Gao, Wei 

Mechanical Engineer

Supervisors: Karthik Ramani and  Raymond J. Cipra

School of Mechanical Engineering

Email:  egao@jrautomation.com
           erikweigao AT gmail.com          

I am currently a Mechanical Engineer working at JR Automation Technologies, LLC. Established in 1980, JR Automation Technologies is a global leading integrator and provider of intelligent automated technologies and manufacturing solutions that solve customers’ key operational and productivity challenges. JR serves customers across the globe in a variety of industries, including Tier 1 automotive, aerospace, medical device, pharmaceutical, construction, food processing, consumer products, environmental and furniture industries, and more. JR has been recognized with many national awards including Delphi Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence, FANUC Excellence in Intelligent Robotics Award, Toyota Boschoku America – Excellent Technology Performance Awards, etc. I am currently employing my knowledge of additive manufacturing and advanced robotics on JR Automation's projects that require demanding robot maneuverability, and fully-automated custom assembly lines in automotive and material handling applications.

I received my PhD degree (2015) at the   Purdue University, and B.Eng. (2009) at the school of Mechanical Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. My research work are focused on developing multi-directional additive manufacturing technologies and advanced foldable robotic design.  The cutting-edge metamorphic structures developed in Origami-based foldable robotic system "Kinetogami" and "HexaMorph" are useful in the needs of building transformable and deployable emergency shelters, exposition venues and satellite structures. I am the project lead of first multi-directional 3D printing technique, called "Revomaker", which significantly reduce the consumption of build and support material and allows embedding design functionalities into printing details.

I received the national patent for invention of the PRC (1st inventor) in 2010. The patent consisted of an auxiliary chair device used in automobiles, for assisting people with lower limb disabilities to easily get in and off automobiles.