Annotated Bibliography

A Brief But Delicious Collection of Interesting Works and Working Interests 

Useful texts & potential sources for my tentative unbound project:


Adler, Frances Payne. “Activism in Academia: A Social Action Writing Program.” Social Justice 29.4 (2002): 136-149.

In this article, Frances Payne Adler, Director of the innovative Creative Writing and Social Action Program at CSU Monterey Bay, discusses with fervor the myriad benefits of incorporating social awareness and activism into basic composition pedagogy. Her enthusiastic prose, program outlines, and detailed narratives will be of interest to anyone interested in activist pedagogy.


Alvarez, Julia. “Doing the Write Thing: The (Seeming) Dichotomy of Arts and Activism.” Sojourners 35.10 (2006): 18+.

This short article, written by author and activist Julia Alvarez, addresses the sometimes latent but still powerful connections between artistic expression and social change. An easily-digestible and well-illustrated article for the artist, the activist, and everyone in between.


Friere, Paulo and Donaldo Macedo. Literacy: Reading the Word and the World. Massachusetts: Bergin and Garvey Publishers, Inc., 1987.

This book, which plays host to a long and fascinating conversation between revolutionary educators Paulo Freire and Donaldo Macedo, addresses pedagogy, activism, literacy, ideology, and the current state of the world. A fascinating resource for those interested in social action and ground-breaking pedagogy.


Guynn, Matt. “Theopoetics: That the Dead May Become Gardeners Again.” Cross Currents 56.1 (2006): 98-109.

Matt Guynn is a community leader, religious speaker, awareness activist, and social movement organizer. In this piece, he discusses theopoetics, a movement that focuses on recreating and remapping the dominant social myth structure in order to allow activism and art to move beyond the politely topical and begin the task of  “piercing the heart of ultimate reality, and raising questions which promise to tumble worldviews”(104). A great resource for anyone interested in theopoetics, mythopoetics, and the reshaping of dominant ideology through creative expression.


Turner, Alberta T., ed. Poets Teaching: The Creative Process. New York: Longman Inc., 1980.

In this volume of collected pedagogical articles, poet and educator Alberta Turner advocates for poetry instruction, referring to the study of poetry and writing as “a process of sharpening perception” (Turner 1), a belief shared by the other authors involved in the publication. Simple and conversational, this collection is an interesting read for teachers and writers alike.


Vygotsky, L. S. Mind in Society: The Development of Higher Psychological Processes. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard UP, 1978.

Written by influential Russian psychologist and developmental theorist L. S. Vygotsky, this collection, which discusses human development, social learning, and purposeful literacy instruction, is indispensable in the field of pedagogical theory.