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Edgar C. Bundy (Church League of America--CLA) passed away in February 2008. 

Robert Welch (founder of John Birch Society) recommended Bundy and CLA as  reliable sources of information.  Welch’s close friend and confidant, J.B. Matthews, served for a time as Research Director for CLA and, in 1964, Church League of America established the J.B. Matthews Memorial Library.

At one time, Church League of America files (7 million index cards and 200 file cabinets full of material on "subversives") were donated to Rev. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University Library. 

CLA charged its clients $150 to perform a computer search of its files for derogatory information on individuals and organizations.

According to the February 1960 issue of CLA’s newsletter, News and Views: 

“The Special Reports Department of the CLA has expanded greatly within the last year, ever since we obtained as our Chief of Research Mr. Karl Baarslag, former Research Director for the Committee on Government Operations of the U.S. Senate and later with the Committee on Un-American Activities.  Mr. Baarslag was also on the Russian Desk of the Office of Naval Intelligence during World War II and is recognized as one of the greatest research experts in the country on the subject of Communism.”

CLA files incorporated the files of Karl Baarslag.  During World War II, Baarslag served in the Office of Naval Intelligence from 1941 to 1944 and from 1947-1954 he was employed by the American Legion as a “countersubversive specialist” and editor of its newsletter, Firing Line.  He also served as a research director for Sen. Joseph McCarthy. CLA sold 700,000 pages of Baarslag’s files to the Wackenhut Corporation, a private security and investigation company.

For additional information re: the Baarslag files see: 


For additional information concerning use of CLA data by the Wackenhut Corporation, see the January 27, 1977 article published in the Washington Post entitled “Detective Firm Says it Uses Right Wing Group’s Data”.

With respect to Karl Baarslag, an August 1961 FBI memo reports that:

“Mr. DeLoach advised that Karl Baarslag is of the same stripe as Bundy.  He is a ‘professional anti-communist’ and makes his living posing as an expert on communism.  Baarslag has been fired by the HCUA, the SISS, and a number of other Senate committees and commissions.  He is regarded on the Hill as a professional ‘bum’.  For a number of months he worked for H.L. Hunt in Houston TX, however, he eventually was even fired by Hunt.” 

“According to Mr. DeLoach, Baarslag is not reliable and, therefore, it would be most unwise to discuss any matter with him.  Mr. DeLoach determined that Baarslag is currently employed by the Senate Republican Policy Committee of which Sen. Style Bridges in the head and suggested he can discuss this matter with Sen. Bridges and call to his attention Baarslag’s lying statements concerning the Director.”  [FBI HQ file 62-104576, #44; 8/9/61 Baumgardner to Sullivan.] 


As so often is the case with radical right luminaries who claimed to have “countersubversive” expertise, Edgar Bundy exaggerated or fabricated his “intelligence” background. 

I. B. Bruce, Chief of Police, Colorado Springs CO Police Dept, contacted the FBI concerning Bundy’s scheduled appearance at Emanuel Bible Church from July 27 to August 3, 1952.  Chief Bruce inquired about a letter written by Bundy in which he stated that “my credentials are on file with the Bureau (FBI) in Washington, and I have personal letters from J. Edgar Hoover.”  An FBI memo discussing the matter observed that:  Bundy also indicates that he has frequently furnished information to the Bureau and has on occasion worked closely with agents in the field.” [FBI HQ file 62-104576, unrecorded; 7/14/52 memo from SAC Denver to J. Edgar Hoover]

Bundy’s claims were fabrications and, at one point, the Bureau opened an “impersonation file” on Bundy because of allegations that he claimed to have been an FBI employee.  One memo notes that: “The only letter Bundy ever received from the Bureau was dated 6/1/51 and merely acknowledged an unfounded allegation he had made concerning a so-called ‘murder syndicate’. Bundy is typical of the irresponsible, irrational, ‘professional’ anticommunists who make a living out of touring the country and charging fees for their lectures.” [HQ file 62-104576, #26X3; W.C. Sullivan 3/6/61 memo to A.H. Belmont]. Note: In the 1950’s Bundy received $25 to $150 for each forty-five minute talk.]

