Biography- Erin Bohan

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 My name is Erin Bohan and am currently finishing my Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Early Childhood Education at Augusta State University.  

I completed my Master's degree in Gifted and Creative Education in August 2006 at the Univeristy of Georgia.  I also completed my undergraduate work at UGA, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Comparative Literature and a Bachelor's in Journalism.  I chose to continue my education at UGA because of it's superior reputation and progressive nature in the world of Gifted and Creative Education. 

I am now at ASU to fulfill certification requirements that will allow me to teach in Georgia Public Schools. 

Here is a link to my resume - check it out to see what has been keeping me busy!

While I have been working on my certification, I have been substitute teaching.  This has been a great way to spend time in the classroom!

   In five years, I would like to be teaching gifted education, and perhaps be moving towards a coordinator position.  I am especially interested in helping school districts develop better gifted programming for all grades.