Food & Drink

Naturally, our food and drinks will be provided by Kells. The space is free with a per-person food minimum. (Note: I think they have changed their contract so that you MUST meet their pp min to use the space at all). We weren't planning on having a full meal, but now the cost for a cocktail hour and buffet dinner is about the same as hors d'oeuvre somewhere else. The only bummer is that alcohol doesn't contribute to the pp min :(


We're going to have a cocktail hour and a buffet. We went with a buffet because we wanted people to mingle more than they would with a plated dinner and seat assignments. 

Hors d'oeuvres

  • Salmon lox
  • Fried parmesan mushrooms
  • Warm gorgonzola spread
  • Vegetable tray


  • Hibernian salad
  • Ulster champ (mashed potatoes)
  • Buttered peas
  • Cabbage with bacon
  • Spinach and eggplant lasagna
  • Guinness braised beef

Dessert: Flourless chocolate cake

Kells gave us a wonderful tasting - and I'm so glad that we did, because we changed the menu because of it! None of the food was bad, mind you, but we discovered that the cabbage with bacon and chocolate cake is faaaaabulous. The vegetarian lasagna was a lot better than I expected, which was a relief. And if you've never had their gorgonzola spread, well, maybe it's for the best because you'll dream about if after you do.

What I really appreciated about the menu options (and having a buffet) is that we can assure that all our guests with dietary restrictions will be able to eat a complete, satisfying, and delicious meal. At the wedding there will be: no meat, meat but no pork, no nuts, no gluten, no seafood, and a ton of choosy toddlers. BTW, the cake is gluten-free, so it will be offered as a dessert alternative for some of our relatives who can't have gluten. Honestly, the cake is so good that we have have used it in place of a croquembouche if we had tried it first!


In lieu of a cake, we will have a croquembouche from Pix Patisserie,  the traditional wedding dessert in France.  We were attracted to it's visual appeal, and it tastes as good as it looks!


Live Band

Having a live music wasn't in the original plan, but that all changed when we saw Swing Papillion perform at a Christmas party. Richard and I were enjoying their music, agreeing that they would be great at a wedding... and then realized they would be great at our wedding. We eagerly hunted down the band's contact and started making the arrangements... when he informed us that they had - in the meantime - booked another show. {Grrrr!} As a consolation, he put us in touch with the Djangophiles. As their name implies, they are basically a Django Reinhardt cover-band and didn't have the funky, avant garde sound that attracted me to Swing Papillion, but Richard had the live-band bug.. We had great difficulty making arrangements with them as well (maybe it's a musician thing?), but we have finally booked our band! They will play cocktail hour, the ceremony, and at dinner.


We will be our own DJ after the band finishes. Actually, we'll probably be using our computer, not an iPod. My iPod ironically broke a couple of months ago, and I don't see reason to replace it since I don't really use it that often. Kells promises that their sound system is set-up for us to just plug-in, so it should be simple! {knock, knock}