Selected Articles/Projects
The Day Before America Was Interrupted: Nine People Recall Sept. 10, 2001,, September 2011
A Change Of Heart And A Leap Of Faith,, July 2011
Naming Trends And How Parents-To-Be Face 'Baby-Name Hostility',, July 2011
Prescription For A Belly Laugh: My Childhood Diary,, July 2010
Marijuana Laws: A State-By-State Comparison,, June 2010
The Question,, May 2010
Europe's Debt Crisis Could Be Long Term,, April 2010
The Secret World Of Confidential Informants,, February 2010
The Science Of Spirituality,, May 2009
When Is The Right Time To Buy Or Refinance?,, January 2009
Geithner's Stumble Points To Tax Complexity,, January 2009
The Big Three Snubbed: What's Next For Automakers?,, December 2008
The York Project: Race & The 2008 Vote,, November 2008
How To Protect Your Money From Hidden Bank Fees,, June 2008

A conversation with Bill McLucas, WBJ, February 2008
D.C. entrepreneur goes from Zipcar to vending carts, WBJ, December 2007
The hunt for the Mobil five-star rating, WBJ, November 2007
Actively Seeking Shallal, WBJ, July 2007
WCTC surveys Icelanders on D.C.'s image, WBJ, May 2007
Keeping Cool, WBJ, May 2007
One bar at a time, Joe Englert transforms the spirit of H street NE, WBJ, February 2007
Are you ready? WBJ, September 2006
Keeping his wits about him, WBJ, August 2006
It's not easy being green, WBJ, June 2006
Latinos: A macromarket for microfinance, WBJ, June 2005
Top of their class, WBJ, July 2005

Butter 'Em Up. Forbes Magazine, June 2003