Call for participation

Important dates:

15 June 2020 - Deadline for application Part 1
TBD - Deadline for application Part 2
TBD - Qualification announcement
TBD - Competition begins
TBD  - Competition ends


Please check the requirements for ground and underwater vehicles on the resources menu.

Application procedure:

Applicant teams must send an email to expressing their intention to participate in the Tournament and providing the following information about the team by the first deadline:

For part 2, teams must provide the following documents (available later):

  • Scenario Application Paper (describing how the team plans to tackle the TBMs).
  • Letter of Intent (LOI) regarding liability and insurance.
  • Photograph & Video release form signed by each of the team members.
  • Payment of a non-refundable registration fee.
  • A video showing the robots performing the following operations:
    • Marine: Autonomous navigation (in a pool or in the sea) with the vehicle completely submerged with no wiring to control it.
    • Land: Robot driving in an “8” shape path/line.
Selection Criteria:

Teams will be selected for participation  based on

- team research quality, as measured from the application documents;

Number of teams:
- The yatch accident in the harbor competition will have a maximum of 5 double-domain teams (5 land + 5 marine). Double domain teams will have priority over single domain teams in the application process. 
If you are a single domain team  (e.g. only land) please fill the Team Match Form and the organization will help you matching with another single domain team (e.g. only marine). In case a domain has less than three teams registered, the organisation reserves the right to cancel that domain.