The following report is written to address the numerous falsehoods and misrepresentations of the John Birch Society about one of their members (Rev. Delmar Dennis) whom, although personally courageous, was NOT what the JBS pretends.

As often is the case with the Birch Society, JBS defenders like JBS Communications Director Paul Druga or Alex Newman artfully select only certain isolated superficially positive data about the JBS as a means of presenting their self-congratulatory arguments about the JBS but they deliberately OMIT all the unpleasant but more relevant details – because they are NOT helpful for their narrative.

FBI documents make it clear that Rev. Delmar Dennis was a product and an adherent of the prevailing racist values of white Mississippians during the 1950's and 1960's. These are the folks that elected and re-elected U.S. Senator James Eastland, a life-long white supremacist, who sought and received KKK support for his political campaigns. These are the same folks who repeatedly elected racist bigots as Governors such as Ross Barnett of Mississippi.

The FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Jackson MS field office wrote in a summary memo about Delmar Dennis that he was “widely known in rural Mississippi as an ardent segregationist...He founded the First Southern Methodist Church in Mississippi, which church was founded for the sole intent of maintaining racial segregation." [FBI-HQ 170-249, serial #1, page 2; 11/9/64 SAC Jackson MS to J. Edgar Hoover.]

In March 1964, (many months before he became an FBI informant) Dennis became the 32nd member of a Meridian, Mississippi Ku Klux Klan chapter and in April he became Chaplain, of Unit 1, of the Lauderdale MS Ku Klux Klan Klavern. Prior to actual membership he attended KKK meetings.  He was also a JBS member at this time.

Before becoming an FBI informant, Delmar also was a member of the racist group, Americans for the Preservation of the White Race.

Dennis also served on the Board of Directors of the White Christian Protective and Legal Defense Fund which was a Klan front group that was used to raise funds for the defense of 18 individuals involved in the murders of civil rights workers in the summer of 1964 (aka the MIBURN case). For details of this case see:

In 1964, Dennis wrote a pro-segregation pamphlet entitled “The Unconquerable Land”.  He also was Chairman of the White Citizens Council chapter in Lauderdale County MS as well as Chairman of the Public Affairs Committee of the White Citizens Council chapter in Meridian MS.

In July 1965, Dennis accepted the position of Exalted Cyclops in his local United Klans of America chapter.

In November 1965, Dennis attempted to organize a new pro-segregation group in his community, called the Patrick Henry Society.

Rev. Dennis told his FBI case agent that: “…I have learned that the Klan uses meetings of the John Birch Society, Masons, and Americans for the Preservation of the White Race to solicit members for the Klan. The Auxiliary Police in Neshoba County is a front for Klan membership in Neshoba County.” [FBI-Jackson 197-17905-5 (Byron de la Beckwith file), no serial number, Sub-A file, section 1, 11/7/64 Dennis report].

After he surfaced as an FBI informant against the Klan in Mississippi, Dennis told the Special Agent in Charge of the Jackson MS FBI field office that there were “numerous resignations by other members” of the John Birch Society in the Meridian MS area because they were Klan sympathizers!  [Note: the JBS Coordinator for Mississippi at this time (J. Vernon Pace) confirmed this to the FBI.]

Dennis declared during one post-FBI newspaper interview:

“I am doing nothing now but am going on a speaking tour with the (JBS) American Opinion Speakers Bureau. I will be telling Americans everywhere the truth about what goes on inside the klan…I am definitely a segregationist and I also believe in obeying the laws of the land.”  [Carthage MS Carthaginian, 12/14/67, p1].

What the JBS is very careful not to report is that Rev. Dennis was never opposed to Klan ideology about the assumed moral and intellectual inferiority of African Americans.  His objection to the Klan was not to its racism but solely to its violent and criminal activities (because of his religious convictions).  Nevertheless, Dennis was hired by the JBS as a Coordinator and as a paid speaker on the JBS lecture circuit.