Furthermore, with respect to Bundy’s claims to Air Force intelligence expertise, Colonel Edward O’Kane, Provost Marshal, Air Defense Command, USAF, Colorado Springs, advised Chief Bruce that an individual who served in the U.S. Air Force with Bundy informed him “that he had known Bundy when Bundy was on active duty.  He stated Bundy was released from the Air Force in 1948 and that prior to his release was engaged in minor routine intelligence duties with the Alaska Air Command.  He described Bundy at that time as a ‘disgruntled individual’ who had told informant that it was his intention upon release from service to expose alleged misconduct of military and civilian personnel in the Alaskan Theater.  To the best of informant’s knowledge, Bundy, while in Air Force Intelligence, had not traveled anywhere outside the United States except for his tour of duty in Alaska.” [FBI HQ file 62-104576, unrecorded; 7/14/52 memo from SAC Denver to J. Edgar Hoover.]

A September 1961 memo discusses Bundy’s military background in greater detail:

“Office of Special Investigations (OSI) on a confidential basis made available files concerning Bundy which were reviewed by Liaison Agent (name deleted) on 8/31/61.  Bundy entered on duty as a Private in the Army Air Corps on 2/27/41 and was separated honorably on 3/8/46 as a Captain.  He served as an intelligence officer from 10/42 to 3/46 and was also recalled to active duty during the period 8/47 to 9/48.  Thereafter, Bundy was active in the Reserves and was promoted to Major in 1/56. ..(Liaison agent name deleted) stated the Air Force is well aware of Bundy as a controversial figure and has officially informed him that what he says and does as a civilian must not give the impression the Air Force in any way is endorsing him.  He has been furnished instructions to this effect as recently as 4/60.  (Name deleted) stated OSI files show numerous inquiries from citizens and members of Congress concerning Bundy and his implied access to intelligence information; however, until it can be shown that Bundy has deliberately disobeyed the above instructions, Air Force can do nothing about removing his reserve status.”

(Name deleted) stated the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff have indicated strong desire to eliminate Bundy from the reserves but to date no legal reason for such action has been found.”  [HQ file 62-104576, #49;9/1/61 memo from name deleted to W.C. Sullivan.] 

FBI files and documents on Bundy and the Church League of America are highly uncomplimentary.   Here are some excerpts: 

“The purpose of this memorandum is to point out some obvious falseness in the irrational diatribe presented by Edgar C. Bundy in the attached seven page letter to the Director and to recommend that Bundy’s letter not be acknowledged.  In his letter to the Director, Bundy is extremely critical of statements by the Director and Sullivan in regard to the extent of communist penetration into our religious organizations.  Bundy, in his harangue, employs all the well-known tricks of the professional demagogue.”  [FBI HQ file 62-104576, #50; 8/11/61 memo to W.C. Sullivan.] 

“Our files are replete with information concerning the hypocrisy and falseness of one Edgar C. Bundy who styles himself as the General Chairman of the Church League of America with headquarters in Wheaton IL.  Bundy is a professional anticommunist whose only livelihood is creating publicity for himself so that he will be paid handsome sums for speeches and literature.  We recently received information that he was selling the Director’s pamphlet, ‘Communist Target-Youth’ for twenty-five cents a copy. I was advised by Mrs. Gwenn Lewis, Assistant Chief Counsel, House Committee on Un-American Activities, on 08-10-61 that Bundy had apparently obtained these pamphlets [at no cost] from Cong. Gordon Scherer (R-OH).  Scherer and Bundy are friendly with each other and correspond frequently.  Bundy has obtained considerable pamphlets from Scherer in the past.” 

