Ernandes Mourão Júnior

Bachelor in Computer Science at University of Fortaleza, Brazil.


  • System Analyst / Java Specialist / Mobile Application Engineer


  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML
  • Design and development of applications using Java (JSE, JEE, and JME), SuperWaba and Coldfusion MX 7 platforms
  • Development frameworks (JUnit, Struts, Ibatis)
  • Framework development using Superwaba, JME and Coldfusion MX 7 Plataforms
  • Mobile Game Development using Java ME
  • Strong problem solving skill
  • Code optimization for Mobile Applications
  • Project Coordination
  • Technical Leader
  • Working with RUP, SCRUM and CMMI-3 processes

Worked Areas

  • Framework Development
  • Sales Automation Application
  • Service Order Application
  • Event Management Application
  • Mobile Game
  • Content Handling Application
  • Java Technology Instructor

Personal Projects

  • M-Stocks App - Mobile Application to access stocks market information
  • Twitter API ME - API to access Twitter informatino from mobile devices
  • UI Components for Java ME - A set of UI components developed in Java ME Low Level API


  • Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4
  • Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Platform JEE
  • Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer Version 1.0
  • Sun Certified Business Component Developer JEE Platform 5
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)


  • Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2008 - EcoMate application


  • Software Architecture, Design Patterns, Object-Oriented Analysis
  • Java Platform, Coldfusion Platform
  • Mobile Applications and Games, Web Applications, Real-time Applications, Distributed Systems
  • Code Optimization, Code Conventions


  • Tuning ME: Developing "Fast and Furious" applications. 71. DevMedia, 2009.
  • Java ME Platform SDK 3: The successor of Wireless Toolkit. Java Magazine. 69. DevMedia, 2009.
  • Web Feed Reader ME: Accessing web feeds from mobile devices. Java Magazine. 67. DevMedia, 2009.
  • MP3 Player ME: Mobile devices also make noise. Java Magazine. 61. DevMedia, 2008
  • M-Stocks App: Java ME Platform reaches the financial market. Java Magazine. 60. DevMedia, 2008
  • JSR 257: Contactless Communication API: Working with RFID from mobile devices. Java Magazine. 56. DevMedia, 2008
  • JSR 256: Mobile Sensor API: Accessing sensors from mobile devices. Java Magazine. 55. DevMedia, 2008
  • SuperWaba in the Field: A Corporate application for handhelds. Java Magazine. 29. DevMedia, 2005

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Winner of Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2008