The FBI recognized the danger which the JBS and its anti-civil-rights front group (TACT) represented.  In one document, the FBI predicted that “Dennis, by virtue of his work in behalf of the Bureau, will continue to be tempted by organizations such as the John Birch Society who will want to selfishly exploit him”.   [FBI-Jackson 197-17905-5 (Byron de la Beckwith file), no serial number, 01/16/68 Special Agent in Charge FBI-Jackson field office to J. Edgar Hoover.]

The FBI fear re: JBS exploitation of Dennis became real when Dennis started working for the JBS as a paid speaker for its anti-civil-rights-movement front-group TACT (Truth About Civil Turmoil). Dennis sent the Bureau a copy of a JBS flyer advertising his speech entitled “I Was in the KKK for the FBI”. 

The flyer quotes Dennis stating that: 

The Ku Klux Klan has become an important tool of Communist agitators who want to bring a race war to America.  I know this from personal experience.” 

[NOTE:  There is not a single reference to this in any of the dozens of oral and written reports he submitted to the Bureau over a period of 3 ½ years!  Dennis never associated the Klan with “Communist agitators” until after he became a paid employee of the JBS so that his public statements would conform with JBS ideology.] 

similar situation occurred with respect to African American FBI informants inside the CPUSA who subsequently became paid JBS speakers (Julia C. Brown and Lola Belle Holmes).  They contradicted their sworn public testimony and their numerous oral and written reports to their FBI case agents so that their JBS speeches would conform to JBS ideology.

The FBI's evaluation of Lola Belle Holmes after she became a paid speaker for the JBS:

"After she was discontinued as an informant, she displayed signs of emotional instability and it was necessary to admonish her to cease making false statements which were embarrassing to the Bureau." [FBI HQ file 134-4473; 10/3/66 "Office of the Director" note].


It has on previous occasions been necessary to admonish Holmes not to make untruthful statements in which she involved her association with the FBI." [J. Edgar Hoover memo to FBI-Boston field office on July 23, 1969].

The late William H. McIlhany was a JBS member who wrote a 1975 book (Klandestine: The Untold Story of Delmar Dennis and His Role in the FBI's War) about Rev. Dennis’s experiences within the Klan.  McIlhany wrote the following email to me in April 2006 about the John Birch Society magazine, American Opinion:


"I was disappointed that editor Scott Stanley NEVER reviewed Klandestine in American Opinion. He also published an article in AO praising Elmore Greaves, who ran the KKK-fundraising front I described in Klandestine, the so-called White Christian Protective and Legal Defense Fund. When I asked Scott about this, he said, 'You can fight the klan if you want. I’ll fight the Communists.' Which indicated he had not read my book.

"Medford Evans, father of M. Stanton Evans, wrote many articles and book reviews in AO, many of which were excuses for essays he wanted to write rather than real book reviews. He had expertise about Soviet theft of the atomic bomb. But he was also heading up the White Citizens Councils in Mississippi, which I thought was rather embarrassing. I visited him when I lectured in Jackson, Mississippi, in the early 70s. It was clear that he did not like what Delmar did. The Mississippi JBS coordinator at that time also said that some JBS members did not like what Dennis did.  I always made a point of telling the truth on these matters whenever I had a chance.  Bill” [4/5/06 email from William H. McIlhany]

NOTE:  Medford Evans was a JBS Coordinator in Louisiana and Texas. He was also a regular contributor to the JBS magazine American Opinion. In addition, he was the Editor of the national magazine of the segregationist Citizens Council movement, and he was described by the FBI as a “strong supporter of segregation” [FBI-New Orleans 105-1499, serial #2 which is SAC New Orleans memo to J. Edgar Hoover, 2/9/60, page 2]

For additional details re: Medford Evans (and the JBS mythology about him), see: 

The following eight pages are from the FBI Jackson field office file on their new "Racial Informant", Rev. Delmar Dennis -- who infiltrated the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan for the FBI. 




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