“Naturally, any action that hurts Bundy’s livelihood will cause him to turn in fury against his tormentor.  Speeches by our personnel, Messrs. Sullivan and Gray, apparently have caused Bundy considerable worrying. Bundy hysterically points out that the National Council of Churches and the clergy is dominated and controlled by communists. In answer to questions, Sullivan and Gray have coldly and factually pointed out that one of the goals of the communists is to infiltrate the clergy but fortunately there has been no substantial penetration of the clergy.  Bundy has written numerous letters to various people including Chairman Walter of the HCUA and the Director himself.  We, of course, do not dignify Bundy’s letters by replies.” [HQ 62-104576, #unrecorded; 8/11/61 memo from C.D. DeLoach to Mr. Mohr.] 

Several memos refer to three incoming letters from Edgar C. Bundy to J. Edgar Hoover which complain about speeches around the country by FBI Chief Inspector William Sullivan.  Attached to one Bundy letter to Hoover was a copy of a 2/27/61 letter sent by Bundy to Cong. Francis E. Walter, Chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities.  Bundy wrote:  “I call your attention to the attached photocopy…of the speech attributed to William C. Sullivan of Washington, Chief Inspector for the FBI.  If Mr. Sullivan is reported correctly, then he has given the Communists, their sympathizers, fellow-travelers, and dupes among the clergy, the biggest assist against all of us who have been exposing Communist propaganda in church groups which they have ever received…I cannot believe that JEH would permit this man to say these things, in the light of the evidence to the contrary, unless Mr. Hoover is getting ready to resign or retire.  What do you suggest?”   [FBI HQ file 62-104576, #26X, 2/27/61 Bundy letter to JEH.] 

The 3/7/61 Hoover reply to Bundy stated: “I am fully aware of the speech Chief Inspector William C. Sullivan made in Cincinnati on February 23, 1961 entitled ‘Communism and Religion’.  It is completely factual and has my unqualified approval.” [FBI HQ file 62-104576, serial #26X3 which is Sullivan 3/6/61 memo to A.H. Belmont.] 

One memo discusses whether or not the Bureau should reply to Bundy and it then observes:  

“His unstable nature and lying proclivities are well known to the Bureau and need not be repeated here...Lastly, an opportunist and mountebank like Bundy, is far more valuable to any respectable Government agency as an enemy rather than a friend.” 

“In connection with this matter, Mr. DeLoach advised that he and Supervisor (name deleted) of the Crime Records Division first became acquainted with Bundy in 1953 in the American Legion. They never knew him personally and never had any association with him.  They have not spoken to him since 1956 when he deliberately lied in order to get Mr. DeLoach to accept an invitation to speak before a group in Chicago. The speech invitation was declined upon learning that Bundy had lied about the matter. The American Legion kicked Bundy off the National Americanism Commission and additionally out of all posts which he held on a departmental level as of 1957. He was regarded as a troublemaker and specifically a ‘professional anticommunist’ who attempts to feather his own nest regardless of the falsity of facts being used.”  [FBI HQ file 62-104576, #27X; 3/17/61 memo from W.C. Sullivan to A.H. Belmont re: incoming Bundy letter.] 

Senior FBI officials handwrote comments at the conclusion of the above memo concerning a recommendation by FBI Supervisor Parsons to ignore Bundy’s letter.  Associate Director Clyde Tolson wrote:  “I agree.  Nothing will be gained by writing to Bundy.”  J. Edgar Hoover wrote:  “I concur”.

Myers G. Lowman (who headed Circuit Riders, Inc. an organization which published “compilations” of “pro-Communist associations and affiliations” of clergymen of various faiths) contacted the FBI on several occasions to report his correspondence with Bundy.   

According to a 3/31/61 FBI memo by the Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau’s Cincinnati office: 

“Lowman states that Bundy’s primary concerns are, in the order listed:  (1) raising funds (2) elevating Bundy and (3) welfare of the United States….Lowman describes Bundy as an individual who would stand on the nose of a prostrate relative in order to elevate his own height one-sixteenth of an inch.  Lowman distrusts Bundy, has no close association with him, avoids his presence whenever possible.”  [FBI HQ file 62-104576, #28; 3/31/61 SAC Cincinnati to J. Edgar Hoover and Sullivan re: Bundy.] 

