PowerPoint Game

Using PowerPoint to create a fun, educational, and interactive game.

 PowerPoint Game!

Using PowerPoint, I created a game that challenges Art History students while they prepare for the AP Exam.  The title of my game is the Michelangelo Code.  Simply, the students must answer questions from art history (primarily from the Renaissance and Baroque periods) to access clues that will lead them to the location of the Michelangelo Code.  The first team that puts their clues together to figure out the location and the tools they need to uncover the code wins!


The Story

You are working quickly and quietly in the warehouse of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  This is your third week working to restore a recently discovered Michelangelo sculpture and you are just moments away from chipping away the last bit of antiquity.  You raise your chisel, but when you bring your hand down, your foot slips, causing the chisel to miss the mark- and you knock off the arm of the sculpture! You pick up the arm and lower you head over it in despair.   As you open your eyes you notice something…..there are letters written ever so lightly down the side of it.  As you run your finger over the slight roughness of the ancient letters, you think “This is it! This must be the Michelangelo Code….but what does it say? What does it mean?”  As you say aloud, “I wonder what to do next” a leaf of paper floats calmly down from the arm’s hole in the statue.  On it, is this clue “Go to the location of this image…..”

You can access my game here: The Michelangelo Code


Please, someone play it. I spent hours on it! :)