Productivity Tools

Helpful Tools for the Classroom! 


      Capstone Project

  • Tools for Teachers 

  •  By using Microsoft Templates, or similar websites, it is easy to design your own  NEWSLETTER for your classroom.  Newsletters are a great way for you to communicate your class happenings to parents and keep them updated on upcoming events. Simply use ClipArt and WordArt to make it.  It is also a way to teach journalism writing to your students!  


  • You can also use  Microsoft Templates to create BUSINESS CARDS to hand out to parents. These are good to have all your contact information and to show parents and others that you are a professional.  You can also use templates to make student name tags or hall passes! 


  • CALENDARS keep you and your students up-to-date! By using Clip-Art and Word-Art you can make even a test look exciting!  Calendars can be created in PowerPoint and are easy to print, laminate, and hang on the wall for everyone to see!


  • Did you know that you can make eye-catching PICTOGRAPHS  using Excel Spreadsheets?  Pictographs help students visualize bar graphs and collected data.


  •  You can also use Excel to produce ATTENDANCE SHEETS and GRADE BOOKS. These are important to keep track of student abscences and assignments.  With Excel, it is simple to calculate averages, alphabetize names, and use color to differentiate assignments.


  • Another helpful tool for classroom management is a  SEATING CHART created in Microsoft PowerPoint.  By using ClipArt and shapes, you can create an invaluable tool for substitute teachers (and for yourself the first couple of days of class!)  


  • Using Discovery School's Puzzlemaker it is simple to create a puzzle or worksheet that coincides with your content.  Here is an example of a CRYPTOGRAPH  that encourages students to think of patterns and common letter order.  The students find these puzzles fun and educational.  


  • Knowing that is important to encourage students by recognizing their accomplishments, it is great to have an easy and efficient way to make CERTIFICATES like this one or this one.  Templates are simple to find on the web and you can use them over and over again.


 Tools for Lesson Plans 

  •  PowerPoint, Excel, and the Internet can be used, not only for practical things, but also for fun and exciting lesson plans.  By combining online research and computer based products, students can learn integrated material in a new and different way.  For example, to integrate geography and math students can develop their own pizza using ingredients found around the world.  They will need to use the Internet to research these ingredients, as well as an online encyclopedia.  Once they have found several different ingredients, they will develop a marketing plan to sell this pizza around the world.  By using Excel they can estimate total cost of ingredients, average cost of shipping, and average cost of promotional items.  


  •   Another great way to integrate technology is through the use of PowerPoint.  Students can use the internet to take virtual tours of art museums and ancient ruins as well as do research on the various cultures the art represents.  Then, the students can create a PowerPoint presentation that incorporates graphics and information from the visited sites.  In essence, they can make a virtual tour of their own- highlighting their favorite cultures and art.


  •  There are new tools that can be found on the internet all the time.  In another example of geography, students can take a flying tour of the Earth's topography by using  Google Earth.  The students can take turns setting up a list of destinations and then the program will fly from one to the next- within minutes students can see actual satellite images of Alaska, the Sahara Desert, and Costa Rican rainforests.  Another tool available through Googles is Google Mars where the students can view some of the best photographs of Mars available.