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In the world of teaching, I believe that no one can be a well-rounded teacher without the help and input of others in the same profession. Although we are the teachers, our profession is such a learning experience. I think that tools such as the ones found in this portfolio can do two special things. The first, they can help teach teachers how to use new technology and incorporate it into their classroom. The second, they can give students a new way to learn lessons while also teaching them how to use technology. Many of the products in this site can be used by both teachers and students, depending on how they are implemented in the classroom.

All of the products in this site were created for a sixth grade or a beginning level Spanish class. This site and the information in it are very versitile because they can be molded and shaped to fit each individual classroom. Having a portfolio online gives teachers and students an easy way to acess material that is useful in the classroom and in learning experiences. Hopefully the information included here will  be an inspiration for others to create their own portfolios and products to use in the classroom.