In July 1961, the Bureau received a letter from The Board of Missions, Florida Annual Conference of the Methodist Church (Winter Garden FL) which enclosed a tape recording of a speech made by Bundy in Orlando which received extensive TV coverage. The Board’s letter asked for an evaluation of Bundy’s statements “since he bases his facts with alleged quotations from the FBI.”   Hoover’s 7/19/61 reply was as follows: 

“In response to your inquiry concerning the statements contained in the tape recording that you forwarded, may I point out that representatives of the FBI who are privileged to speak before various groups throughout the country do so with my full knowledge and approval.  I can assure you that their remarks on communism do not repudiate in any way statements I have made…Assistant Director William C. Sullivan in his discussion of communism dealt with this subject accurately and objectively.”   

Hoover then referred to his discussion of communism and religion in his book Masters of Deceit where “I pointed out that it is a continuing program of the Communist Party to attempt infiltration of every part of society, including the field of religion.  This is still true today.  Fortunately, this evil conspiracy has not made any substantial penetration into our religious organizations.”  [FBI HQ file 62-104576, #36; 7/19/61 Hoover reply to incoming  inquiry.] 

Another August 1961 memo discusses Bundy’s successful effort to get the Sons of the American Revolution to adopt a resolution critical of FBI Chief Inspector Sullivan for his speeches around the country concerning communist infiltration of clergy and religious institutions – which Bundy thought were highly inaccurate. 

“The Sons of the American Revolution is a small outfit; nevertheless, I think we should pin them down and not let them get away with this matter.  Bundy, of course, is a lying hypocrite who has issued such false allegations and charges before.  He makes his living smearing the National Council of Churches and desperately making false charges regarding communism so he can obtain huge fees for making speeches throughout the United States.”   J Edgar Hoover highlighted this portion of the memo and handwrote:  “I agree”.  [HQ 62-104576, #unrecorded; 8/11/61 memo from C.D. DeLoach to Mr. Mohr re Bundy resolution at Sons of the American Revolution.] 

An August 1961 memo provides “an analysis of available material written and circulated by Edgar C. Bundy.”   The memo observes that: 

“A review of Bundy’s material reveals that he is a professional anticommunist who uses vague and nebulous terms.  He is conducting a constant campaign against the National Council of Churches of Christ in the United States of America.  He is opposed to NCCC for theological reasons but uses charges of communist infiltration in his attack against the NCCC. 

Bundy relies heavily on testimony given before a hearing of the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1953.  While most of the testimony relates to the pre-World War II era, Bundy does not give dates for communist affiliation.  He conveys the impression of current affiliation and indiscriminately lumps communist front groups with organizations which have not been cited.  Bufiles will show that Bundy could not prove any substantial communist infiltration into the leadership of the NCCC at the present time and that his argument that there has been considerable communist infiltration of the NCCC will collapse if he is confined to specifics instead of sweeping generalities.” 

An attachment to the memo goes into considerable detail regarding assertions made by Bundy in his publications and speeches. The following excerpts appear on pages 2-3: 

“To substantiate his argument that there has been considerable communist infiltration of the leadership of the NCCC, Bundy relies heavily upon testimony before hearings conducted by the Committee on Un-American Activities during the Spring and Summer of 1953.  At these hearings in New York City, five former members of the Communist Party testified concerning communist efforts to infiltrate churches in the United States.  Of these five, only one was still a member of the Communist Party after 1941.  Thus, the main portion of Bundy’s documentation is based on testimony that is eight years old.  The first-hand knowledge upon which this testimony was based is at least twelve years old.” 

