This site was created to share my notes about Carolyn Resnick's Horse Training Method with others. See the menu at left for notes and summaries of each of the Water Hole Rituals! I'd recommend reading the Ritual Summaries in order  to get a picture of the method. It is meant to be used in an 'organic' way, meaning what feels natural to you and your horse. It is not meant as a rigid 'step by step' rote method (although when you are learning it, it helps to approach it that way). So dive in, get a good overal understanding of the method, and be sure to read Carolyn's book Naked Liberty: Memoirs from my Childhood, and watch/rent her videos "Water Hole Rituals"  "Liberty Training" and "Panadero's Journey."

In learning this method, first you get a basic picture, then you flesh it out with details which will deepen your understanding of how it works and why it works, and as you do it deepens your understanding even more. First you gain a bit of knowledge, then you use/experience it, gain a bit more knowledge, then go out and experience it...its a journey you take, a piece of the puzzle put together one piece at a time. If at any point something is not seeming to make sense, hang in there and look for the answers (ask), and your question will be answered.
If there is any apparent conflict in the information on my site, and her materials, obviously, stick with the source, which is Carolyn! These notes are mine from listening to her lectures, so they may contain some of her info verbatim, and they may contain some of my interpretation. So when in doubt, consult her works!
She is writing a book currently that is meant to be more of a hands on instructional book on the rituals, so stay tuned to her blog and websites for that! Also, be sure to preregister for the Waterhole Rituals Insider Circle Program, where you can be one of 25 students to receive one on one coaching (via phone call), submit videos for her to review, etc. See her website for more details!

to listen to an interview with Carolyn where she explains about her program and gives some how-to, copy and paste the following into your browser:

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