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ESI U24 Control panel for Linux

The story is as follows:

I own a ESI U24 usb sound card. I'm quite pleased with this soundcard, except by one thing. For some reason it uses some strange usb control messages to adjust all the setting, including the volume. Normaly I wouldn't care at all about this, but since there is no control panel for Linux I run into some trouble using the built-in headphone amlifier. I could just use a software based volume control when playing music or simular. But this would leave me deaf if I somehow manage to stumble into some page on the net that have sounds enable (and we all know there are to many of them). So my solution was to make a control panel for this card myself.

For now I have made a simple control panel for adjusting the volume. This is done in userspace, which meens you have to unload the module first to be able to claim the usb interface of the card. This more or less works good enough for my use so I might just leave it there. I think I have to make a driver/patch for the card to be enable to do it while the module is loaded. For the moment I'm not sure if I have time to do so.

I have got dumps of all the different settings, so it should be possible to add all the functionality of the windows control panel. The only work is to analyse the dumps. I haven't tested, but I think this should also more or less work with the ESI U2A in Linux too.

If anyone wants the source code, or binaries for that sake, just send me an mail to my gmail adress (the same username as this page is located). I'm not going to publish the code until it is a bit more userfriendly.