“At one point in his book, Collectivism in the Churches, Bundy lists ‘prominent persons’ in the NCCC along with their so-called ‘left-wing affiliations’ with 51 organizations.  It is interesting that only 21 of those groups have been set forth in the Guide to Subversive Organizations and Publications released in 1951 and 1957 by the House Committee on Un-American Activities.  At the same time, Bundy shows no basis for listing the other 30 of the 51 groups as ‘left-wing’ except for stating that one group called for socialism.  In addition, Bundy, in an apparent abuse of the facts, calls affiliation with the Russian War Relief, Inc., ‘Communist-front association’ although that organization is not listed in the Guide previously mentioned.” 

“From a reading of Bundy’s writings, one gets the impression that the affiliations of certain individuals with procommunist or ‘left-wing’ causes are recent if not current.  For nowhere does Bundy list the dates of affiliations of individuals with the 21 groups or the dates when the groups existed.  It is noted that less than one-third were active as late as 1958 when his book was published.  A majority existed only prior to World War II when Americans expressed antipathy to fascism and/or during that War when the Western Allies were cooperating with the Soviet Union.”  [HQ file 62-104576, #46; 8/23/61 memo to W.C. Sullivan, pages 1-2 of attachment.] 

Another memo goes into considerable detail concerning Bundy’s use of a 2/25/60 statement made by Richard Arens, Chief Counsel of the House Committee on Un-American Activities during a hearing at which the Secretary of the Air Force testified.  Arens said: 

“Thus far of the leadership of the National Council of Churches of Christ in America we have found over 100 persons in a leadership capacity with either Communist front records or records of service to Communist causes. The aggregate affiliations of the leadership instead of being in the hundreds as the Chairman first indicated is now, according to our latest count, into the thousands, and we have yet to complete our check…” 

The FBI analysis of  the  statement by Arens was as follows:  

“In regard to Arens’ statement, ‘over 100 persons in leadership capacity’, the Bureau requested a list of names from the HCUA.  On 3/30/61 a list of 160 names was furnished…We checked the names of the 160 individuals against the names listed in the organizational setup of the NCCC as set out in the ‘Yearbook of American Churches for 1960’, a book issued in September 1959 by the NCCC, and only 19 of the 160 are listed therein.  None of these 19 individuals were on our Security Index in April 1960, and none had been identified as past or present members of the Communist Party.  Of these 19, only seven were listed as current national officers of the NCCC.  Bureau files did not contain any identifiable data of a subversive nature concerning two of the seven.  Of the remaining five, the latest activity of a subversive nature concerning any of them was in 1954.  The remaining 12 individuals of the 19 held lesser positions in the NCCC.  Bureau files did not contain any identifiable data of a subversive nature concerning five of them and the latest subversive activity on the part of any of the other seven was in 1952.  None of the 160 names furnished by the HCUA were those of individuals on our Security Index and none had been positively identified as Communist Party members, either past or present.”  [HQ file 62-104576, #50; 8/11/61memo to W.C. Sullivan.] 

For more details concerning FBI analysis of assertions made by Bundy in his relentless campaign against the National Council of Churches, see chapter three of my report on the John Birch Society here: 


In November 1961, the Bureau received information concerning Bundy’s sexual activities from E.D. Mason, the Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau’s Cincinnati office. 

Mason reported his contact with an individual who had details concerning “illicit relations  Bundy had a with a young boy in eastern Pennsylvania a few years ago at some youth meeting.”  Mason mentioned a letter which Bundy wrote “wherein Bundy pleads with (name deleted) not to destroy him, that he has repented, etc.” [FBI HQ file 62-104576, #55; 11/8/61 letter from E.D. Mason to W.C. Sullivan]. 

Pursuant to HQ instructions, SAC Mason was advised to have Special Agents interview the person who provided the information to Mason regarding Bundy.   

“During the course of interview, while discussing the character of Bundy, (name deleted) volunteered that Bundy is ‘a homosexual – a pervert’.  He said this is well known to the American Council of Christian Churches and to several hundred ministers throughout the United States.”    

