Washington DC
Jonathan had a medical conference with his classmates... so the girls and I tagged along!

We had a fabulous time!  We drove, yes- it did take us 7 hours and we did it in one day!  We stayed in a little bed & breakfast in DC.  It was just a block & a half from the Marriott where the conference was held.  Children aren't usually permitted at this B&B, but the whole B&B was rented out by Jonathan's residency class, so they made an exception for us.  For the most part, the girls were very well behaved and truly loved the attention given them by all of our residency friends. 

The B&B is a block and a half away from the (free) National Zoo.  So we made sure to take advantage of our location and the zoo (there isn't one here in Charlotte).  The girls loved it! 

Sofia was especially taken with the monkeys & orangutans.  She would get really excited, point and make a lot of noise!  When you walk a portion of the zoo the orangutans have these amazing ropes 4 stories up above the walkway and you can watch them climb across the zoo.  It was amazing!

Kate fell in love with the panda bears- we watched them for about an hour... she was so captivated.  She even got a souvenir panda bear that when continually asked named it "Panda."  I love how creative she gets with names!  (wink & a nudge) 

Another highlight at the zoo was when we got to watch them give an elephant a bath!  The elephant loved the bath and would lay down when commanded- it was fun to watch!

After a short debate, Jonathan and I decided to take our bikes and bike trailer and it ended up being our favorite part of the entire trip.  We were able to bike from our B&B to the Mall by going through the zoo and through a beautiful greenway. 

We got to bike along the Potomac- it was absolutely gorgeous!  We are already disappointed that there wasn't more time (or days) to bike it again and again.  The last day was also supposed to be a bike day, but it ended up raining torrential rain- so we were bummed.  On our way home from DC we were able to stop in Richmond, VA to visit Jeremy & Makelle.  Kate & Sofia had a great time playing with their cousins Coleman and Ashlyn.  We live 5 hours from them and wished it were closer because the kids really love each other and play really well together.  Maybe one day...

Overall, our trip was perfect!

One fun highlight was on the last day... the residency groups from across the nation that attended the medical conference had a dodgeball tournament.  Initially, I thought it was kind of lame that they were going to participate in dodgeball- even tried to convince Jonathan it would be a waste of time.  But as it turns out, it was a lot of fun.  It was fun to watch these over worked, sleep deprived residents let loose and get competitive and play!  They ended up doing really well and taking 3rd or 4th place- earning a little gold trophy!  Fun stuff!

Here Kate is trying to get in on the dodgeball action!  At one point her ball made it into the game and she was very distraught until it was returned.

Dr. Keli Kwok, a good friend from med school was also attending the conference and we were able to meet and have lunch together.  She and her husband Alvin, also a resident but for surgery, are living in Boston.  We can't wait until we can go visit them!  It was so refreshing to see her, I have really missed her! 

Here are our little ladies, completely worn out!

Kate & Coleman playing doctor!