grieb, Tittman)

Wackenhut, George R. (FBI Special Agent / Wackenhut Corp – Coral Gables FL)

Walker, Edwin Anderson (Maj. Gen. – USA -- JBS; HQ and Dallas field)

Wall Street and FDR (Antony C. Sutton)

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution (Antony C. Sutton)

Wallace, George Corley (Gov. – AL; American Independent Party – Montgomery AL)

Walsh, Edmund A. (Georgetown University School of Foreign Service – Washington DC)

Walter, Francis Eugene (Cong. – PA) HUAC Chairman

Wanderer, The (National Catholic weekly newspaper – St. Paul MN)

Ward, Chester Charles  (JBS; Rear Adm. – USN; co-author series of books with Phyllis Schlafly)

Warner, James Konrad  (Sons of Liberty; New Christian Crusade Church -- LA)

Warren, Earl (Governor of CA; U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice – WDC and CA)

Washburn, Lois de Lafayette (National Liberty Party – Tacoma WA)

Washington Joint Legislative Factfinding Committee on Un-American Activities (Al Canwell – WA)

Washington Observer (Willis Carto -- WDC)

Waters, Agnes  (National Blue Star Mothers and We The Mothers Mobilize – NYC and VA)

Watts Riot (Gary Allen The Plan)

Watts, Clyde J. (Brig. Gen. – USA; JBS; Gertz vs. Robert Welch Inc. – OKC OK)

Watts, Vernon Orval aka V. Orval Watts (Northwood Institute – Altadena CA and MI)

We, The Mothers Mobilize for America (Lyrl Clark Van Hyning; Women's Voice newsletter—Chicago IL)

We, The People!  (Harry T. Everingham—Chicago IL and Phoenix AZ)

Weaver, Robert C. (Secretary, U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development)

Webster, Nesta Bevan (UK conspiracy author)

Wedemeyer, Albert Coady (Gen. – USA; JBS; 1958 book, Wedemeyer Reports

Weekly Crusader, The  (Christian Crusade—Billy James Hargis—Tulsa OK)

Weiss, Frederick Charles Ferdinand aka Fred Weiss (National Renaissance Party – NY)

Weishaupt, Adam (Order of the Illuminati – 05-01-1776)

Welch Jr., Robert Henry Winborne aka Robert Welch (John Birch Society—Belmont MA)

Welch, Marian Probert (JBS; wife of Robert; American Opinion and Review of the News magazines)

Wernecke, William Bernard (Nationalist Conservative Party—Chicago IL)

West, Donald L. (Highlander Folk School – TN)

West Coast Patriotic Leadership Conference (2/11/75 – Los Angeles)

West Virginia Anti-Communist League (Forrest Sammons – Huntington WV)

Western American Security Police (Edwin A. Walker – Houston TX)

Western Destiny magazine (Willis Carto; Roger Pearson -- Los Angeles CA)

Western Front (Walter White Jr. – Los Angeles CA)

Western Goals Foundation (Cong. Larry McDonald, John Rees, Linda Guell – Alexandria VA)

Western Minutemen (William H. Harold -- Walla Walla WA / Walla Walla Statesman newsletter)

Western Research Foundation aka Research West (Harper L. Knowles – Emeryville CA)

What We Must Know About Communism (1958 book by Dr. Harry A. Overstreet)

Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1917-1965 (Antony C. Sutton)

What Are The Facts Behind The Smearing of Anti-Communist Americans? (John F. Desris)

Wheat, George Clinton aka Clint Wheat (KKK, American Nazi Party – Los Angeles CA and OR)

White Action Movement (Frank Drager -- Trenton NJ)

White America, Inc. (Amis Guthridge – Little Rock AR)

White Aryan Resistance aka WAR (Tom Metzger – Fallbrook CA)

White Christian Protective and Legal Defense Fund (Samuel Bowers, Elmore D. Greaves – Jackson MS)

White Circle League of America, Inc. (Joseph Beauharnais – Chicago IL)

White Jr., Walter (Western Front—Los Angeles CA)

White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi, Inc. (Imperial Wizard Samuel H. Bowers Jr., Delmar Dennis)

White Party of America (Karl Allen, J.V. Kenneth Morgan – WDC and Alexandria VA)

White Patriot Party (Glenn Miller -- NC)

White Sentinel, The  (Helen M. Wolf, National Citizens Protective Association – St. Louis MO)

