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Laboratorio de Física Estadística de Sistemas Desordenados/

Laboratory for Statistical Mechanics of Disordered Systems

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(2012) B. Berche, E. Medina, and A. López Spin superfluidity and spin-orbit gauge symmetry fixing. 
Europhysics Lett. 97, 67007 (2012).

(2011) B. Santos, E. Medina, A. López, B. Berche. Interferometric device for spin filtering in a GaAs/AlGaAs electron gas. Journal of Applied Physics 110, 114523

(2010) A. López, E. Medina, N. Bolívar, and B. Berche. Mach-Zehnder spin interferometer based on active Rashba-Dresselhaus media: Conditions for perfect spin filtering. J. Phys. Cond. Matt. 22, 115303.

(2010) M. Peralta, E. Medina, and A. Donoso. Thermodynamics of Small Electromagnetic Generators: An Experimental Perspective. Journal of Physical Studies 13, 6.

(2009) S. Yeganeh, M. Ratner, E. Medina, and V. Mujica. Chiral Electron Transport: Scattering through Helical Potentials. Journal of Chemical Physics 131, 14707

(2008) E. Medina, A. López, and B. Berche. Gauge symmetry breaking and topological quantization for the Pauli Hamiltonian. Europhysics Letters 83, 47005. 

(2007) A. López, V. M. Villalba, and E. Medina. Two-electron-entanglement enhancement by an inelastic scattering process. Physical Review B 76, 115107.

(2007) A. López, O. Rendon, V. M. Villalba and E. Medina.  Two-electron entanglement in quasi-one dimensional systems: Role of resonances. Physical Review B  75, 033401, PDF

(2006) L. E. F. Foa Torres, H. M. Pastawski and E. Medina.  Antiresonances as precursors of decoherence. Europhysics Letters 73, 164 PDF (Editorial Board Highlight paper of 2006)

(2006) A. López and E. Medina.  Entanglement production under electron-phonon interaction in a quantum dot. Condensed Matter Physics 9, 343 PDF

(2005)   I. Bonalde, E. Medina, and S. Wasim. Temperature dependence of the Urbach energy in Cu-III3-VI5 and Cu-III5-VI8. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 66, 1865 PDF

(2005)   S. Wasim, I. Bonalde, E. Medina, G. Marin, and C. Rincon. Defect induced increase in the phonon energy involved in the formation of Urbach tails in Cu Ternaries. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 66, 1187 PDF

(2005)   R. A. Pinto, M. Rodríguez, J. Gonzalez, E. Medina. Metal-Insulator transition in one dimensional lattices with chaotic energy sequences. Physics Letters A 341, 101 PDF

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(2002)   L. Foá Torres, H. M. Pastawski, and E. Medina. Electron phonon interaction and electronic decoherence in molecular conductors. Chemical Physics 281, 257 PDF

(2001)   S. Wasim, C. Rincon, E. Hernandez, I. Bonalde and E. Medina. Effects of structural disorder on the Urbach's energy in Cu-ternaries. Physical Review B 64, 195101 PDF

(2001)   C. Rincón, S. M. Wasim, G. Marín, R. Márquez, L. Nieves, G. Sánchez Pérez and E. Medina. Temperature dependence of the optical energy gap and Urbach's energy of CuIn5Se8. Journal of Applied Physics 90, 4423 PDF

(2001)   H. M. Pastawski, and E. Medina. Tight binding methods in quantum transport through molecules and small devices: From a coherent to a decoherent description. Revista Mexicana de Física 46, 1 PDF

(1999) M. Araujo, E. Medina and E. Aponte, Spectral Statistics and Dynamics of Levy Matrices.
Physical Review E,  60, 3580.

(1987) R. Nava and E. Medina, Low-Temperature Ultrasonic Attenuation by Strongly Dispersive
 Transverse-Acoustic Phonons in a-Quartz. Physical Review  B  36, 3422

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(2005) A. Hasmy, A. J. Perez-Jimenez, P. García-Mochales, J. L. Costa-Kramer, M. Díaz, E. Medina, and P. Serena, Ballistic resistivity in Aluminum nanocontacts. Physical Review B 52, 245405 PDF

(2005)   P. García-Mochalez, S. Pérez, P. A. Serena, E. Medina, and A. Hasmy, Breaking Processes in Nickel nanocontacts: a statistical description. Applied Physics A 81, 1545 PDF

(2005)   P. Garcia-Mochales, C. Guerrero, E. Medina, P. A. Serena, and A. Hasmy. Atomic configurations of Aluminum and Nickel breaking Nancontacts. Material Science 23, 413 PDF

(2004)   P. Serena, A. Hasmy, E. Medina, J. Villaroel, and C. Guerrero. Molecular dynamics simulations of breaking metallic nanowires. International Journal of Nanotechnology 1, 265 PDF

(2003)   M. Díaz, A. Hasmy, E. Medina, P. Serena, J. Costa-Kramer. Evidence of shell structure in Au nanocontacts at room temperature. Nanotechnology 14, 113 PDF

(2003)   P. Serena, E. Medina, and A. Hasmy. Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Metallic Nanosystems. Molecular Simulation 29, 427 PDF

(2003)   E. Medina, M. Díaz, A. Hasmy, P. Serena, C. Guerrero, J. Costa-Kramer. Ionic shell and subshell structures in Aluminum and Gold Nanocontacts. Physical Review Letters 91, 026802 PDF

(2002)   A. Hasmy, and E. Medina. Thickness induced structural transition in fcc metal nanofilms.   Physical Review Letters 88, 096103 PDF

(2001)   M. Díaz, J. Costa-Kramer, E. Medina, P. A. Serena, and A. Hasmy. Simulations ans experiments of Aluminum conductance histograms. Nanotechnology 12, 121 PDF

