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For my Capstone Project, I created a lesson plan for teachers using my Kidspiration worksheet. My project, entitled Kispiration Translation, instructed students how to use Kidspiration as a new learning tool in the classroom. The classroom as a whole was given a Kidspiration tutorial and was shown was aspects of the software they would be using to complete their assignment. They were then assigned a practice assessment over the material they had covered the week prior, which was the same material on the Kidspiration activity, for homework. The students then checked over their practice homework and were put into groups to begin working on more practice material. The following day, students were given the chance to actually complete their Kidspiration assignment on one of the 4 computer in the classroom. After each student got the chance to complete their assignment, print it out, and turn it in, they were given homework covering new vocabulary. Once each assignment was graded, the class was given back their examinations and was able to give feedback about the Kispiration project.