The interviewee produced letters he had received from individuals around the country who had complained about Bundy’s sexual advances. Two referred to U.S. Navy personnel who stated that in 1946-1947 Bundy propositioned them.  In addition, there were letters concerning Bundy homosexual acts in New Jersey in November 1953 as well as an instance where Bundy “had enticed a boy in Pennsylvania into a series of acts of perversion when Bundy was in Pennsylvania for the purpose of conducting a crusade for Christian youth.”  The interviewee produced a June 21, 1954 letter written by Bundy  “in which he (Bundy) states in part, ‘I am crying to you.’  In this letter, Bundy pleads for forgiveness by (name deleted), admits there has been much talk about him and promised to try ‘to live my life with my wife by making a living in the secular world.’  

The text of Bundy's June 1954 letter is as follows: 

“Dear [name deleted]: Out of the anguish of a broken heart and a crushed spirit I am crying to you.  I am beaten, defeated and wrecked.  I have withdrawn from all Christian work.  I have been unable to eat or sleep for the past three days.  I have vomited until I cannot do it anymore.”

“I am sorry for all the misery and heartaches I have caused anyone.  I cannot express myself more.  All I ask is forgiveness and something or someone to heal.  If I were there in your presence I would offer myself to be tramped on.”

Please…ask all concerned to stop writing and talking about the situation from now on.  I am going to try to live my life with my wife by making a living in the secular world.  Don’t blame anyone in the ACCC or ICCC for me.  I am not a member anymore of my own free will, and I don’t want any of them to take the blame for me.”

“God alone knows my heart.  I must depend upon him. All I ask is some relief from the suffering which is mine.  I must find rest somewhere, somehow.  Please try to remember me kindly in your prayers.  Again, all I can say to you and the rest is:  I am sorry from the bottom of my heart.  There is an ache which at time seems as if it would consume me.  I do not know to whom to turn for help.  I have credit until I can’t cry any longer.  Sincerely,  Edgar Bundy.”

The “Recommendation” section of a 12/14/61 FBI memo discussing this information stated: 

This is an atrocious situation wherein a man, who advised Agents of the Miami Office during an interview in February 1953, that he is an ordained minister of the Southern Baptist Convention, allegedly under the guise of crusading for Christian youth, is accused of using his endeavors to entice young males into homosexual relations with him.  Some steps should, if possible, be taken to determine if this is true and, if so, to isolate him. Of course, the FBI has no jurisdiction in this matter…However, Mr. DeLoach may have contacts in church circles or other sources who are in a position to run this out and if determined to be true take the necessary steps to isolate him.”   

At the bottom of the memo recommendation section, Director Hoover handwrote, “I certainly concur”.  [HQ file 62-104576, #58; 12/8/61 SAC Cincinnati to J. Edgar Hoover, pages 2-3 and serial #59;12/14/61 memo from name deleted to W.C. Sullivan, pages 1-2.] 

In April 1962 Bundy made a speech at a DAR Convention entitled “The Battle For Truth in the United States of America”.  At the bottom of the memo summarizing Bundy’s remarks, J. Edgar Hoover handwrote:  “Bundy is a charlatan.”  [FBI HQ file 62-104576, #73; 4/20/62 memo from name deleted to Mr. DeLoach, page 2] 

In 1982 Bundy resigned as head of Church League of America due to revelations about his on-going homosexual activities with CLA board members and young men he hired to work at CLA.   

A relative of Bundy who contacted me on April 3, 2008 stated that: 

“Early in Bundy's military career, he had a homosexual relationship and was told by his officers to get married as soon as possible if he planned to have a career in the military. This was told to me by his sister and my grandmother...She was very close to him and knew all of his secrets and passed them on to her children and later on her grandchildren. She, Edgar, and her sister Beatrice were molested as children by numerous relatives.  Needless to say, I am not proud of this side of the family.” 


In June 2008 I received another portion of the FBI file on Edgar Bundy.  One serial, in particular, contains a blistering denunciation of Bundy.   [See, in particular, sections below captioned "A Pious Hypocrite" and "Sexual Perversion".]

