Erin R. Ottmar, Ph.D.

I am an Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences and Technology and Psychology at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. My research and teaching focuses on the intersections of educational, cognitive, and developmental psychology and aims to better understand how cognitive and non-cognitive pathways improve mathematics teaching and learning. I teach classes and mentor students in the Learning Sciences and Technology graduate program and the undergraduate psychology program in the Social Science and Policy Studies Department. 


Erin Ottmar
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Salisbury Laboratories 317C
100 Institute Rd.
Worcester MA 01609

Lab: Salisbury Labs 133


Post-Doctoral Training (2011-2014) UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND Department of Psychology Mathematics Learning and Cognition

Ph.D (2011) 
 Curry School of Education Educational Psychology: Applied Developmental Science

B.A (2005) 
UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND Psychology and Elementary Education