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Welcome to my portfolio!  Within these pages lies a plethora of ideas for integrating technology into the classroom.  By using the navigation bar to the left, you can visit webpages that explain various technology tools and examples of activities that can be created with these tools.

The productivity tools webpage discusses the use of PowerPoint, Excel, and online resources to create anything from seating charts to puzzle worksheets.

The digital images webpage offers suggestion of how to use video and photographs to enhance both the learning environment and the technology skills of students.  You can also check out a funny video that my classmates and I created!

The Inspiration webpage gives a description of the Inspiration software and provides an example of an activity that can be completed within Inspiration.

Did you know that you can create an interactive game using PowerPoint? Check out the PowerPoint page to see how and to see an awesome example, created by the masterful Erin.

WebQuest is a wonderful online resource and template that allows teachers and students to explore a given topic using the internet as a primary resource.  Browse through an example of WebQuest on the corresponding page.

 The Capstone Project is simply a lesson that I created to bring together all I have learned in EDIT 2000.  Visit the Capstone page to see the lesson!