Below I copy major excerpts from an 11-page memo which is from FBI HQ file 62-104576, serial #92; 5/6/63 memo from R.W. Smith to FBI Assistant Director W.C. Sullivan.

Incidentally, a February 17, 1964 memo in the Bundy file makes a comment about Myers G. Lowman of Circuit Riders, Inc. Here is the FBI summary on Lowman which includes a reference to a handwritten comment by J. Edgar Hoover:

“Lowman and his organization are well known to us.  He is an extremist and you will recall that in March 1961 he telephoned your (Mr. DeLoach’s) office to complain that Assistant Director Sullivan’s approach to communism was a serious deterrent to those trying to expose this menace.  The Director [Hoover] noted at that time that Lowman ‘is a fanatic and therefore irresponsible.’  According to our files as of June 1962, the Internal Revenue Service was investigating him for not having filed income tax returns for a period of nine years. SAC Mason recently advised us that this matter is still not adjudicated.  SAC Mason advised that Lowman contacts him approximately once a year and he has noted that Lowman has been becoming visibly more nervous and unstable, and appears to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.”


“Bundy’s latest tactics are consistent with his past activities.  He consistently attempts to divide and destroy while ostensibly defending.  He is a charlatan who feeds like a parasite off of respectable people and organizations by skillfully creating the false impression that they sanction or endorse his activities.”

“Bundy’s false impressions through the years have led to (1) warning by us to cease and desist efforts to trade off our reputation, (2) warning by Air Force to cease creating impression he is still an officer in active status having access to intelligence information, and (3) dismissal in 1957 from all posts by American Legion whose officials regarded him as a troublemaker.”

“Bundy is clearly an evil force with a complex to destroy.  For years, he has been engaged in an ostensibly patriotic crusade which actually constitutes a monstrous effort to destroy the members of his own profession---the clergy.  The damage this man has done in the cities and towns throughout our country by his self-serving activities constitute a spike driven into the heart of this Nation.”

“Most disgusting of all is true nature of this pious hypocrite.  He brags about being an ordained minister.  He poses as a paragon of virtue for youth.  He parades as a patriot.  The disgusting truth is that Bundy is a sexual pervert.  He has been for years and is the worst kind in that he particularly favors satisfying his perverted desires with young boys.  Bundy’s perverted sexual activities reportedly are well known to hundreds of ministers across the country.  In fact, one minister maintains a comprehensive file containing information about Bundy’s homosexual activities and has advised that when confronted with evidence about this activity Bundy readily confessed but begged forgiveness.”

“We must be continually alert to and on our guard against the activities of Bundy.  This despicably evil and hate-consumed individual has demonstrated a burning desire to destroy anyone or anything that stands in his way.” 


Anticommunist Profiteering

“Bundy’s hypocrisy is illustrated by his condemnation of such activities accompanied by the observation that he attributes much of this to individuals who ‘have exploited the communist movement for personal gain’.  What brass he has!  This is precisely what he has been doing for years!”

“Bundy ranks foremost among those exploiting the communist issue for personal gain.  He travels around the country extensively accepting fees for lecturing on communism. In this connection he also sells anticommunist kits containing items on communism, many of which he obtains free.  In 1961, we had two Agents order him to stop including several FBI pamphlets in these kits. He was obtaining thousands of these free in quantity through other sources here in Washington and selling them.”  

A Charlatan Trading on False Impressions

“He continually works to create the impression that he either is a spokesman for, or is supported by, responsible and respected groups.  As far back as the 1950s, for instance, we began receiving inquiries from individuals who had heard Bundy lecture and who received the impression from comments made by him that he either was a former Agent of the FBI or worked in close liaison with FBI Agents.”

