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Using Microsoft PowerPoint, we were instructed to create an instructional yet entertaining game for students. These games were meant to teach and/or review certain material from the subject area of your choice. I created a PowerPoint game called Fiesta! This game is about Sra. Tuggle's beginning Spanish class and the party that they are planning. Sra. Tuggle is too busy to plan the party so she has given her students a game full of vocabulary to asist them in planning the party. Each question corresponds to a certain letter of the Spanish alphabet to serve as an abc review. The abc questions contain vocabulary about family members (who will be invited to the party), food and drinks (what will be served at the party), and party supplies (decorations and such). There are also pinata cards which have questions and answers pertaining to Spanish speaking culture. These questions are geared toward teaching the students new things about Spanish culture. In the end, the student who has answered each of the alphabet questions correctly along with at least 3 pinata cards in the shortest amount of time becomes the offical guest of honor at the fiesta. 

This game could certainly be used in a classroom setting, although more realistically the fiesta would only be pretend. I believe it would be very useful as a review of basic skills and vocabulary, which is what many of the content standards focus on. I also believe that this could be very useful as a beginning or a lead in to a lesson on culture. The content standards for beginning level Spanish focus alot on both vocabulary and culture, hoping to guide the students toward becoming more fluent and knowledgeable Spanish speakers.