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The productivity tools project involved using a variety of computer programs, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to prepare materials that a teacher would need to have on the first day of school. These programs allow teachers the opportunity to make unique materials for their students. 

I created four different artifacts using Microsoft Word. The first thing that I created were some certificates to give out to students. The first, a birthday certificate, was fairly simple to make but is very colorful and vibrant. The second certificate, felicitaciones, was a congradulatory certificate for a student who made an A on a quiz. The next artifact I was able to create on Word was my calendar. Here I was able to present my students with something very creative and informative. The calendar was my favorite of all the artifacts. I really enjoyed being able to be creative with clip art and color. The third artifact that I created on Microsoft Word was my business card. This was something that I never thought of doing as a teacher, but I realized how important it could be. I was able to make something, small enough to fit in a wallet or purse, to give parents that included all of my information. I know as a future parent I would really appreciate something like this from teachers. Finally, the last artifact that I created on Word was my brochure. This was something informative that could be given to both students and parents. I think brochures are a great way to display information about the class and the instructor using both words and pictures.

I created two artifacts using Microsoft Excel. The first, my pictograph, was a survey of a class asking what month students were born in. I took that informatin and put it into a chart which created a graph using pictures to display numerical values. I was also able to incorporate Spanish by writing the months of the year in Spanish rather than in English. The second artifact that I created in Excel was my attendance and gradesheet. Here I was able to keep a record of my students attendance and a record of their grades on each assignment as well as their average grade in the class. This was very practical because I was able to save both sheets under one document. I think this is a great way for teachers to keep track of their paperwork without losing it on a messy desk or a messy computer.

I only created one artifact using Microsoft PowerPoint and that was my classroom seating chart. This was fun to do because I was able to picture what I wanted my future classroom to look like and draw it out on the computer. I am very thankful that drawing is easy to do in PowerPoint because my artistic skills are very limited without the help of a computer.

The last artifact that I created was a word search using Puzzlemaker. Using this website, I was able to choose the title of my word search, the size of it, and also the words that would be included. Not only did Puzzlemaker create a word search for me, but it also generated the solution for the search. This would be very helpful in using something fun like a word search as a small grade in a class. 

The reason for this activity was not only to discover ways that teachers could use this technology, but also how students could use it too. I was able to locate three different lesson plans that describe ways for students to use this technology in the classroom. The instructions for this part of the project asked for reflections of material of a LoTi level of 3 or higher, but due to the nature of my subject matter, that was hard to find. The lesson plans that I have found can be defined as being at a LoTi level of about 2.

The first lesson plan that I found was about a vocabulary blast. This activity has students using PowerPoint and the internet to define vocabulary, create flashcards, and make practice vocabulary quizzes. The students, in small groups, are assigned vocabulary words by the teachers. The students then use websites provided by the teacher, to define their words. Then, they use a flashcard template on PowerPoint to create flashcards to be used as a class for review. In the following activity, the students use the words assigned to their groups to create and interactive multiple choice vocabulary quiz for the class. They are asked to insert hyperlinks in their quiz. Finally, they turn their quiz into a PowerPoint slideshow for the class. This teaches the students how to integrate the internet, PowerPoint, and their studies to come up with a successfull study tool.

The second lesson plan that I found was a family slideshow in Spanish. This activity has students bringing in several pictures of their family members, scanning them onto the computer, and putting them into a PowerPoint slideshow with Spanish descriptions. The students take each of their pictures an scan them onto the computer once being taught how to do so. Once their pictures are on the computer, they describe the actions and characteristics of the people in the photo in Spanish. Then the students place their pictures with descriptions into a PowerPoint slideshow to show the class. This teaches the students how to present material to the class in an interactive way using pictures, technology, and their use of Spanish.

The last lesson plan that I found was a family booklet cover. This stems from the use of class vocabulary along with stories that have been read in the classroom. I suggests in this lesson plan to use ClarisWorks or Kid Pix but I belive students could do this using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. The students are instructed, prior to making this cover, to write a story, similar to one that they read in Spanish class, using their vocabulary. Then, using the computer, they are instructed to make a creative and elaborate cover page for their book. This allows the students the oportunity to learn how to use the drawing toolbar and clip art. It also gives them the chance to be very creative while using their Spanish at the same time.