All photos by Randy Boverman unless otherwise stated. Please credit him if you use these photos.


{Our family was at the top of the stairs to met us, which was overwhelming. I'm so glad that Richard and I met up in private - it really helped diffuse our nerves. But I do wish I had gotten a light-colored purse!}

{You'd never know how hectic it was getting this photo, with the nervous parents and fussy toddlers}

{Me with my parents. I love the colors in the photo - everything really pulled together. My parents made an effort to coordinate, which I didn't think was necessary but am grateful for their thoughtfulness}

{We look so natural in the photo - I think we the least nervous people at the wedding. But this is the special effect that I didn't like, and since it's a lens rather than post-process effect, it can't be undone}

{Again with the lens! But you can get an idea of how the tables were set up}

{My favorite photo of the whole day}

{We caused quite a scene at the Saturday Market - lots of "Congratulations!"}

{I love the steele bridge, so I was disappointed that we were doing an odd pose or face in every photo we took there. You can't tell from the photo (great work, Randy!) but it was very crowded because of Flugtag; I think we just weren't comfortable and it showed}

{At the White Stag building - the colors were perfect, and it's one of Richard's favorite buildings}

{The driver of a pedicab offered us a ride back to Kells. She had recently married, and wanted to help a bride and groom out! We arrived at the same time as many of the guests, so we ended up making a grand entrance}

{Richard and bestman/brother doing their thing}

{My awesome MOH. I loved how she had her hair styled!}

{I think my dad is pretending to light my brother's pants on fire as he sets the candles up for the ceremony}

{Our neice asking if the cousins could throw up ballons at the end of the ceremony as a surpise for "Uncle Richie"}

{Dad showing off how well his tie matched with the tuxedos. He looked goood}

{The Djangophiles provided the perfect atmosphere}

 {We realized during the ceremony that the rings had been forgotten in the back room - the best man had to go out and get them}

{We thought it was funny, too. I told the crowd "Hey, give us a break - it's our first time!"}

{My parents thought it was funny, also. They probably expected something like this from our wedding. A friend complemented us on having a wedding that was "so us" - and we said, "you mean forgetful?"}

{The rings were finally found, and we got married!}

{I love this photo, because everyone is so happy! We did reception seating for the ceremony, which worked really well}

{This photo makes me laugh}

{Detail of the croquembouche, taken by my fabulous sister}

 {Our wedding was fun and relaxed, just like we wanted it}