There is little time with Jonathan-- but completely loving being able to stay home with Kate & Sofia.  I love my girls!
















Charie- one of the most inspiring people I know.  She is so positive and puts off such great energy!  She has mastered the art of remodeling (she and her Jonathan).  She has this amazing eye and she finds incredible deals!  I have loved her from the moment I met her and am blessed by her thoughtful & selfless friendship!  She simply makes me happy and I want to be like her when I grow up!  To see more of her and her beautiful family go to:

This is my friend Michelle!  She has been a heaven send here in Charlotte.  If it weren't for Michelle and her husband Scott, my life would be VERY uneventful.  They throw some of the greatest parties!  She can do ANYTHING and whatever she touches is beautiful!  She has three children and still has time to run the vinyl lettering business on the side.  Her talents are too many to list, but my life has been greatly blessed by having her in it.  And it is an extra bonus that Kate loves her daughter, Maddi!  (

Shanda was one of the first people I met in Charlotte.  I told her from the beginning, she was one of the best finds in Charlotte (and still is).  Her talents are innumerable- and she has shared those talents with us on many occassions.  There are so many things I admire about her.  She is the one that took the time to make Kate her princess dress.  She also made me an awesome apron last Christmas! I am so lucky!  She has a little girl that is a few weeks younger than Sofia (Paris) and I anticipate they will be the best of friends as soon as they realize what friends are.

This is wonderful Heather- whom is the master of creating fun social events that we the adults and our children alike love to do together!  She is the mastermind behind our weekly lunches (a highlight of life), art Camp (during the summer), and a sport's camp.   We, the moms, are paired up in teams of two and we run two camps (i.e. Heather H. and I are in charge of t-ball).  Every Tuesday we get together and there is a different sport.  We run drills, have snacks (gotta have the snacks), drinks and just time to play!  Heather is another friend with so many talents they are hard to list.  Her daughter Sydney is Kate's other best friend! (


This is Tess.  She could give Martha Stewart a run for her money.  She also can sew like it isn't difficult and her cooking... well, she is an amazing cook (another reason I love our weekly lunches).  Tess has two beautiful daughters (both of which have eyes that are so beautiful, you want to swim in them) & soon will be adding a little boy to the mix!  Tess moved here a few months ago and shortly after found out they were pregnant (something I can relate to- dear little Sofia).  She was really sick but none of us knew... she did it with such class.

Stephanie, my dear friend that has been amazing from the start of our adventures here in Charlotte. When we needed a place to stay while we house hunted, we stayed with the "Noots."  And they have been a big part of our lives ever since.  Unfortunately (for us) they are moving to Birmingham because Marty has just finished residency.  Tanner, their oldest of two boys has been one of Kate's best friends.  I don't know how she is going to get along without him-- she knows where his house, church & school are all located.  The Vander Noots are wonderful people who we will miss dearly and conisider them lifetime friends!

Heather H. is the friend I have had the longest-- we came to Charlotte together from the same medical school.  Heather is currently sharing her talents with Michelle, teaching her to play the guitar.  She is another amazing cook and has an eye for decoration & style.  She is a classy lady with two little men that fill her time.  On the side, she has found time to freelance write for some local pubilcations.  She also is an amazing singer (which I think she should do firesides) and she always is dressed amazingly!  Heather has handwriting that should be a font! (

This is my wonderful father!  There aren't words to describe all that he is to me... so I cannot even attempt it.  He is my world.  Which is fitting because he has given me the world- everything I could ever need and ever hope for.  There isn't a day that passes that I do not thank our Heavenly Father that I was raised by "Dr. Bob."  My dad called the other day and said that he was very disappointed in me.  I thought he was referring to my recent hair cut- but no, he was calling because he didn't think that he was on my website!  When you go to all of the different links, there he is... but he wasn't on the first page... so now he is!  (He makes me laugh & smile!)

Mom!  Mom's make everything better!  What can I say about my best friend, my confidant, my hero?  Words fail me as I attempt to describe what she is to me!  I've said it a million times, but I am the luckiest "Little Brown Haired Girl."  Mom is insightful, thougtful, generous, smart, spiritual, kind & compassionate.  All the things we hope to be.  My only complaint is that I don't get her to myself more often.  She has to balance soccer (games, meetings & practices), school, piano, church, flute lessons, cello lessons, Lagoon, band practice, dance.... you get the point.  My life makes sense because she's in it!  I just hope that my girls love me the way I love my mom!

My little Sofia!  What an absolute joy she is!  She is the sweetest little thing!  We cannot believe how much joy she brings our hearts.  She just started walking and is having so much fun!  She loves going to her class at the library.  She loves to be in the center everybody & looking at everything.  She is starting to talk- her own language.  We laugh because her first word was cheese- evidence that I take too many pictures.  She is such a good baby/now toddler she makes me want to have 10 more just like her!  I hope she didn't break the mold.  And we probably will only have one more... not soon.

Kate- my little clone as some like to refer to her as!  She is just a ball of energy that keeps me laughing!  She has developed a love for coloring- and can't get enough!  It is fun to watch her develop into a little girl.  She gives me a lot of material- meaning, she is always doing something funny, sometimes embarrassing, but most often just note worthy!  Some of the embarrassing, not enjoyable moments I often share with my mom whose response usually gets me an empathetic laugh... and pure enjoyment.  She used to tell me stories about me as a child- and the more I think about it, the more I realize that Kate is helping me experience it all over again!  So mom, Kate has helped me appreciate you more on so so so many levels! 

My Jonathan!  He was and still is the man of my dreams.  He is such a remarkable person- as I was reminded of this weekend.  Two nights in a row, two different nurses at two different parties wanted me to know how wonderful they thought he was.  They were impressed by his calm nature (in stressful situations- both mentioned it), his abilities (one even said that some residents will eventually gain the skills, but that he is good at everthing he does) his willingness to help, his kindness, and his language abilities.  One nurse only worked with him for a month while he was working in the TICU and she is disappointed that he won't be there on a regular basis.  These are all qualities I already know Jonathan has.  He is so modest- so I rarely hear him toot his own horn... so I am grateful that these two nurses took the time to express their appreciation for him- and I too need to express my appreciation for him.  He is the best father I could hope for Kate & Sofia.  They are so lucky, as am I, to have his love, his influence, his dedication and time!

~ As you can see, I am a very BLESSED individual!  I have many other friends, lifelong friends that I haven't been able to express my love & appreciation for like I have on this website!  You know who you are... and I love you!

My life is so full!  Thank you for all of your love, support, belief, patience, long suffering, forgiveness, and endurance!  I am a better person because of you!

Happy 4th of July (upcoming)!  God bless this land!

"Nobody minds having what is too good for them." 


"There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart."


"Those who do not complain are never pitied."


"What is right to be done cannot be done too soon."

Just a few good Jane Austen quotes.