I am a writer and editor, and used my life-long passion for reading to guide me toward a BA in English. I also achieved a minor in Environmental Science, and am very interested in ecological, environmental, and conservation issues. My strong analytical thinking and writing skills help me to look at obstacles and issues from unique angles and bring new ideas to the table.

I genuinely enjoy helping others to become better writers and to develop skills they may not have known they had in the first place. Writing is a crucially important skill to have, and I feel that by helping others to develop this skill, I am aiding them to become the best professional that they can be, regardless of the discipline.

I hope to work in an environment that will allow me to continue to hone my own editing and writing skills while aiding others to create strong, unique writing pieces. I also hope to be able to continue to learn about the environment, ecology, and conservation while working to educate others about issues surrounding these topics.