Sofia Jane

B- March 22nd, 2007  W- 7 lbs. 9 oz. L- 20 inches  T- 3:17 PM

May 2008

As I mentioned on our main family page, Sofia has started taking independant steps- so she will be walking and running soon!


In case anyone was wondering, she hasn't really started talking yet.  But I thought it worth mentioning that she can say two words really well.  Her first word was "cheese."  Evidentally I take far too many pictures of her.  Her second word is "hi" so I think that she might be a social butterfly like her older sister!  She loves to wave and say hi to everybody and she will go to anybody.  On occassion, I am convinced that she has said "Kate" as well.


March & April 2008

Sofia had 3 birthday parties to celebrate her turning 1!

Sofia 1st Birthday 

February 2008

Sofia is going to be 1 at this time next month.  This year has just flown by.  She is developing into such a fun, thrill seeking little lady.  She is constantly on the go and one of our friends made the observation the other day that she is a "wiggle worm."  She just has to be moving.  Her favorite past time these days are the stairs.  She would climb up them all day long if permitted.  She has a strange interest in area rugs and lifts the edges and inspects what is underneath and so on...  She is starting to challenge Kate-- and what I mean by that is that Sofia is interested in whatever Kate is doing... so this has started a new dynamic and a constant shriek from Kate... "Mom, come get Sofia!" Another adorable trait of Sofia's is how she clasps her hands together- she constantly is holding her hands and interlocking her fingers- it's sweet.  We have been working on her walking.  But she is far too careful at this point to risk falling.  She loves to walk if we are holding her hands, otherwise, she is content to crawl.

January 2008

It is hard to believe that Sofia is already 10 months old.  She has been crawling for a couple of weeks and loves to explore.  Kate now has to defend her toys against Sofia's curiousity-- which is a new challenge for Kate.  But she is handling it well.  Kate loves her baby sister and is always one of the first to celebrate and encourage developmental milestones.  Kate will throw her arms around Sofia's neck and yell, "good job, Sofia" whenever she does something new.  It is really endearing.

Sofia has discovered she has lungs and likes to shriek as communication.  Her other obsession is to stick her tongue out and blow-- Kate reminds me that it isn't good manners to do that.  Pictured right is Sofia discovering a Christmas bell.  It was quite entertaining to watch herself entertain herself with it.  As you can see, she had many interesting tests that she put the bell through.  I think ultimately, she decided it didn't taste good and that she would not end up eating it.  I love the picture where she is holding it up at arms length and puckering her lips.  She is a total ham!  We love it!  This is what we did while Kate was napping in her car seat right behind her.

 Sofia looks good with a spagetti goatie... doesn't she?  As I was cleaning her up with a warm, white wash cloth, she grabbed it and proceeded playing this game that had me laughing for about 20 minutes.  She was hamming it up!  She already shows an abundance of personality at 11 months!  She kept putting the wash cloth on her head and then behind it- she thought she was so clever... and so did I!  (See right for the sequence of pictures telling the story)




Her Birth:

I was induced at 10:30 AM- started pushing just before 3 PM and Sofia was here at 3:17 PM (just about 12 pushes).  It was a fantastic labor & delivery.

Sofia is a fantastic baby!  And she has the most agreeable temperment.  She hardly fusses and she hardly cries.  Unlike Kate, she LOVES her pacifier.  Kate wasn't an easy baby, so they are very different, but both experiences have been cherished.