I was five when it first happened.  My mother had to have an operation so I was sent to spend the summer away from my family.  To be separated from everyone close to you at that young age was disastrous.  People who lived near a huge lake took me in.  The lake was surrounded by woods and was so huge you couldn't see the other side.   I spent that summer wandering the woods talking to my families friend.  His company, advice and encouragement got me through that lonely summer.  He became my best friend, a relationship that was to last a lifetime.

   By the end of the summer my mother had recovered and I went back to my family.  My best friend went with me.  As I grew up we spent our days together discussing what life was all about.  My best friend had written a book.  As soon as I could read I spent hours reading and rereading it.  It was full of wisdom and understanding about life and its challenges.  I learned a lot from that book that was to help with all the things I would face during my days on earth.


    At the young age of nineteen I was married to a woman I deeply loved.  She became pregnant a few years later, but before the child was born I was sent off to war.  Vietnam was a disaster.  You never knew for sure who the enemy was or where he'd attack.  The men in charge of the war were more interested in the money they could make than in winning the war.  My best friend was always available to give me the advice and wisdom I needed to survive. He also took care of my wife while we were separated.  After almost a year I came home ready to spend my life making the world a better place.

    Over the years I told others about my best friend, and how he helped me. I saw firsthand how those who listened were able to overcome life's problem and those who didn't continued to experience failure in dealing with challenges.

    At the age of 37 the doctors diagnosed me with stage four cancer and gave me a year to live.  Two years of treatments left me so weak I could barely get out of bed.  My best friend told me if I would stop treatments and start walking I would get rid of the cancer.  He also told me that better nutrition would help.  Although I was still weak I got out of bed and walked 1800 miles up the Mississippi river to Canada.  Along the way I told people about my best friend.  When I finished that walk the doctors examined me and found no cancer.  My best friend was right.

    I didn't stop there.  I traveled to other countries of the world walking and telling people about my best friend.  Sometimes I walked alone, but most of the time family or friends walked with me.  No matter where I went I found the things my best friend taught me helped people overcome the problems life brings to us.

     In 2005 I was living near the Mississippi Gulf Coast when hurricane Katrina hit.  As people recovered from one of the greatest disasters to hit the United States, I saw how my best friend and his friends were the ones really helping people put their lives back together.

     A few years later my wife was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in a few short months.  After forty four wonderful years of marriage I found myself without a mate.  The hole in my heart felt as big as a Mack truck.  My best friend was there to give me the strength and courage I needed to carry on.  In a short time he brought a woman back into my life that I had know for thirty years.  I was married for the second time to a wonderful woman who helps me with all the challenges of life.  Many people don't have even one good marriage.  With the help of my best friend I've had two.

        At 65+ years of life I find that there are more life challenges than I ever imagined.  I'm not afraid, but eager to face and overcome every one.  I know that with the help of my best friend I will.  You see my best friend is Jesus.  He will help you just like He's helped me.  If you'd like to find out how, go to