(2001)   A. Hasmy, E. Medina, and P. A. Serena. From favorable atomic configurations to supershell structures: A new interpretation of conductance histograms. Physical Review Letters 86, 5574 PDF


        Strongly localized systems                          Página Principal/Main Page


(2007)   M. Rodríguez, I. Bonalde, E. Medina. Consistent hopping criterion in the Efros-Shklovskii regime. Physical Review B 75, 235205. PDF 

(2005)   M. Rodríguez, C. Quiroga, I. Bonalde, E. Medina, G. Marin, and C. Rincon. Preexponential factor in variable range hopping conduction in CuInTe2. Solid state Communications 136, 228 PDF

(2003)   R. Rangel, E. Medina. Non ergodic fluctuations in mesoscopic insulators with spin-orbit coupling Revista Mexicana de Física. 49 Suplement 3, 179 PDF

(2003)   C. Quiroga, R. Oentrich, I. Bonalde, E. Medina, S. M. Wasim, G. Marí n. A temperature-dependent preexponential factor in Efros-Shklovskii variable range hopping conduction in p-type CuInTe. Physica E 18, 292 PDF

(2002)   R. Rangel, and E. Medina. Persistent non-ergodic fluctuations in mesoscopic insulators: The NSS model. European Physical Journal B 30, 101 PDF

(2001)   E. Medina, E. Roman, and R. Rangel. Non-ergodicity and fluctuations in mesoscopic insulators: The replica cooperon and diffuson. Europhysics Letters 64, 647  PDF

(2000)  E. Medina and H. M. Pastawski, Level broadening and quantum interference effects in insulator.
Physical Review B 61, 5850.

(1996) E. Medina, M. Kardar, and R. Rangel, Magnetoconductance Anisotropy and Interference Effects in the Strongly Localized Regime. Physical Review B 53, 7663.

(1992) E. Medina and M. Kardar, Quantum Interference Effects in Strongly Localized Electrons.      Physical Review B  46, 9984

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Physical Review Letters  66, 3187.

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Physical Review Letters  66, 2176.

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(1989) E. Medina, M. Kardar, Y. Shapir and X. R. Wang, Interference of Directed Paths in Disordered Systems. Physical Review Letters  62, 941.

Statistical Mechanics                                      Página Principal/Main Page

(2005) F. López, R. Perez, F. Ruette, and E. Medina.  Entropic effects and diffusion of methane in silicalite zeolites. Physical Review E 72, 061111 PDF  (Reviewed in Chemical Reviews (2008), 108 4125)

(2001)   C. Goze, R. Paredes, E. Medina, C. Vasquez, and A. Hasmy. Three dimensional rotational Langevin dynamics and the Lebwohl-Lasher model. Physical Review E 63, 4270  PDF

(1998) E. Aponte and E. Medina, Directed Paths on Hierarchical Lattices with Random Sign Weights.
Physical Review E,  58, 4246.

(1994) R. F. Angulo and E. Medina, Conductance Distributions in Random Resistor Networks; Self Averaging and Disorder Lengths. Journal Statistical Physics 75, 135.

(1993) E. Medina and M. Kardar, Non-Universality and Analytic Continuation in Moments for Directed Polymers on Hierarchical Lattices. Journal Statistical Physics 71, 967.

 (1992) R. F. Angulo and E. Medina, Limit Distributions in Random Resistor Networks.                    Physica A  191, 410.

(1989) E. Medina, T. Hwa, M. Kardar and Y.-C Zhang, The Burgers' Equation with Correlated Noise: Renormalization-Group Analysis, and Applications to Directed Polymers and Interface Growth.         Physical Review A  38, 3053

 Granular media                                                      Página Principal/Main Page

(2011) C. Santos, V. Urdaneta, X. García, E. Medina. Compressional and shear wave velocities in discrete particle simulations of Quartz granular parkings: Improved Hertz-Mindlin contact model” Geophysics 76, E165-E174

(2010) E. Medina, X. García and V. Urdaneta, Force fabric and macroscopic friction in two-dimensional granular materials. Physical Review E 81, 022301

(2009) C. Santos, V. Urdaneta, E. Medina and X. García, Grain parameter effects on seismic attribute I: Sorting. AIP Proceedings 1145, 815.

(2008) X. García and E. Medina, Strong-weak network anisotropy switching and hysteresis in a 3D granular material. Physical Review E 78, 021305

(2007) X. García and E. Medina, Acoustic response of cemented granular sedimentary rocks: Molecular dynamics modeling. Physical Review E 75, 061308

(2006) X. García and E. Medina, Cyclic loading-unloading of a realistic sand model: Hysteresis effects. Geophysics  71, 13 

(2004) X. García, M. Araujo, and E. Medina. P-Wave Velocity-Porosity relations and homogeneity lengths in a realistic deposition model of sedimentary rock. Waves in Random Media 14, 129 PDF

(2003) R. Darias, R. Paredes, P. J. Colmenares, and E. Medina. Simulation of suspensions in constricted geometries by Dissipative Particle Dynamics. Molecular Simulation 29, 443 PDF

(2002) R. Paredes, R. Pinto, A. Nuñez, R. Darias, and E. Medina. Viscosity minimum in bimodal concentrated dispersions under shear. European Physical Journal E 9, 327 PDF.

(2000) A. Rodríguez and E. Medina. Analytical  results for random line networks applications to fracture networks and disordered fiber composite. Physica A,  282, 35-49. PDF

(1997) A. Rodríguez and E. Medina, Geometrical and transport properties of disordered fibre networks: Analytical results. Modern Physics Letters B  11, 867. PDF

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