White, Opal Tanner aka Opal Tanner (Gerald L.K. Smith business manager – Los Angeles CA)

White, Walter Francis  (NAACP Executive Secretary)

Whitney, Richard Merrill (American Defense Society; 1924 book, Reds In America – NYC and WDC)

Wick, Grace  (Portland OR)

Wickstrom, James (Posse Comitatus – Tigerton Dells and Shawano WI))

Wide Awake Anti-Communism Crusade  (Des Moines IA)

Widener, Alice  (USA magazineNYC)

Wiegand, Edwin L.  (JBS; Manion Forum; National Economic Council – PA and FL)

Wilkerson, Elbert Claude aka Bill Wilkerson (Invisible Empire, Knights of the KKK)

Wilkins, Roy (NAACP Executive Secretary)

Wilkinson, Bill aka Elbert Claude Wilkinson (KKK – Denham Springs LA)

Wilkinson, Frank (National Committee To Abolish HUAC)

Williams Intelligence Summary (Robert H. Williams—Santa Ana CA)

Williams, Robert Henry  (Santa Ana CA)

Willoughby, Charles Andrew. (Maj. Gen. - USA) aka Adolf Tscheppe Weidenbach (JBS; BJ Hargis – WDC)

Winrod, Gerald Burton (Defenders of the Christian Faith, Inc – Wichita KS)

Winrod, Gordon (Church of Israel, NSRP – MO and AR)

Winston, Robert Alexander aka Victor J. Fox (Capt. USN;  1960 book, The Pentagon CaseNY and WDC)

Wise, Stephen S. (Rabbi)  (President, American Jewish Congress - NYC)

Wolf, Forest Weber  (National Citizens Protective Association – St. Louis MO)

Wolfe, Bertram David (author of 1948 book, Three Who Made A Revolution)

Woltman, Frederick E.  (New York World Telegram and Sun reporter and columnist)

Women For America (Noel Toy Young, Marion Miller, Julia Brown -- Los Angeles CA)

Women For Constitutional Government (Mary D. Cain—Summit MS)

Women’s Voice (Lyrl C. Van Hyning—We, The Mothers Mobilize For America—Chicago IL)

Wood, John Stephens (Cong. – GA)

Wood, John Travers (Cong. -- ID)

Wood, Robert Elkington  (America First Committee—Chicago IL)

Woodruff, Roy Orchard (Cong. – MI; Gerald L.K. Smith)

Woods, Leta  (Organization To Fight Communism, Inc – Cleveland OH)

World Marxist Review (theoretical organ of international communist movement – NYC/Prague Czechoslovakia)

Wormser, Rene Albert  (Counsel to Reece Committee; 1958 bk: Foundations—Their Power and Influence)

Wright, Loyd (JBS; American and California Bar Assn President – Santa Ana CA)

X-Ray (newspaper published by Court Asher – Muncie IN)

Xavier, Peter Lauerntious Noiberg aka Peter L. Xavier (KKK, National Security League – Dayton OH)

Yarmolinsky, Adam  (Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense -- WDC)

Yeagley, J. Walter (U.S. Justice Department, Internal Security Division -- WDC)

Yearling, Ervin Freeman (Rev.) (JBS: National Negro Congress of Racial Pride – West Hempstead NY)

Yockey, Francis Parker (European Liberation Front; 1948 book, Imperium – Detroit MI, San Francisco CA)

Yorty, Samuel William (Cong. – CA and Mayor – Los Angeles)

Young Americans For Freedom (YAF)

Young Jr., Whitney M. (Executive Director, National Urban League – NYC, WDC)

Young, Coleman Alexander  (Mayor of Detroit)

Young, Glenn O. (JBS; American Adviser newsletter; Congress of Freedom; Liberty Lobby – Sapulpa OK)

Young, Milton Reuben (U.S. Senator – ND)

Young, Stephen Marvin (U.S. Senator – OH)

Your Heritage Protective Association (Armen Condo – CA)

Zemanek, Timothy John aka John Zemanek (American Volunteer Group, Minutemen, Patriotic Party--CA)

Zionist and Israeli Organizations (FBI Los Angeles file 105-900)

ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government)

Zoll, Allen Alderson aka A.A. Zoll (American Patriots Inc., National Council for American Education – NYC)

Zoul, Louis (Liberty Lobby; 1959 book, Thugs and Communists NYC)

Zwicker, Ralph W. (Maj. Gen. US Army)