Finding the right photographer wasn't easy. For starters, there are so many of them! I see and hear of so many great photographers from other brides now, but when I was looking I didn't know how to find them. I ended up looking at Bravo!,, and Portland Bride & Groom magazine. Now Style Me Pretty has a couple of good suggestions, as do brides on the The Knot's Portland board.

To make the search more complicated, we weren't looking for documentary coverage of our wedding. Instead of being tracked for eight hours ("Will they follow you to the bathroom?" my MOH asked), we just wanted high-quality portraits and memorable shots of the ceremony. It was a challenge to find a photographer willing to work by the hour, but we lucked out with Randy Boverman. We felt very comfortable with him - and his prices ;)

{photos by Randy Boverman}

Randy has been easy to work with so far and has been prompt with his communication. Warning: his website is pretty cheesy, but the portfolios he showed us in person were very good. He's a commercial photographer by day, and only does weddings on the side. Therefore, he doesn't do albums, but he is less expensive and more flexible. If you contact him, be aware that he sometimes has to leave town for work and does not have email access, but he will reply as soon as he returns.


At first, I wast thrilled to find a photographer that would just hand us a CD with our touched up photos. I have a design background and was looking forward to doing our album myself. But it turns out that most high-quality album companies won't work with the public. This has been a struggle, but I have a couple of leads with Somerset and AlbumArt. I'll keep this area updated as I find out more.

Note: Brides can always use MyPublisher, Blurb, or iPhoto books for convenient and inexpensive albums. We might do that for parent albums, but I'm looking for a professional-quality matted album that will last for generations.


Photo Inspiration

I'm keeping tabs of photos that I like, so that I can show them to our photographer. 

{In general, I prefer photos that are crisp, clear, and well-framed}

Ahhh... what a beautiful photo!

{I like the black haze around the edge}

{Fish-eye lens can be good}

{I do not like this blurred effect}

 {More blurriness that I do not like}

{Also do not like this effect that looks like bad video}

{And do not like it when the colors are tweaked}

{Me looking all delicate} 


 {Don't forget my handsome groom!}

{Bride & Groom}


I literally love everything about this photo: color, light, angle, pose...

I prefer happy and relaxed portraits

and not "this wedding has left me dazed and distant"

{No jumping}

 {Photos of people kissing kind of grosses me out...}

 {...But sometimes can be cute}

 {I would love a night photo... even though it won't be possible}

{But sunset might be do-able} 

 {Looking like we can dance}

{Coming down the aisle}

{Dad looking choked up}

{Richard's reaction}


 {Just Married shot}

{City shots}

 {In the doorway at Kells}

We are also hoping to take family portraits on the stairwell indoors

{At the bar}

I want a photo like this, but with me, my mom, and Guinness

Photos nabbed from: Randy Boverman, Paul Rich, Evrim Icoz, The Wiebners, Boutwell Studios, Marisa Holmes, Stephen Anthony, Sarah Chen, various Knot bios