In a perfect world, there would be smooth pavement and bike lanes for miles and miles!  And the time to ride.

Right:  Jonathan with his 2 girls right before Sofia's NC b-day party.

Right:  Jonathan with his buddies at the Tour of Georgia- Phil Liggett left and Bob Roll right.

Boll Roll signed Kate's jersey, pictured right.  Jonathan also got Levi to sign her jersey but didn't get a picture of that rare event!  I guess Levi doesn't autograph often, but made an exception for Kate!  That was kind of exciting!

Jonathan turned 30 in October... he is always welcomed to each milestone by Erin, who is 2 years older.  He is taking the 30's on gracefully- we are proud of him.  Jonathan got 2 parties for this big birthday... the first was what I thought would be a surprise in Utah while we were visiting... but apparantly he saw an email that I left open on the desktop.  But the 2nd party that I threw for him in NC was a surprise.  Well, until the night before when he discovered the cake in the back of the car.  Blasted!  I almost had him.  On the day of his party he got to go work at an NFL Panther's game.  He was on the sidelines the entire time and had a total blast.  You will also see that a couple of weeks before that he was able to go to a race at Nascar.  He LOVED it.  That came as a surprise.  He said that he can see why people get hooked- it was a rush and a lot of fun.

Jonathan spends his little free time on the following websites:

Jonathan's favorite show:
The Colbert Report

It's on Comedy Central.  If you have the time, watch the Daily Show with John Stewart.  It's right before the Colbert Report.

Jonathan gets a good laugh.  Especially when Colbert interviews district representatives called "Know Your District."


The rock climbing pictures are from while we were in Utah.  We were able to meet up with our good friends, Shad & Brinda.  Jonathan has missed the great out doors during residency and truly needed that!  Kate gave rock climbing a shot.  I don't think Jonathan could have been prouder.  I think one of his dreams came true while he watched her attempt to scale the rock wall.