Ernest Goodman

An IMB missionary who insists on asking questions to which everyone knows the answers. He uses "Quotation marks" and (Parenthesis) way too often. He refers to himself in the third person in order to keep everyone straight in his head. Ernest Goodman is not his real name. 

Ernest Goodman:

Unless writing a lot makes one a "writer," Ernest is a full-time missionary with the International Mission Board. He lives somewhere in Western Europe, where he drinks too much coffee and over-analyzes human behavior. For more about Ernest, visit the Biography page, or read a long-time reader's interview with him.

Ernest Says: 

  • Jesus did not come to start a new religion.
  • The Great Commission is not a finishable task.
  • Obedience is the best strategy.
  • Relationship is the context of the gospel.
  • Our role is to share life with people.
  • People are not projects. Stop treating them that way.
  •  What works is not always what God want us to do.
  • Short-term partners are dangerous, and not in a good way.
  •  Another person's eternity does not depend on me.
  • Truth is universal, but our perspectives on it are not.
  • There is no formula to church planting.
  • There is no difference between discipleship and evangelism. 
  • If there is a shortage of workers on the field, it can only be for one of two reasons. 1) The sin of those who have been called but refuse to go, or 2) God is not calling the masses of missionaries we think necessary to do His will. 
  • God doesn't only speak ancient Greek.  
  • Following Jesus is not safe. (Ok, so this one was C.S. Lewis)  

 About His Blog: 

  • I'm not entirely sure why anyone would read what I have to say in the first place, but I am thankful for those who do, and for those who take time to comment. Except the mean people.  
  • I never really know what people are going to respond to and what's going to be a big deal. I've written some pretty inflamatory things (or so I thought) that haven't generated a single comment. But then a post about alcohol got people talking. 
  • Sometimes, there is a temptation to write about more controversial things, just to generate comments. It's a real letdown to pour my heart out about something and then to not get any comments about it.
  • I really want to become a better writer. Sometimes I can tell by the comments I get that I did a terrible job of communicating.  Other times, I realize that no, I got my meaning across, it was just wrong. 

How You Can Pray For Ernest: 

  • Friends and readers to explore ides with
  • Creativity and clarity as he expresses his thoughts
  • That God would protect him from writing anything he might regret
  • That the conversation would be filled with grace and humility
  • That his writing style would mature; that it wouldn't read as through he wrote it once in simple language and then substituted in synonyms from the thesaurus
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