“We are not the only ones who have been concerned with Bundy’s activities bordering on impersonation. Bundy served with the Air Force in World War II, attained the rank of Major, and presently holds that rank in the inactive Reserve.  Bundy has exploited this to such a degree for his own purposes that the Air Force has had to warn him that what he says and does as a civilian must not create the impression that he in any way speaks for the Air Force or that it endorses him or his views.”

“The Air Force action was prompted by Bundy’s activities serving to create the impression that he has current status as an Air Force officer and has access to intelligence information.  Bundy does this, for example, by circularizing material which identifies him in bold print as Major Edgar C. Bundy. His former status in this regard in set forth in small print.  He creates the impression that he currently has access to intelligence information by claiming to have served ‘nineteen years in the Intelligence Service of the United States Air Force.’  Actually he was in the Intelligence branch four and a half years during slightly more than six years of active duty, but he links this with his Reserve status to justify his distorted claim.”

Removed From Legion Posts

“Fortunately, the American Legion of which Bundy who is a joiner was once a member, was not as restricted by legal technicalities when it found him abusing his Legion membership.  The American Legion kicked him off its National Americanism Commission and also out of all posts he had held on a departmental level as of 1957.  He was regarded in the Legion as a troublemaker and specifically as a professional anticommunist who was attempting to feather his own nest regardless of the false nature of the facts he was using in his activities.”  

An Evil Force

“The picture that emerges of Bundy is clearly one of an evil and a divisive force.  He would like to destroy the cohesiveness among FBI personnel.  He would like to drive a wedge between us and our friends.  He would separate us from the Administration.  He would create a chasm between us and Congressional Committees.  He would remove us from our supporters such as those in the American Bar Association presently under attack by him.”

“But the problem that Bundy has created for the FBI is nothing compared to the problem he has created for the Nation.  Cities and towns throughout the country have been marred and scarred by the discord and confusion his tactics have created.  Through his self-serving activities and his vengeful attacks on the clergy around the country, this man has driven a spike deep into the heart of the Nation.  His is dividing people and turning them against each other at a time when our greatest need in this country is for unity and understanding.”

A Pious Hypocrite

“Most disgusting of all in the activities of this pious hypocrite is the revelation that he is nothing more than a whited sepulcher concealing depravities that cry out for him to attempt to heal himself before he attempts anything else.”

“An important clue as to Bundy’s true nature is contained in his military service record.  In one of his performance ratings covering the period of August 1947 to January 1948, his commanding officer noted that he was a ‘feminine type of officer’ and recommended his transfer to something like a Special Services Unit where his professional studies in music and vocal art would be more beneficial to the armed forces.  In blunt terms, his commanding officer described him as ‘self-centered, stubborn, egotistical, and biased.’  Most significant, however, is an officer labeling another feminine, particularly when that officers work is concerned with intelligence functions.  It seems pretty obvious that Bundy’s commanding officer at that time either knew enough or suspected enough to want to remove him from a position where he definitely would constitute a security risk.”

Sexual Perversion

“The information that we have since obtained about Bundy’s true nature justifies any suspicions his former commanding officer may have had about him.  Bundy, who brags that he is an ordained minister of the Southern Baptist Association, who holds himself as a paragon of virtue for youth, who would make it appear that he is one of the last of the true patriots, is actually a sexual pervert who for years under the guise of crusading for youth has been attempting to entice young boys into homosexual relations with him.”  


“Without presuming to attempt a psychiatric analysis of Bundy and the motivation for his actions, it appears that his own character defects may contain an important key to his actions, particularly in regard to his determined and relentless attacks on men in his own profession---the clergy.  It may be that his conscious recognition of his failure and his inability to maintain the high-level of standards that generally apply among the clergy are driving him to attempt to drag them down to his level by efforts on his part to create doubts about them, to cast suspicion upon them, and to deride them through all forms of the use of half-truths, distortions, and outright lies. Aware for years of Bundy’s true nature, we have always been most circumspect in our dealings with him and, most recently, in March 1963, when he called to ask if the FBI had scratched him off our list, we let him know in no uncertain terms that we had.”