Andrei Lappo, PhD
General Director of The Scientific and Research Institute of Maritime Spatial Planning “Ermak Northwest”.
e-mail: info@ermaknw.ru

The Scientific and Research Institute of Maritime Spatial Planning “Ermak Northwest” was created in 2014. It joint urban designers of the largest scientific and design organizations of the Russian Federation. Professional team of specialists have extensive experience in designing: more than 500 scientific and engineering projects, including land planning schemes at all levels, from the municipal areas to the Subjects of the Russian Federation, master plans of municipalities and planning projects, land use and development rules, projects of agglomerations, research and development projects, etc.

One of our main areas of activity is the theory and practice of maritime spatial planning (MSP). Based on domestic and international experience in land use planning, on the existing legislation, including Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, using the results of major international projects in the field, MSP pilot projects implemented in recent years, "Ermak Northwest" successfully develops guidance documents for MSP and spends their approbation on the sea areas of the Russian Federation.

Institute staff is actively involved in a number of major international projects: BalticLines, 30 Miles, Baltwice and others.

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The Scientific and Research Institute of Maritime Spatial Planning “Ermak Northwest”  became a member of the ICIF - International Fund for Investment Cooperation.

"Investment Cooperation International Fund" was established with the support of the Administration of the President of Russian Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation and Ministry of Regional Development of Russian Federation. 
The main goals and objectives of the ICIF are the development, organization and participation in the implementation of federal and inter-regional programs of economic and social spheres of the Russian Federation. Fund Participation is carried out on public-private partnership. The Fund participates in the development of specific programs on technology and technical upgrading of industry, investment in Russian regions, the development and modernization of industrial and agricultural enterprises. 
"Investment Cooperation International Fund" - operates in the following formats:
•        Attracting direct investment to the regions;
•        Develop an optimal system of state guarantees for foreign partners;
•        Optimization of working with Russian and foreign banks;
•        Providing collective security.
The fund has representative offices in Zurich, Barcelona and Hong Kong.
Found leadership has signed agreements of cooperation with the Republic of Kalmykia and the Kostroma region.