We chose Kells because it didn't need much decoration. But that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it! 


I decided early in wedding planning that I wanted to do our flowers myself. Not only is it a big cost saver (and I'm notoriously frugle), but I thought it would be fun. It's not for everyone, but I'm a hands-on type of girl. I will use dahlias, because I like the way they look and  they will be in season. My parents got really excited and planted a bunch in their yard, but I'll also be purchasing flowers from Swan Island Dahlia Farm. You can pick your own at other farms, but I have no interest in that.

The most difficult part has been the vases! I want a gold, silver, or white trumpet vase, but those are too expensive. Now I'm considering re-purposing beer glasses from Ikea or renting round or tower vases. Grr... 

I'm just going to do something simple, like these (but with dahlias, of course): 

I don't like clear glass. (I don't like seeing stems). So if I buy glasses, I'll etch the entire outer surface for a frosted-glass look. If I rent, then I'm stuck with clear and will move on.

I'd also like to bring in some herbs or moss:



I'm torn between a traditional, dahlia bouquet (like green12's below) or using herbs, heather, or another "bushy" foliage.


Clearly a dahlia would be a good choice, but I might also pick something from our yard. FI would appreciate the sentiment. I also think a four-leaf clover could be cool... but I might need a pro for that one!


Table Arrangement


I desperately want long tables - I prefer the look of them and they seem more social than the big rounds (since I can never hear anyone except the person on either side of me). Alas, as I play around with the room layout, I don't think we can get enough of them in!


Originally, I was good with white tablecloths. After all, they are free and can look just as intentional as colored linens:

{Left; Right}

But now I think I want to break up the white tablecloth, white dishes, white/clear vase with at least a golden runner. Warmer colors on the tables would make the room glow. I'd like to rent to avoid waste, but I might DIY if it's cheaper or I can't find what I want.

{left, middle, right}


I like the look of candles, and one disadvantage of a summer wedding (of which there are many, IMO), is that you have too much sunlight to use them. I may have them anyway and hope the party goes long enough to use them. I like these ideas (via STP):

My sister has brandy glasses leftover from her wedding, so I could put the candles inside them. I think it's kind of cheesy, but it's nearly free.



Guest Table

Wedding blogs have convinced me that I "need" a card holder. While I don't care to spend much energy (or time) for something that will just sit on the gift table, away from the real party, I see the practicality of it. Something like this would be perfect:

 {See how to DIY at Design*Sponge}