Erin & Richard 

We are getting married on August 2, 2008 in Portland, Oregon 

I am the girl that never thought about her wedding before getting engaged. I hadn't pictured dresses or hairstyles. I hadn't thought about flowers. I certainly hadn't been making mental notes of places to hold a wedding or photographers in the area. So this past year has been quite a learning process. I feel like I should write a book. But I guess I'll just publish this bio instead... 

We got married!

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 Inspiration Board

Our colors are antique pink, gold, brown, and white. The color pallet was largely inspired by the color of our location, croquembouche, flowers, and bridesmaids dress. So in other words, I worked backwards and found things that I liked and designed my color scheme around them.

I'm going for an Irish feel. Not four-leaf clovers Irish, but my memory of the bed and breakfasts I stayed at when I traveled through Ireland. The rooms were simple, but felt special because of the everyday use of fine objects that had been collected over generations.

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