Welcome to my web page! I'm a researcher at Sveriges Riksbank and a CEPR research affiliate in financial economics. My research areas are empirical banking, corporate finance, credit- and default risk. The views expressed on this web page are solely the responsibility of me and should not be interpreted as reflecting the views of Sveriges Riksbank.

Recent manuscripts

Trade Credit: Contract-Level Evidence Contradicts Current Theories (co-authors Tore Ellingsen and Tor Jacobson).

Curbing Shocks to Corporate Liquidity: The Role of Trade Credit (co-authors Niklas Amberg, Tor Jacobson, and Robert Townsend).


The Effect of Cash Flow on Investment: An Empirical Test of the Balance Sheet Theory (co-authors Ola Melander and Maria Sandström), forthcoming in Empirical Economics.

On the Non-Exclusivity of Loan Contracts: An Empirical Investigation (co-authors Hans Degryse and Vasso Ioannidou), Management Science 62, 3510-3533, 2016. 


Trade Credit and the Propagation of Corporate Failure: An Empirical Analysis (co-author Tor Jacobson), Econometrica 83, 1315-1371, 2015.


Taking the Twists into Account: Predicting Firm Bankruptcy Risk with Splines of Financial Ratios (co-authors Paolo Giordani, Tor Jacobson, and Mattias Villani),  Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 49, 1071-1099, 2014.